World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 443
When arrives at the entrance of main hall, Shen Xiang sees old man to walk, greets with a smile. Little brother was just won in King Continent!” That old man asked with a smile. Shen Xiang nodded: „, But I actually do not know why must come to here!” That old man said: Does not know well, you come with me!” Whose Shen Xiang can only with that old man, come to a stone chamber, has a middle-aged man in, he waved to that old man, sees only that old man to draw back, the gate of this stone chamber also shuts tightly. The middle-aged man puts on very simply, a long hair shawl , the manner is gentle, on the face is having the smile, is staring at Shen Xiang. King Mysterious Realm is very mysterious, after Shen Xiang arrives at this inside now, sees this King Palace, regarding this is more curious, he thinks why will be unclear will have one group of people, will be willing stay here surface tens of thousands of years, although here Spirit Qi will be also good, but will be very arid. The middle-aged person stares at Shen Xiang to have the time of moment, his start to talk said: Some rare people dare to come, I waited to be so long, but also has waited till one finally! Your fleshly body is good, although you have now consumed, but I can see that your True Qi should be vigorous, is obtains King Martial Dao to meet the first person worthily! It looks like, you come here person stronger many compared with former these.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I only know that obtains first, will obtain this mysterious reward, therefore I came!” The middle-aged person said with a smile: Then, you come in also knows in this danger?” Right, but I did not fear! Now I should know that was anything rewards!” Shen Xiang asked that he now is somewhat weary, wants a bit faster to leave this place.

The middle-aged people nodded, after all the young people are the curiosity are heavy, now goes to such a mysterious place, naturally wants to know something. This King Mysterious Realm is time-honored, is the place that past Human King was born, we were here protector! But this King Palace is also Human King in the Mortal World foundation, to train some good seedlings, Human King through some ways, to choose on King Continent some bloodlines martial artist to come here, will accept the inheritance of Human King, will become King Palace martial artist!” The middle-aged person said. Shen Xiang one startled, asked: Said, on Heaven World also has King Palace to exist?” Has, but is only a very young influence! That is also Human King after to let numerous bloodlines martial artist goes to Heaven World, the place that finds a place to live to stop over! But you can come here now, represents your bloodlines to be outstanding, will obtain the vigorous cultivation of King Palace, can stimulate your bloodlines strength to most perfect shape.” Shen Xiang has smiled at heart secretly, because he is not bloodlines martial artist, now he also understands why will enter this King Mysterious Realm inside person not to exit. Some people do not have the guts to come, they are so timid, will not obtain the King Palace approval, person who therefore dares to come, will be regarded as King Palace! Naturally, you can also leave here, but you stay here to obtain better training, can make you secluded from the world, pure in heart, being indifferent to fame and fortune practice Martial Dao.” The middle-aged person voice said auspiciously. Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed said: Senior, sorry, I am not bloodlines martial artist, I am not the King Continent above person, I came to participate in King Continent by the Divine Martial Palace's invitation, then wins by luck comes in!” Middle-aged person eyes opens the eyes, on face full is looks at Shen Xiang unbelievable: This is impossible! Bloodlines did martial artist decline inadequately? Person of unexpectedly from open sea defeated by!” Senior , if not believe that can inquire Divine Martial Palace's Palace Master!” Shen Xiang sighed, he thought this middle-aged person usually definitely cut off relationship with the outside, but he made Divine Martial Palace know here existence, therefore Divine Martial Palace does not dare to obtaining the first person acts unreasonably. Shen Xiang arrives at this huge King Palace, although only sees two people, but he can affirm that also has many strength powerful old undying to exist in this, moreover is bloodlines martial artist, this strength is truly intrepid, now he understands why three realms great war time, this King Continent can send lossless.

For many years has been Divine Martial Palace is responsible for holding the King Martial Dao meeting, but Divine Martial Palace is also only a King Palace branch, I think that they should not make a mistake! You surprised me, unexpectedly can win our King Continent above bloodlines martial artist.” Middle-aged person unexpectedly has believed quickly Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: You should manage some that Divine Martial Palace, your King Continent above bloodlines martial artist has not declined, person but who some have the power and influence hoodwinks the public, wants to operate the entire King Martial Dao meeting!” The middle-aged person brow wrinkles tightly, said: „Did you really say are?” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, said: evil bone Martial Spirit that to obtain first, Divine Martial Palace's Palace Master reckless leaves behind that evil bone Devil Monarch uses to his treasure apprentice......” Then, Shen Xiang starts to narrate he attended the experience of King Martial Dao meeting, told this middle-aged person his experience, because he saw, this middle-aged person should be this King Palace Palace Master, but now the King Continent above Divine Martial Palace atmosphere is not very good, continued again, perhaps will make any important matter. For example, Wang Quan will lead into to seize other continent, satisfies own ambition, expands own strength, this also has the possible matter. The middle-aged people hear to get angry secretly, is only his expression is motionless, because these matters have not been confirmed. After listening, the middle-aged person long sighed: Young heart in the old days! I will send for investigating clearly, the little brother, is really regrettable, you are not bloodlines martial artist, therefore cannot obtain the inheritance of Human King.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: No problem, I had my transiting the discipling from any case, later has the opportunity words, I also want to compare notes with martial artist of expensive palace.” Does not know that what little brother's sect did call?” The middle-aged people think that must ask the Shen Xiang's origin, but he did not care probably.

Extreme Martial Sect's, my Master is Huang Jintian.” Shen Xiang said. Hears Huang Jintian these three characters, the middle-aged person has been startled being startled, said: so that's how it is, you practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art then, Yin and Yang Veins?” Shen Xiang nodded, he has not thought that this middle-aged person unexpectedly also knows his Master. Middle-aged person look glittering the none remaining, looking pensive is gazing at Shen Xiang, then said: Although you cannot become King Palace, I must give you a reward, is as the compensation!” What rewards?” The Shen Xiang original manuscript thinks one must be penniless, now his in the heart is secretly excited, this King Palace is King Continent most formidable existence, gets rid definitely unable stingy. The middle-aged people look up on stone chamber huge crystal ball, Shen Xiang also now discovers this thing, but he does not think that this is a treasure.