World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 450
Bang, Shen Xiang hastily makes a palm, the vigorous palm strength bursts out intense shake Qi Energy, red lightning that red-armored person releases shaking powder. Shen Xiang does not know that these things are lightning beast, looks like the human, moreover can speak, devour blood lightning in this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea is to live. What is most fearful, their strengths are very strong, an everybody, can endure to compare the Hua Xiangyue's strength. That red-armored person stares slightly, he has not thought that at present this looks like small and weak humanity, unexpectedly is so formidable, that formidable shake strength, was not only shakes has dispersed his attack, but also shook the energy of his within the body to be chaotic. Shen Xiang, can you cope with that little brat? I lead away this everybody, here with the words that he hits, definitely will affect you.” Hua Xiangyue inquired with Divine Sense. I deal with come! That side you?” The Shen Xiang response said. Felt relieved, although this fellow was lightning beast evolves is similar to the person, but actually was still some idiots.” A Hua Xiangyue palm makes, seems like incapable very gently and charmingly, strength that but that erupts suddenly, actually shakes move the earth and shake mountains, the chest of that red-armored giant was hit by that strong palm strength, bursts out a red lightning. The red-armored giant got angry, rave, the double palm is brandishing carelessly, hits to Hua Xiangyue, although that pair of giant palm wields hits quickly, but is chaotic, movement technique agile Hua Xiangyue is very relaxed can avoid, simultaneously is far away from here, like this she can let loose the hand to fight. The red-armored giant appears very agitated, quick had been enraged by Hua Xiangyue, brandishes the double palm carelessly, spout from the mouth makes a debut the red lightning, while is pursuing Hua Xiangyue, has been far away from here, was only that short time a moment ago. Now Shen Xiang knows that these red-armored people are the lightning beast evolution, can stand with the person same two feet, but can also speak, but truly stupid a point, knows with the brute force random attacks. But their strengths are truly strong!

Especially that red armor piece, Shen Xiang is very rare chops a blade, but makes that red-armored person exude one to roar, must know, if some treasure tool settles on by his blade, definitely will be damaged. „The armor piece of this fellow can counter-balance many strength, is in itself not very tenacious, but above is attaching to a special energy, you chop chops, that energy can you with majority of strength of blade melt! weapon anything, is not big to his effect!” Long Xueyi said. Heard Long Xueyi saying that Shen Xiang received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this made that red-armored person stare slightly, said while loudly laughing: weapon of humanity to me, has not thought useless you are not stupid!” Saying, that pair covers entirely the red armor piece the fist, such as the raindrop pounds generally toward Shen Xiang, fist above is having the strength of wild lightning, after the bang hits, will also produce a lightning to explode. Shen Xiang can only hide by far, the words of short distance, even if can avoid, by that explosion one after another affecting. This fellow also really thinks one were very intelligent.” In Shen Xiang heart secret funny, although the red-armored person attacks time is violent, but he attacks actually very not to control, even if Shen Xiang in distant place, silly to the tread crazy bang, wants to deter the enemy with this. Shen Xiang and this red-armored person socializes, while looks for the opportunity, allows him to understand the forms of defensive action of this red-armored person, when used with some spirit wisdom not high lightning beast fights, he is truly strong. But but Shen Xiang the person, understood that various martial skill, these martial skill for in different situations, the appropriate use restrain the enemy, the strength is in itself not strong, but many times, can actually restrain the strong person through martial skill. This fellow should have bone!” On the Shen Xiang palm condense Universe True Qi, is extending at an extremely quick speed, holds that just like red giant palm that the great axe chops to chop, presses firmly between the fingers stubbornly. Of bang crack, Shen Xiang just pressed firmly between the fingers the wrist|skill of that red-armored person, blocks energy that red-armored person arm gushed out, causing red-armored person that wild energy unable to divulge, blasts out in the arm. The red-armored person exuded one to get angry howlingly, his arm unexpectedly was given to blast by own energy, sprinkles place the red armor piece, the bright red blood was flowing crazily.

actually you are not intelligent!” Shen Xiang jokes, one step has stepped the past, but that wild with rage red-armored person was also roaring, made a fist toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang meets the approaching enemy that great fist, a palm rumbles, fist palm clash together, immediately landslide cracks in the earth, the boom reverberation of explosive in mountain sea. Puff!” Shen Xiang spouted a big blood, the body is shaken to fly, he has to acknowledge, wild strength that red-armored person released was terrorist, that was through the lightning conversion of energy. However, Shen Xiang that palm was not simple a moment ago, he drops after the place, only heard that red-armored person to exude one to fill frightened calling out, arm soft hanging of that red-armored person on shoulder, because inside skeleton did not have! Melts the bone soft palm, a palm bone, Shen Xiang had used a moment ago this terrifying devil art, transported fully strength, gave in that red-armored person arm tenacious skeleton actually. red-armored person now not yo both arms, but in his mouth actually can also spout blood-colored lightning, angry he, is spurting the red lightning to Shen Xiang crazily, that lightning hits in the ground, exploded huge crater. Shen Xiang can now very relaxed shunts the attack of red-armored person, several steps plundered the body side of that red-armored person, both hands to wield the palm hastily, rumbling whipping on armor piece that in the red-armored person was difficult to be stiff. Melts the palm strength of bone soft palm to be very special, can penetrate these armor piece above energies, pours into the red-armored human body, melts in these tenacious things. Several palms, have caused very serious damage to that red-armored person, that red-armored person can also stand, but actually pours in the ground now, is spitting the blood crazily. Snort, if your well perhaps on that summit, will not have today such fate, everybody accompanies quickly your.” Shen Xiang sneered, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appears in his hands, he wields the blade, the ground shivers slightly, that formidable Dragon Force was poured into the knife by him, slashes.

As that red-armored person sends out sad and shrill roaring, ground shivers, Shen Xiang brandishes a sword to cut, that red-armored person then corpse separation. After killing this red-armored person, Shen Xiang wiped away sweat, actually suddenly saw on the red-armored person neck to emit one group of red light, a sphere the neck that was cut off from that fluttered along with the blood that welled up crazily. This group of red light are fluttering slowly to the sky, Shen Xiang sees, this is one group of condense the crystallization of huge red lightning, this is the good thing! Shen Xiang puts out a hand to grasp, only felt that red rod-like crystal trembles slightly, bursts out the selling person tingling pain electric current. Perhaps this type of thing can strengthen my Azure Dragon True Qi!” Shen Xiang joyfully. But the sound of distant place is very vast, Shen Xiang saw several mountain vanish from sight, the fight of Hua Xiangyue and that red-armored giant had not ended.