World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 445
Returns to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang to arrive at Extreme Dan King Courtyard immediately, then sleeping of Mei Mei. When he wakes up, actually suddenly sees one to wear the black robe, on the face is leading a person of white mask, this frightened him to scream one. How is you? Scared to death me!” Shen Xiang is ill-humored said that he was not first time is frightened by Elder Dan, but now he is also very happy, because this Elder Dan was missing was so long, finally appeared. Elder Dan lightly snorted: That medicine garden?” Moved away by me, because had something, therefore...... At that time I think I will possibly flee far-away place, but afterward under my striving to turn the tide, avoided being chased down.” Shen Xiang said. He has put out White Jade Lotus Seed, gives Elder Dan, said with a smile: Two girls, this gives you! Is I repays your, your previous time has given me Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, but has helped my busy.” Elder Dan has gawked, receives, Shen Xiang gives her thing, she will never be polite. Calculates that you are conscientious! Told me honestly, did you learn Refining Simulation Technique?” Elder Dan asked that although her sound was icy, but Shen Xiang thought that she changed to his manner, having one type unable to say gentleness that this made him feel obediently. The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, has not thought that you also know this matter!” Elder Dan has turned around, receives good White Jade Lotus Seed, said: I know certainly that do not think I close up anything not to know!” Two girls, you have not saluted to me probably, had not shouted that I for Martial Uncle, Martial Uncle had given you a moment ago a such precious thing, you do not thank me unexpectedly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Elder Dan coldly snorted, said: „Don't you want to take a look at my appearance?”

Shen Xiang suddenly one excited: Has a dream thinks that you were said you do want to look to me now?” I have said that so long as you defeat me, I am your person, but that also requires very long time!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: You said that these many idle talk do do? Raises appetite!” Elder Dan suddenly sighed lightly: I give you three years, three years in must bring forth Earth Level Low-Grade Dan to come to me, then carry on time Alchemy Competition with me, so long as you have won, even if defeats me!” Her sigh is very complex, making Shen Xiang be hard to ponder over, he knew the Dao Pill elder comes certainly across any matter. Why?” Shen Xiang has hesitated the moment, asked. He thought that this Elder Dan probably wishes one could to marry him to be the same, but before him, thought that Elder Dan also casually said mentioned is perfunctory him, anything won her to become his person, he did not believe this nonsense I prepared Eighth Tribulation! Therefore you want to see my appearance, that can be the final opportunity very much!” The Elder Dan's sound full is helpless. The Shen Xiang's heart pulled out slightly painful, his suddenly thought somewhat sadly, thought very disconsolately. First isn't transcends tribulation good? It is not many people such does?” Shen Xiang said that although Elder Dan usually always mystical, moreover is icy, but he thought one and she are together well, treats as the good friend to regard the opposite party, moreover they are the alchemy masters, therefore Shen Xiang does not give up her. „It is not good! I do not want to shrink this whole life, you must know, if one time flinches, twice flinches, then later will not have the guts to face Nirvana Tribulation, this is the reason why too many Nirvana Realm pass away! My strength arrived at bottleneck, various aspects I prepared.” Elder Dan sound seriously said.

Three years must refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, Shen Xiang present Divine Sense and flame strength have met the requirements, but seek for herbs is a difficult problem, if Elder Dan, when cross the Nirvana eight tribulations to be defeated, he cannot have a look at this Elder Dan long anything appearance. My Master cannot......” I will look his, even if I know Nirvana Tribulation that I must face is anything, danger(ous) also certainly has, this cannot guarantee that I can cross successfully, therefore I give you three years! Let you show that one can have my strength!” Elder Dan earnestly said. Shen Xiang was depressed: Even if obtains you to be what kind of? Do not go to transcends tribulation? Moreover I do not want you to marry me. I have said that this agreed after Xianxian's that I only want to take a look at your appearance!” Crossed three years of words again, Shen Xiang also almost 30 years old, at this time can refine Earth Level pill, this talent is the first under heaven, Elder Dan thought one looked for such one to have the man of talent as the dependence, was not the foolish matter, because she was also the alchemy master, their together, will be together well. Snort, no matter what, you must seriously treat three years later that competition, that may be my this life final Alchemy Competition, moreover I do not have the man, I want to make one match my man to see my appearance before dying!” Elder Dan said. Shen Xiang long was sighing: Oh, if I like you, but you wanted transcends tribulation, that made me sad!” But I have possibility transcends tribulation to succeed!” Elder Dan said. In order to let the atmosphere is not serious, Shen Xiang said with a smile: It seems like I can only try with every effort, he had said that so long as becomes my person, whatever I am what kind of! Hehe, I have wanted to dig up the light your clothes......” Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang that evil look to stare at her chest, her tenderly snorted: Three years later I will appear again!” Elder Dan comes suddenly, walks also quickly, Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, he knows that he has rested very long time, at this time he rubs hands, said with an evil smile: „Did two beautiful elder sisters, you prepare?”

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to encourage Shen Xiang can obtain that Good Fortune Fruit, has complied with Shen Xiang, so long as he can obtain, with his kiss mouth. At that time said is a matter, but must fulfill the commitment now time, they some did not hope. Although they can go back on word, but they are actually not cruel enough to deceive Shen Xiang, let alone Su Meiyao is not the first time. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou came out, their bodies wear the beautiful clothes that Shen Xiang buys, what Su Meiyao puts on is one set of royal purple, above is embroidering the magnificent and expensive women's clothing of many patterns, this is full of the spirit that charms to put on, performs noblly obviously with caressing flatters, has a graceful bearing. But Bai Youyou wears the pure white women's clothing, this makes her appeared more elegantly beautiful and charming, the whole body is lending the noble and solemn aura, but her pair the ice-cold pupil, is actually passing tender feelings of not being able saying that is staring at Shen Xiang! Thinks one must kiss with this elegantly beautiful ice beautiful woman immediately, the blood of Shen Xiang whole body suddenly elevates temperature, this makes him also excited, is excited! Snort, do you come with whom first?” Su Meiyao sees the Shen Xiang's eye not honestly to look on them very much randomly, spat one lowly. Shen Xiang wants to say very much: Comes together! He thinks, if can simultaneously kiss two Fairy common peerless beautiful women, that lower abdomen is burning the evil fire.