World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 458
Li Baojun said that rests half double-hour to start next, this is to gasp for breath by oneself, was put down by oneself calms the mind. Now he is critical situation general, did not have a moment ago that lax mentality, he sees Shen Xiang to be so relaxed to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan . Moreover the speed so is also fast, has pill to be also more than him two grains, can explain that the Shen Xiang's alchemy foundation is very very strong. Li Baojun believes that his Master Dan King Li Tianjun is refining on Five Elements True Elemental Dan unable to compare favorably with Shen Xiang! What although Shen Xiang refinement is only Profound Level low-grade, once Shen Xiang can refine high level pill time, like the present, the quality will be high, the speed is fast, has pill to be many! This bases on under very solid foundation, achieves! The talent he saw, but looked like Shen Xiang this type to be so steady, the proud and arrogant talent he first time did not see, if some day can arrive at Dan King this Realm, he was a quite fierce character. Three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan that then refines are very useful, naturally this is also only regarding low level martial artist, for example you.” Li Baojun thinks that Shen Xiang is True Martial Realm martial artist. Shen Xiang smiled: „The Low-Grade Profound Level Dan use is not for me big, what I need is Profound Level middle-grade or High-Grade.” Li Baojun one startled, asked: What strength are you now?” Just promoted Peak Realm, Spirit Martial early stage!” Shen Xiang replied Li Baojun swallows the saliva, he wants to ask the Shen Xiang's age very much, but has not asked the exit / to speak, he worried that he will be attacked, can a such study high alchemy ability certainly, can have the good strength, this wants to be quite fearful! These three pill are Five Elements True Elemental Dan and Building Foundation Dan, have Bone Washing Dan, don't you have the opinion?” Li Baojun asked. „Is Bone Washing Dan very commonly used?” Shen Xiang is very difficult to seek for that Bone Washing Dan herbs, this is one type can strengthen martial artist fleshly body pill, the use is very big, but is not common. Were many before, became in these for ten thousand years very rare.” Hua Xiangyue said.

Shen Xiang nodded: Does not have what issue, now starts!” Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan he was familiar, but that Bone Washing Dan he has not actually refined. The Bone Washing Dan refinement difficulty is inferior to Five Elements True Elemental Dan, but Shen Xiang knew from some books that has certain difficulty, now he also can only use Refining Simulation Technique to taste trial to make. He thought that this is also promotes a method and opportunity of Refining Simulation Technique utilization. Li Baojun gives Shen Xiang three jade boxes, inside separately three herbs, two he was very familiar, that is Building Foundation Dan with Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, another is he never has seen, in that besides some ginseng, Radix and beside spirit mushroom auxiliary herbs, three looks at the black fruit, touches to be very hard, looks like with the feeling the iron ball is the same. Sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, Hua Xiangyue can see that Shen Xiang is first time refines this Bone Washing Dan, before Shen Xiang also made her help to collect Bone Washing Dan herbs, but she had not sought. „Hadn't you refined Bone Washing Dan before?” Li Baojun also looked, because of Shen Xiang that three iron ball common fruits, on the face full is being curious. Shen Xiang nodded: This should be Bone Washing Dan main herbs, Iron Heart Spirit Fruit! Heard that is stiffer than the iron, but must be very difficult to smelt!” Li Baojun said surprised: You have not refined, why will say that a moment ago doesn't have the issue? This to you are very disadvantageous.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Might as well, I want to attempt! Because this Bone Washing Dan herbs was now rare, meets rarely, I naturally must taste trial to make reckless.”

Shen Xiang said also real, so long as sees some rare herbs, his secure does not live to refine! Li Baojun has shocked thoroughly, looks at Shen Xiang astonished, has never refined a pill, can actually say such words, only then a possibility, that is Shen Xiang understood skill Refining Simulation Technique that high level alchemy master must grasp! In the Li Baojun cognition, when starts to study to refine Profound Level High-Grade or Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, starts to study that damn Refining Simulation Technique, that is one type consumes the spirit, alchemy technique of unusual consumption mental ability, if cannot learn, is unable to enter high level alchemy master stage! But Shen Xiang refines Low-Grade Profound Level Dan now, mastered this advanced alchemy skill, it may be said that is the talent in talent. Li Baojun deeply has attracted several tones, recovers consciousness, asked seriously: „Do you understand Refining Simulation Technique really?” Shen Xiang replied: My first time refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan time, is Refining Simulation Technique that uses, moreover that time condition was very bad.” At that time Shen Xiang did not have pill furnace, transformed transparent pill furnace to refine using magic power, it may be said that was difficult, but also because of so, made him establish the Refining Simulation Technique foundation! This is also the Hua Xiangyue's merit, therefore Shen Xiang is very grateful she. Who your is Master?” Li Baojun asked subconsciously, then looked to Hua Xiangyue, young has outstanding the person of alchemy foundation such, Master was not definitely simple. Teaches me alchemy has three, one is she, is my Extreme Martial Sect's elder, is old Senior, I cannot say her name.” Shen Xiang told the facts, in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Elder Dan has also instructed his alchemy, at that time also made him benefit greatly.

But Hua Xiangyue when Danxiang Taoyuan's Alchemy Competition, had very big difficult problem to Shen Xiang, compelling Shen Xiang to break through own bottleneck, thus grasped Refining Simulation Technique and Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. Li Baojun has sighed deeply, complexion is dignified, he knows that he a moment ago was act like a snob, he believes that if Shen Xiang can reach this situation, the achievement definitely will far exceed him. The second competition starts, Li Baojun settles on this competition, because he lost this, did not have any opportunity of make a comeback, his solemn old alchemy master, was away from Dan Ancestor to be very near, but lost to little rascal words, he was wasted. Shen Xiang and Li Baojun start to process herbs, Li Baojun process first, first what he refines is Five Elements True Elemental Dan, but those who make Li Baojun some not clear is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly processes two herbs, is Five Elements True Elemental Dan and Building Foundation Dan. Sees this, Hua Xiangyue lightly smiled, she knows that Shen Xiang must make anything! Shen Xiang has not refined has built up bone pill, therefore he refines requires the massive time revolution Refining Simulation Technique, needs to slow the tempo, to win time, he has simultaneously to refine Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan! Hua Xiangyue knows that she can see the scene that Shen Xiang simultaneously refines two furnace pill quickly, this for her, is still one type shocks the scene, since that time, she quietly has attempted, although can also succeed, but various aspects are inferior to Shen Xiang.