World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 449
Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, if, Shen Xiang looks from afar, front that limitless mountain sea, was being covered by the thick dark cloud, appears very dim, but in the sky will dodge lightning once for a while, that is the red lightning, that blood light is shining the following mountain sea, strange incomparable. Hua Xiangyue lands on the ground, the complexion is serious, closely holds Shen Xiang's, cautious and solemn is resulting is walking. How?” Shen Xiang asked that the Hua Xiangyue's strength was not weak, crossed the people of Nirvana seven tribulations, previous time she released that Perishing Golden Body, frightened Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jianglin not to dare to speak. Can make Hua Xiangyue so discrete, obviously here bad risk is not simple. Position that that medicine garden is, must pass through this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea to be good! The region that this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea covers is very broad, is both bigger than two Chenwu Mainland, moreover these mountains form a very huge circle, a surround bulk land, that land 56 continent so are at least big, few people going in inside, because of this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea very danger(ous).” King Continent is very broad, this was Shen Xiang already knows that but he actually did not know unexpectedly in this has this type strange, moreover bad risk place. Then, these Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea form a barrier, is protecting among that land!” Shen Xiang said. Hua Xiangyue nodded: Right, has one name named the lightning beast thing in this inside, this thing and Demon Beast are different! Demon Beast can evolve Spirit Beast and Profound Beast, then changes the turn into a human shape, but these lightning beast are actually not. They year to year devour blood lightning, were expanded become stronger by themselves, in their brains, only then eats Thunder He to destroy, this is a very wild thing, the Nirvana Realm rank also has many.” Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, he knows Hua Xiangyue fears is these. Walks! Meets danger(ous) time, you run away that's it.” Hua Xiangyue is holding Shen Xiang's: With tightening me, I have gone in one time, I know the road.” In the Shen Xiang heart is moved: Sister Xiangyue, you are good to me really!”

Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted and said: This is natural, but your this fellow did not appreciate kindness rendered.” Where words is this? I have said that I certainly to these herbs your, this am my regard, do not appreciate kindness rendered!” Shen Xiang said. Remains is using to you, I do not need!” Although Hua Xiangyue said that but in her heart actually warm. She truly needs, but she thought that these Life Elemental Dan are very difficult to get so far as, but Shen Xiang is a courting disaster essence, perhaps later must be used to save a life. Shen Xiang has not said anything again, the matter that he decides, will not change, said again this for him is not the difficult matter, is only the issue in time. Good Fortune Fruit that he obtains gives the Su Meiyao planter, after having watered massive golden dragon saliva, has germinated to grow into a young tree. Hua Xiangyue is very familiar to this , she place can not be struck by lightning to project on by these red, after coming, Shen Xiang knows that inside bad risk, that blood lightning energy is very big, chops the time of hitting, can ruin a giant mountain, moreover can pass through the ground, causes the earth-shaking power. Although blood lightning very frequent appearance, but only few will project on the ground, but flies the high words, or was induced by blood lightning, that had bad luck. Shen Xiang does not fear to be struck by lightning, he cultivates Azure Dragon Divine Art time, sometimes needs to direct Thunder Ruti, but this blood lightning and ordinary thunder have greatly are very different, he does not know can one withstand. Hua Xiangyue is bringing Shen Xiang, went through for three days in inside, is all the way safe, but Hua Xiangyue actually frequently is maintaining vigilant. Hasn't Shen Xiang spoken all the way, is only in the rest, sexually harasses several Hua Xiangyue. Sister Xiangyue, I want to start to refine Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, if you discovered that some words, help me take first.” Shen Xiang said.

Um, your adolescence really quick!” The Hua Xiangyue nod said that for these days, she had been occupied many convenient by Shen Xiang, is not touched the face by Shen Xiang, by Shen Xiang once for a while pinching the thigh, was hit the abundant buttocks that her very curls upwards. Rests in them, just walked several steps, the ground shakes crazily on suddenly, the bulk stone tumbles from the mountain, but in the sky is also the red thunder four dodges, thunderclap to erupt, the scene is very terrorist. Shen Xiang looks up, sees only red thunder in all around sky crazily to divide to hit a summit of mountain, causes the ground crazily sways. Has lightning beast in devour blood lightning!” Hua Xiangyue pretty face looks in the sky dignifiedly that glittering the red light electricity snake. Dim mountain sea, was being shone by intermittent dazzling blood light, flicks, is very scary, moreover bang sound and vibration continuously, if were the courage young person is already frightened to faint. Came! Runs away quickly!” Hua Xiangyue hastily shouted one tenderly, saw only in the sky red light to dodge together, Shen Xiang felt that own body shaking flew by temperate strength. The red lightning in sky vanished, unexpectedly that then the perpendicular incidence from the mountain gets down is a huge red-armored giant, behind also has a small red-armored person in him. These two red-armored people very scary, from top to bottom is thick red-armored, the body meets glittering to have a red fragile lightning once for a while. Big that has three people so big, small that is also higher than Shen Xiang two heads. Shen Xiang was shaken with strength by Hua Xiangyue flies the distant place, but the place that Hua Xiangyue stands is full is red lightning glow, these lightning glow unexpectedly gather formation, understanding of Shen Xiang according to the memory to formation, judges that is seal type formation.

Hua Xiangyue has danger(ous)!” When Shen Xiang thinks rush over, Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted, sees only her to stamp the feet gently, the earth shakes, the crack is centered on her, to splits in all directions, formation that lightning gathering becomes was also shaken the powder. You cope with that little rascal, this woman gives me!” That big red-armored giant works on the Xiao Hong armor person, has thrown toward Shen Xiang. Hua Xiangyue sees this, a lithe leap, a palm hits to that Xiao Hong armor person, but was actually waved to emit under a red thunder truncation by the big red-armored person. Shen Xiang, careful! Is careful his blood-colored lightning!” The Hua Xiangyue urging said that at this time she was being attacked with the blood-colored lightning by that big red-armored person crazily, Hua Xiangyue also can only resist, the speed of that lightning is too fast, moreover is very strong, she keeps off each time, will erupt an air wave, obviously strength is unusual. Shen Xiang sees that red-armored person to be pair of fathers and sons, big strength unexpectedly endures compared with Hua Xiangyue, small does not know. I have not cannibalized flesh for a long time, it is said that has cannibalized the flesh, has attracted a person of blood, can make us stronger!” That red-armored person stands in front of Shen Xiang, said with a smile with a rough voice ferociously. Shen Xiang called Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, his said with a sneer: „To eat me, do not have a dream! Do not despise humanity!” His voice just fell, dozens blood-colored lightnings erupt from that red-armored person, is similar to dozens blood arrow like that the illness punctures!