World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 460
Shen Xiang starts to process Bone Washing Dan herbs, but processes some auxiliary herbs, quick can handle. His first time refines this pill, did not know about that three Iron Heart Spirit Fruit, not the clear characteristics, do not know in the flame burns down will have anything to change, the words that does not know, will have slightly refine the failure carelessly. Therefore he must utilize good Refining Simulation Technique, the forecast next step change, thus knows how will have the situation, makes the prompt adjustment again. herbs invests in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, pours into Heavenly Sun Fire, he starts to carry on this new challenge! When he has not learned Refining Simulation Technique, his alchemy, has prepared from the beginning failure, but Refining Simulation Technique to let the person reduces the failure born, his previous time refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan time, cannot be defeated, but at that time was also he one time pills refines oneself have never refined successfully. Words that this time he is defeated, are unable to obtain that medicine garden, therefore he must succeed, this to him is a very arduous challenge. With Legend is same, that Iron Heart Spirit Fruit is hard to melt, this makes Shen Xiang have to intensify the flame, strengthens the flame the heat degree, burns down that the iron also spirit fruit that is more difficult than to melt. A plant can grow this, obviously that strange strength of implication, again coordinates some auxiliary herbs to refine spirit dan, can have a more mysterious ability, can let the fleshly body enhancement of person. After increasing the fire intensity, uses Refining Simulation Technique Shen Xiang, quick foresees, because the fire intensity is oversized, affects these auxiliary herbs, causing the auxiliary herbs bencher bottom to burn down, herbal Spirit Qi complete injury. This is very serious issue, he adjusts immediately ahead of time, protects these frail auxiliary herbs with his formidable Divine Sense, such one, not only can use very strong flame incinerator Iron Heart Spirit Fruit, did not fear that auxiliary herbs is damaged.

Shen Xiang strengthens the fire intensity little, that Iron Heart Spirit Fruit is he has history to meet firmest herbs, because is very difficult to burn down, naturally, his Heavenly Sun Fire is also very strong, especially after he has attracted the Hua Xiangyue's blood, becomes fiercer, unceasingly increases the fire intensity along with him, that Iron Heart Spirit Fruit had the change. For all that but Shen Xiang has burnt down more than two double-hour, but this is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside time, now also makes Iron Heart Spirit Fruit start to melt, was unable to fire the powder completely, cannot bake completely inside herbal Spirit Qi Although the process is difficult, but looks like in Shen Xiang, be simpler, let alone he refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan the time that Five Elements True Elemental Dan, but just grasped Refining Simulation Technique, various aspects are inferior to the present, therefore he refines Bone Washing Dan now does not think too difficult. Hua Xiangyue sits in the pavilion, plays with is sending the tree top, beautiful eyes is staring at Shen Xiang that handsome face, she thought man who is earnest, is very appealing, she looks at face to be red now, in the mind does not know that is thinking any thing. „A Bone Washing Dan furnace can leave four grains, but now according to my situation, at least is also six grains, then should be able to win that old fellow!” The Shen Xiang very serious face, now became relaxed, Hua Xiangyue also saw that he soon congealed pill. Shen Xiang refined Bone Washing Dan to use more than half double-hour, he was the first refinement, therefore has used these many time, but that Li Baojun pursued! Li Baojun has refined repeatedly Bone Washing Dan, at this time refines is very relaxed, but his pressure is very big, he worried that he will lose to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is first time competes alchemy with the alchemy master who Li Baojun this type can refine Heaven Level pill, although competes low level pill, but can see the basic levels of two alchemy masters. The Li Baojun forehead has seeped out sweat, he in anxious, because of him alchemy, while is paying attention to the Shen Xiang's trend.

Finally was good!” Li Baojun completes first, he has put out five grains of Bone Washing Dan, that is one type pill pellet that is sending out the reddish brown colored light glow, is bringing a strange beauty. The old man sees himself to build up five grains of pill to come, on the face has shown a haughty smiling face, he thinks that Shen Xiang first refines Bone Washing Dan, can build up one grain to be good. Hua Xiangyue walked, Li Baojun Five Elements True Elemental Dan is eight grains and Building Foundation Dan is three grains and Bone Washing Dan is five grains, this is good, at least does not have many people able to achieve in Mortal Martial World, Hua Xiangyue she only thinks one are also at most stronger than Li Baojun. After Li Baojun builds up Bone Washing Dan shortly, he also opened the eye, Hua Xiangyue hastily walked, was cleaning the beads of sweat on his face with the fragrant turban, she used Refining Simulation Technique refined not to refine pill very much clearly is the how laborious matter. Hehe, how long I have not fallen behind your!” Shen Xiang said. Shortly, from front two pill, you won me, but if your Bone Washing Dan is few, you are doomed to lose! You at least must have three grains of Bone Washing Dan, can win me!” Li Baojun smiles lightly, he also meets Refining Simulation Technique, he fully realized when with Refining Simulation Technique builds up strange pills, leaves pill's quantity not to be many, because that is very difficult to control. Shen Xiang opened furnace lid, has put out six grains Bone Washing Dan! Senior Li, please inspect!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, in eyes flashes through wipes the color of haughty, can defeat the Li Baojun this high level alchemy master, making him feel very satisfied. Li Baojun sees that six to send out reddish brown colored light glow pill pellet to flutter, thorough was silly, he suspected that Shen Xiang had refined already Bone Washing Dan, otherwise is unable first time to have these many pill.

Naturally, he does not know that Shen Xiang in alchemy, holds the manner that one type is not wasting to refine, no matter under what situation, he can use good herbs completely, has many pill. Hua Xiangyue slightly was startled, she had already been unalarmed by strange sights to Shen Xiang, she said with a smile tenderly: It seems like does not need I to get rid.” Li Baojun sits in the ground, face upwarded to sigh deeply, was all of a sudden older, he did not have to think the own Pill Dao so many years, to afterward actually had lost gradually to baby brat, moreover lost such miserably, moreover complete have lost to Shen Xiang. To take a moment ago completely, has given Shen Xiang that Li Baojun refined pill and Shen Xiang who refines, said: You take away, you won! You adopted my test, can obtain this medicine garden, medicine garden that Master keeps can have such a master, that is the best home to return.” After Shen Xiang received, expressed gratitude. Senior Li, what do you then have to plan? Your stay here was too long, should go out for a walk, although the three realms great war preparation starts, but goes to have a look at the world, is not the misdemeanor.” Shen Xiang said. The Li Baojun nod said: My this walks, competes with you, I studied many things, next time will meet your time again, I will certainly win.” Li Baojun walked, he left this underground medicine garden through formation of disposable transmission.