World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 459
Li Baojun alchemy, while pays attention to the Shen Xiang's trend, he wants to have a look at the Shen Xiang alchemy process. After Shen Xiang processes Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, then puts in Five Elements True Elemental Dan Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, because Five Elements True Elemental Dan be more difficult than to build up Building Foundation Dan, uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to be quite appropriate. Sees Shen Xiang single-handed to pour into the flame toward alchemic furnace, Li Baojun thinks somewhat strangely, but then when he sees Shen Xiang to take up that Building Foundation Dan herbs, is surprised. „Does he want to do?” In the Li Baojun heart is self-examining. Shen Xiang released magic power to come, to depend upon magic power to transform transparent alchemic furnace, was Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, that was visible alchemic furnace. When he toward in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace puts in Building Foundation Dan herbs, but almost Li Baojun frightens builds up explode pill furnace. Li Baojun sees these Building Foundation Dan herbs probably in transparent alchemic furnace, that matter among alchemic furnace, float in the air. This makes him want eyeball to pull out to polish very much, is look the vertigo, he lived such big age, first time sees this strange matter. Let his shocking matter still in behind, Shen Xiang pour into the flame toward Illusionary Brilliant Furnace , the flame ascended from, enters that transparent pill furnace second layer in the way of screw, is baking these herbs, making these herbs release the white and green light glow, that type of light burr results in the Li Baojun eye fresh pain, this explained that he has not misread! Li Baojun is startled fiercely is swallowing saliva, he was frightened by Shen Xiang this vanishing is sweating profusely, he knows that now Shen Xiang was making anything, unexpectedly simultaneously was refining two furnace pill, moreover a furnace did not use alchemic furnace! Such one, Shen Xiang can build up these two furnace pill at a quicker speed, then uses the time of winning to display Refining Simulation Technique to refine to build up bone pill!

This close consideration, making Li Baojun admire, his suddenly thought one and Shen Xiang is not a rank, he thought that he besides can refine high rank pills compared with Shen Xiang, other anything is not. If one day, Shen Xiang can also arrive at his rank, refines high level pill certainly compared with him, especially leave pill aspect! Generally, when refining high level pill, in order to enhances success ratio, as far as possible builds up least pill, therefore high level pill is precious. But Shen Xiang can refine many grain of words, then were also without doubt many a very huge income, refines high level pill time, are many a grain, but that finally day badly other. Li Baojun maintains calm by oneself, is watching when also marvelous sight of Shen Xiang with transparent pill furnace alchemy, he one big age, has not witnessed transformation of herbs in pill furnace has been the pill pellet process, therefore this regarding him is a rare marvelous sight! spirit herb inside the energy of implication is huge, once were burnt down by the raging fire, will cause the energy burst, will release very dazzling light glow, at this time Shen Xiang that furnace Building Foundation Dan, braves the golden color and green dazzling light glow, is very beautiful. Hua Xiangyue and Li Baojun can see from that pill furnace inside change that Shen Xiang refines the Building Foundation Dan speed to be quick, moreover can very good use these herbal Spirit Qi, achieve does not waste tiny bit, complete condense together, but the words that such makes, need very good control strength generally, to the control of flame, to the control of Divine Sense, but also needs the coordination of pill furnace. But Shen Xiang all these make perfect not to have the flaw, must know that he also simultaneously is building up furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan now! Hua Xiangyue and Li Baojun secretly are exclaiming in surprise, because they think one cannot achieve this situation, Realm that this for them is reaching the pinnacle. At this time Li Baojun suddenly thought after Shen Xiang, may very much becomes will pass through the Dan King Li Tianjun person, to Li Tianjun very familiar him, knows that perhaps Li Tianjun descends to earth is unable to defeat Shen Xiang. Although saw Shen Xiang to show this alchemy unique skill, but Li Baojun had confidence to win, because Shen Xiang did not understand to refine Bone Washing Dan, even if with Refining Simulation Technique, the probability of failure were very big.

However Li Baojun thought even if one have won, that is also the victory not the military, because Shen Xiang the age or the alchemy experience by far miss his one section, especially Shen Xiang in did not understand that refines in the Bone Washing Dan situation. Quick, in Shen Xiang that transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace presented four groups of green glow, seeing that four groups to revolve green light Qi mist, in the Li Baojun heart has been calling out in alarm, his limit was a furnace refines three grains, but Shen Xiang in this case, unexpectedly was four grains! Four grains of Building Foundation Dan regarding Shen Xiang, are very simple, even if came from with Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is also so, but regarding other alchemy masters actually difficult! Now Li Baojun understands, why Hua Xiangyue this outstanding woman can with Shen Xiang this brat together, because the Shen Xiang's talent and future were really too fearful, so long as trained well, Shen Xiang can be a very splendid alchemy master from now on. How Refining Master and Formation Grandmaster or are the manufacture talisman Grandmaster again peak, is unable to compare with the alchemy master, pills that because the alchemy master in most peak builds up priceless, can break through own bottleneck, can refine pills that brings back to life! Therefore these Refining Master make Talisman Master anything, majority will go to and invite alchemy master alchemy with the precious goods that oneself will refine, builds up must look at the mood of others alchemy master. Not long, in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace left four grains to send out green glow pill pellet on condense, this was Building Foundation Dan, and above braved the medicine air/Qi that from the luster, knows that this was quality excellent Building Foundation Dan. Meanwhile, Shen Xiang's Five Elements True Elemental Dan also refined, was still ten grains, the quality excellent! Sees Shen Xiang that relaxed manner, thought that he refines these pill probably to eat meal such simply. A Li Baojun furnace has not refined, now he thought one want earnestly built up, otherwise must lose to Shen Xiang, if he can catch up before Shen Xiang, refines three pill, then he can win. Shen Xiang starts to process Bone Washing Dan herbs, he thought that later needs lane to be many some Bone Washing Dan, because he has one to train the plans of three thousand True Martial Realm martial artist, this Bone Washing Dan has very big use to True Martial Realm.

main herbs is three Iron Heart Spirit Fruit, Shen Xiang learned from the books and Su Meiyao there that this Iron Heart Spirit Fruit is hard to melt, moreover herbal Spirit Qi is also tyrannical, moreover is very heavy, especially concentrates pill time, will be difficult, this is Bone Washing Dan the place that is difficult to build up. Melts him not to fear actually that he has Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, suppresses tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi he not to fear, because he has magic power! Since knows magic power is used for alchemy to make him omit many strengths time, he has very big promotion on the alchemy speed, moreover pill who regarding refining these is very difficult to build up, his pressure does not have. In order to guarantee a success, Shen Xiang refines with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, this can also make him quicker. So long as has won this, he has won that Li Baojun, he wants a bit faster to obtain that medicine garden very much, earlier goes back! herbs are not many, but is very heavy, this because of that three Iron Heart Spirit Fruit, although only then the fist of baby is so big, but three additional together actually hundred jin (0.5 kg), obviously this spirit fruit is how mysterious.