World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 444
The middle-aged person guessed correctly that Shen Xiang is thinking anything, he he he smiles: This thing does not give your reward, but makes you see a person!” Whom sees?” Shen Xiang feels immediately very disappointed, what sees a person is rewards? Might as well obtains some treasure to be solid. Shen Xiang looks above that crystal ball, sees only crystal ball suddenly to send out gentle light glow, projects in the ground, a translucence, the hard to tell if it's real or sham person appears in front of Shen Xiang. Saw this person, Shen Xiang to be shocked, but that middle-aged person actually hastily bowed to salute: Big Palace Master, this matter is somewhat complex, but also asked you to listen to my careful [say / way] to come first.” Person who projects from crystal ball, is the Shen Xiang understanding, before that is him, sees right in front of one Wu Canghong that has been to under Hero Mountain! The middle-aged person called Wu Canghong is big Palace Master, then explained that Wu Canghong might is Human King! Wu Canghong said with a smile: Little brother, we are predestined friends, also met!” The middle-aged person has not narrated something with enough time, hears the Wu Canghong words, this makes him be surprised. Shen Xiang unexpectedly has seen their Human King, moreover looks like relationship is very good, but also was appreciated by Human King, this is very rare matter, he fully realized that the Wu Canghong disposition, usually little looks at the person with the look of that appreciation. Wu Canghong cultivates the Divine Dao person, Divine Dao is few, therefore he is friendly to Shen Xiang, because he thought that Shen Xiang is own similar, perhaps later can the together discussion practice the Divine Dao matter. You exit first! The matter made him say that's it.” Wu Canghong said that the middle-aged person looked at Shen Xiang one with the inconceivable look, immediately leaves this stone chamber. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Senior Wu, your background is not small! unexpectedly is famous Human King!” Wu Canghong shakes the head smiles: Any nonsense Human King, is others seals, I am only in a tribal group the strength am remarkable, finally brings the clansman to develop to inherit.”

Said that you do come here? You will not have won that King Martial Dao meeting!” Shen Xiang nods to say with a smile: Excuse me, your bloodlines martial artist had defeated by me......” afterward, he also again told Wu Canghong the matter of King Martial Dao meeting. After Wu Canghong hears that evil bone Martial Spirit matter, flies into a rage: Wang Quan this fellow, more and more did not pay attention to King Palace! It seems like he managed many years of Divine Martial Palace in a big way, the ambition many!” How as to process him, this must look at King Palace in Mortal World, I am the Heaven World's person, cannot meddle the Mortal World matter, this is the principle, although I can not observe the rule, but this thing on own initiative, otherwise the order of each world will be chaotic.” That Senior, then, didn't my reward what have? Good to be a pity!” Shen Xiang said with a sigh intentionally. Your this did little brat obtain Heaven's Crown Gate not to be dissatisfied? I cannot give your anything now, cannot make here King Palace give you, but I can actually tell, the place is hiding medicine garden, there is not Mysterious Realm, but actually some danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, this is one very big reward, he asked hastily: That place where?” In King Continent! You relax the spirit, my map puts in your brain.” Wu Canghong said. Shen Xiang closes the eye, relaxes the whole body, but in his mind suddenly were many something, that is a map, the map is very very detailed, that place is away from King City to be also remote, and journey is dangerous! This is one fellow who called Li Tianjun told me, this fellow was alchemy is crazy, and very stingy! He came King Continent to stay a period of time, has planted medicine garden there, but he arrived at Heaven World now, therefore that medicine garden has left uncultivated, he has not left behind any map, therefore told me! Initially I by his pit, was obtained this useless medicine garden.” Dan King Li Tianjun! Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao in great surprise, he died on the hearsay immediately before, now looks like he also lives well.

In the past, Shen Xiang when going to the Extreme Martial Sect's road, obtained that medicine garden is also Li Tianjun stays behind, then met second medicine garden from Lu Family Medicine King Mountain there, but also obtained the first Mysterious Realm clue from there! world's first mysterious realm, inside has massive precious herbs, in the past Li Tianjun was also because was chased down at this time! Shen Xiang has the detailed map, in he obtains about one year after map, has had a Solar eclipse indication, but Shen Xiang had actually missed at that time, must therefore wait till the next time. His strength was also at that time insufficient, was unable to shuttle back and forth in each continent, but is now different, but he wanted, when Solar eclipse approached, because world's first mysterious realm, only then opened at that time. This fellow had also said are very famous in Mortal Martial World, now he also mixes in the alchemy circle in Heaven World well! This fellow is a talented person, alchemy refiner set up formation he is skilled, moreover the strength is also very strong, but also is somewhat sinister!” Wu Canghong said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I arrive at Heaven World, must thank him well! medicine garden that he keeps made me taste many benefits, I once met medicine garden that two he kept.” I will pass on his! Good, hopes I will see your time next time in Heaven World! I hope for oncoming of that day very much.” Wu Canghong said with a smile, waved with Shen Xiang, then vanish from sight. Shen Xiang leave the stone chamber, walks with a face all smiles, after the middle-aged person sees, hastily asked: How do you know big Palace Master?” Shen Xiang does intentionally said mystically: This is the secret, he lets me to reveal, I must go back now!” Although that rewards to take, but Shen Xiang thought that this is the good harvest. The middle-aged person looked at this time the Shen Xiang's look also has three points to respect, bringing Shen Xiang to go to a hall, this inside has Teleportation Formation. Shen Xiang stands after the above, the middle-aged person then started Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang suddenly vanish from sight, appeared before the entrance of Divine Martial Palace's that giant palace. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen here are waiting for him, was worried that Wang Quan will kill Shen Xiang quietly.

I am all right, now goes back!” Shen Xiang laughs was saying, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er after distant place pavilion hears, feels relieved to leave. rascal, when do you come again? I lose refuse to accept, I must fight with you!” Lan Lan follows old man, by far on shouted Shen Xiang said with a smile: You want to ask me to fight, said that must visit, why to want allows me to come to look for you? However you came, must look at my mood with you!” Snort, you do not hit also fight with me, but this miss the Blue Blood Clan first capable woman!” Lan Lan tenderly snorted, spits tongue to Shen Xiang, sits the ugly face, this makes Shen Xiang they be able help laughing. Mo Tian has not come, he left with his clansman, but Shen Xiang is also first time sees the Blue Blood Clan elder, is side Lan Lan that is bringing smile old man. Said goodbye with Lan Lan, Shen Xiang they stepped into Teleportation Formation, King Martial Dao will have finished, Shen Xiang was the biggest winner, his name will also spread the eternity in King Continent. I will come back again!” Shen Xiang steps into Teleportation Formation time, in heart said that here also has one big reward just to need him to take.