World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 463
Shen Xiang had arrived at Fragrance City repeatedly, but has not actually gone to Danxiang Taoyuan, moreover there is also everyone can go, Shen Xiang heard, only then the core disciple can enter in Danxiang Taoyuan, but surrounding disciple also outside Fragrance City or Danxiang Taoyuan. After Fragrance City, Shen Xiang arrived in front of a canyon, on canyon two Bianshan dangles many azure grass to leap, above twines the colorful flowers, Shen Xiang first time has been seeing such beautiful canyon. After this canyon, can arrive at Danxiang Taoyuan, Shen Xiang hear of Hua Xiangyue has said that Danxiang Taoyuan is Chenwu Mainland most attractive sect, now after he arrives at this canyon, does not doubt the Hua Xiangyue's words. Shen Xiang?” Has recognized Shen Xiang in the person who in the canyon goes on patrol, has called out in alarm one, hastily respectful salutes to Shen Xiang. But Shen Xiang the Danxiang Taoyuan's chief honor alchemy master, Hua Xiangyue had already told, Shen Xiang can open access in Danxiang Taoyuan. Although Danxiang Taoyuan inside alchemy master are many, but alchemy martial artist will not be more, these martial artist attach under some alchemy masters, therefore they respect the alchemy master, let alone is Shen Xiang this talent alchemy master. Shen Xiang also hastily returns a courtesy, Danxiang Taoyuan's relationship and Extreme Martial Sect have been very good, two sect's disciples have the intercourse frequently, therefore after meeting, will be polite. After this beautiful canyon, Shen Xiang presents one to brave the mist at present the lake, by the lake, is building unique small houses, some, only then, some 2-3, seem looks like a beautiful hamlet like that at all likely is not a core region of influence. Shen Xiang discovered quickly that lake is unusual, mist unexpectedly that above scatters is rich Spirit Qi, moreover several creeks are connecting the lake, in side of these creeks, every other 1st Stage distance will have a very elegant small house. This thinks Mysterious Realm!” Su Meiyao said. After Shen Xiang is also feels in this that rich Spirit Qi, looks, Danxiang Taoyuan has that Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, Shen Xiang already guessed correctly that has a Spirit Qi very rich place to be able birth Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk.

No wonder only then the core disciple can come here, it seems like it is same as Extreme Martial Sect!” Shen Xiang said that Extreme Martial Sect Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm is also only then the True Martial Realm disciple can go. Danxiang Taoyuan is very beautiful, is similar to the fairyland is ordinary, the fine spring day, all flowers blooms together, various places can see some spirit flower spirit grass(es), rich Spirit Qi turns into Qi mist, scatters in various places, the waterfall that mountain above attacks, is in this tranquil Mysterious Realm the only noise, but has not actually destroyed this beautiful Mysterious Realm, instead has increased several points of magnificent imposing manner. After Shen Xiang comes, also sees several teams of people to go on patrol in this inside, these people are True Martial Realm martial artist, but in entering beginning the Mysterious Realm entrance, is standing some strength not weak martial artist. He walks leisurely in the bund, is looking around in all directions this inside Mei and Jing, breathes that to scatter the light flower fragrance in air, he thought , the words that must close up, stay here to be also good. In the past, in secular world, Hua Xiangyue vigorously won over Shen Xiang to come, now Shen Xiang also some regrets. „Isn't this Shen Xiang? Really rare!” The sound conveys together suddenly, what speech is a solemn handsome middle-aged beautiful woman, is Mrs. Li. Shen Xiang and Danxiang Tower Mrs. Li very has also been familiar, he said with a smile: Your Danxiang Taoyuan are really attractive, our Extreme Martial Sect only then houses, although also has Mysterious Realm, but in so is not beautiful.” Mrs. Li lightly smiled: „After that frequently comes, to stay here not to have the matter!” Was right, I must look for your Dean, how can walk?” Shen Xiang asked. „The source of rivers is forbidden land, there is also her residence, no one can go in except for her, you can there she.” Mrs. Li said.

Shen Xiang expressed gratitude, then arrives by a creek, moves toward the source following the creek, at this time before he saw these riversides the houses, yard, but this yard gathered round with the simple fence, unexpectedly in the yard was planting some spirit herb. These spirit herb majority refine True Elemental Dan and White Jade Powder and other High-Grade Spirit Level spirit herb, in some medicine garden plants to refine Detoxification Dan specially...... medicine garden had many, Shen Xiang had estimated that at least had more than hundred to come, moreover some quite large-scale in distant place, riverside distant place. Here Spirit Qi is so rich, with the words that these water, spirit herb grows quickly, no wonder Danxiang Taoyuan will have the continuous spirit herb supply, moreover they so many alchemy master.” Su Meiyao said. Reason that Danxiang Taoyuan can gather these many alchemy masters , because they have massive spirit herb, plants the spirit herb good environment, therefore this Danxiang Taoyuan became Sacred Land that the alchemy master yearns. Danxiang Taoyuan also entered has dealt with the nervous state that three realms great war approached fully, many people were busy refining massive pills, because when the time comes pills most needed, pills that especially therapy. Walks following the rivers, the house that Shen Xiang sees are also getting fewer and fewer, but here Spirit Qi also became thin. After he walked roughly more than half double-hour, front suddenly saw to present one is the giant fountain, spring water pours into Kou Lake khabarovsk surface very much, then flooded into several rivers. These spring water itself are containing very rich Spirit Qi, but just welled up, needs to make water inside Spirit Qi enliven after the washout, can emit Qi mist, therefore after flowing of a period of time, the mist came out! Therefore, here Spirit Qi is quite thin.” Su Meiyao exclaims in surprise one. Now Shen Xiang understood, why these houses establish in the rivers end place.

Here is the source, Spirit Qi is instead thin, but why can Hua Xiangyue here? Shen Xiang saw front to have a giant mountain, has a cave there, he walked, the discovery has fearful strength in front of cave entrance. Before Hua Xiangyue has given him a bead, so long as took that bead, can enter Danxiang Taoyuan's forbidden land. Shen Xiang also wants to have a look in this forbidden land to have anything. After putting out the bead, Shen Xiang will not come under that the restriction attack of cave entrance, walked very much with ease, after long passage, he came to a quite broad stone chamber, this inside has many stone table Stone Yi, this is a hall. Enters sliding door, he walked long journey, he has shoved open Stone Gate carefully, then sees one to send out the white gentle ray stone chamber, he smells on Hua Xiangyue that unique body to be fragrant, knows that this certainly is the Hua Xiangyue's boudoir. He carefully looked that sees only Hua Xiangyue closed eyes to sit cross-legged to sit at this time, in braves on the Qi mist white jade bed, but body clothes have not actually put on.