World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 456
Chapter 456 slightly to old In medicine garden has a pavilion, Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue sits there, is drinking the delicious flower-scented green tea, while waits for that Li Baojun to think that competes alchemy Method. Shen Xiang felt Hua Xiangyue that to be straight and long black hair, Hua Xiangyue does not say him, but caressed with one pair flatters can drop the water leakage beautiful eyes to visit him, Shen Xiang in her eyes like a child, but sometimes actually very man. little rascal, after going back, I could close up a period of time, later you have the words of matter, looks Meng'er!” Hua Xiangyue said. Shen Xiang must to Hua Xiangyue several Life Returning Pill herbs and Good Fortune Fruit, he asks: How long can you close up? What to do if I do have important matter to look for you?” Comes Danxiang Taoyuan directly, when the time comes you go to Danxiang Taoyuan's forbidden land to look for me directly, there only then passes through my permission to go in!” Hua Xiangyue put out a grain of white bead to give Shen Xiang. When the time comes you put out this bead, can go in safely! Also, after coming, best not to bellow to yell casually that some people will come in I to know.” Hua Xiangyue said. Shen Xiang nodded, received that bead to hold appreciatively. Senior Li, you defend this medicine garden, should obtain many spirit herb.” Shen Xiang to not far away pond shouted, Li Baojun sits there is thinking the thing. Li Baojun said: This is natural, many spirit herb were thoroughly ripe, I can only pick to continue to plant, but these majority are low level spirit herb.” brat, do not quarrel I, you well adjust the condition!” Shen Xiang curled the lip , to continue to play Hua Xiangyue that to be suitable for slippery ponytail, the delicate fragrance that because above scatters is thick. „Is Sister Xiangyue, why on you bringing such nice-smelling fragrance? Is inborn?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your blood is also fragrance.” Hua Xiangyue has twisted his arm: Cannot mention that matter again.”

Thinks that the matter that Shen Xiang lies in that her chests hemophagias to feel ashamed, her cheeks slightly are red, looks at Shen Xiang Hehe to smile. You are really fragrant, if hugs you to sleep, certainly will rest very soundly.” Shen Xiang is indulging in flights of fancy, this made him be hit under one by Hua Xiangyue. Li Baojun could not tolerate, this good-looking man beautiful woman flirts with one another before him, keeps him from calming the mind radically, what makes his unreadable is, a Hua Xiangyue such outstanding female, why can do with such little rascal. You peacefully!” Li Baojun said. Thinks that wants to be so long, insipid.” Shen Xiang low snort|hum, this makes in the Li Baojun heart loathe secretly, he thought that cannot keep the hand suddenly, must teach Shen Xiang this little rascal maliciously. Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue waited for more than double-hour, that Li Baojun loud voice said: I think that you come!” After the past, Li Baojun said: Your brat is highest can only refine Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, therefore this made me beat many brains.” I only think of two now. If compares two, but also needs third, I when the time comes again think.” Shen Xiang despises said: „To be so long, two?” Three two victories, if I win streak two, then I have won, I did not need to think the third competition content.” Li Baojun said. You are good and bad!” Shen Xiang was speechless. Li Baojun said: Content of competition is not complex, is very simple! First makes Low-Grade Profound Level Dan compared with trial, looked the speed that who refines is fast, refinement rank, this has been able to see alchemy teacher's refinement level to a pill.” Compared with refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan, here has many such herbs, moreover is in Low-Grade Profound Level Dan is also quite difficult to refine! However this compares to suffer a loss to you, because I am a high level alchemy master, therefore makes this miss come with me to compete with well. You, who want to go to battle in any case decided by you.”

Li Baojun thinks words that Shen Xiang and he competes with, for him is a greatest insult, seeing in his look that type to disdain, Shen Xiang secretly pledged that waits to probably make this not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth old man lose everywhere looks for the tooth.Here has 40 Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, places here, until refining the first competition ended. The rule is this, 40 herbs are also used by us, if your refinement speed is inferior to me, definitely will choke finally compared with me to you little, in other words, my speed is fast, I can refine 30, 35. ” Li Baojun said. This makes in the Shen Xiang words Hua Xiangyue heart secretly funny, they hear this rule, knows that victory and defeat already minute, they also despise this Li Baojun, if the alchemy master of similar rank, this way is truly fair But a high level alchemy master and a low level alchemy master ratio time, definitely is the high level alchemy master gets the advantage, because the speed is fast, snatches to build up also many. Naturally, Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue understand that Li Baojun wants to make Hua Xiangyue get rid. „Don't you have what issue?” Li Baojun asked. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue also replied, have the issue to be strange, if were other low level alchemy masters possibly is loses, but Shen Xiang was different, Hua Xiangyue thinks that she compared Shen Xiang. Second?” Hua Xiangyue asked. Second is to refine three most universal Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, will judge from the comprehensive angle, for example the pills quality and alchemy speed, leaves pill's quantity, this our alchemy masters know fairly well, when the time comes our aware point admitted defeat that's alright.” Li Baojun said: „Don't this you have the issue?” Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue shake the head, in their hearts secretly is happy, because Shen Xiang has very big assurance to win one after another two. old fellow, you lost!” The Shen Xiang heart said. Li Baojun put out 40 to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, placed in a wicker basket, was randomly chaotic, if must take, but must choose, moreover some inside also many quality not good herbs.

Now various our types choose one, then simultaneously starts alchemy! You determined that who was good to come with me to compete with?” Li Baojun asked. I come!” Shen Xiang said Li Baojun frowned, looked at Hua Xiangyue, sees only Hua Xiangyue not to have what response. Oh, young people too powerful is not the good deed!” Li Baojun shook the head, somewhat disappointedly said. Shen Xiang wants to say very much: old man looks down upon the person is not the good deed. Li Baojun and Shen Xiang start to choose herbs from that wicker basket, they select first, if refines the speed to be quick, can elect, bad leaves slow that. After electing, inspects pill furnace of both sides. Now can start! little brat, well diligently!” Li Baojun despises says with a smile, looks down upon Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not cared this, moreover starts to reorganize herbs.