World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 464
Sees this, in the Shen Xiang heart to ripple slightly, what making him clench jaws, Qi mist that on that jade bed braves was too thick, lets thing that he cannot see him to look. Smoke and mirrors, is attractive! Before Hua Xiangyue, has said that if has come , outside her that's it, do not wander about aimlessly everywhere, but Shen Xiang has not actually cared, because he must see Hua Xiangyue anxiously. Shen Xiang wants to blow a rumor very much, blows these Qi mist, such one, he can see Hua Xiangyue that beautiful luster of the skin, but he has perverted heart not to have the color balls, he sighed, notes in this room also the small pools, this small pool has a bed to be so big, above also braves some Qi mist, but that is actually not Spirit Qi. This is special heat, should be able to help her practice the flame, this spirit is the alchemy master, requests to be very high to the flame.” Long Xueyi said. if wanted I help your fog make, making you look at a clarity?” Long Xueyi is smiling asking. Shen Xiang thinks very much that his innermost feelings have struggled, finally has rejected, because he worried that can affect the Hua Xiangyue practice, causing her qi deviation to be possible not to be good. When he must close departs, only hears Hua Xiangyue that to make the person whole body numb sound transmit: little rascal, why don't you come in? Others waited for you to be very long!” Shen Xiang has swallowed saliva, the stride has stepped: This...... Sister Xiangyue, my anything has not seen.” Hua Xiangyue giggle has smiled tenderly, then has turned around, has worn a loose white long skirt. I and you have said that some people come in I to know that making you wait for that's alright outside, your unexpectedly was so dishonest! Also wants to peep I!” The Hua Xiangyue coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, on the oval face of that fan deceased person full is the smiling face of caressing flatters to bewitch. Hua Xiangyue charmingly angry: little rascal, couldn't you look for your Sister Meng'er? Then looks my?” This time Hua Xiangyue completely reveals seductive appearance, she flatters to hold nothing back to show caressing in that bone, this makes Shen Xiang wish one could to tear off her loose skirt, then throws to put on her, making her know that such entices the consequence of man is how serious.

Saw Shen Xiang's to blush, saying with a smile that Hua Xiangyue eats: Do not think, only then you can sexually harass me, I can also sexually harass you!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said: I sexually harass you, but absolutely will not actually be eaten by you, but you sexually harass my words, Hehe!” Saying, his suddenly holds in the arms Hua Xiangyue! Hua Xiangyue only wears a light skirt now, inside anything has not put on, Shen Xiang holds in the arms her time, can feel that on her chest that two stiff point, this made the Shen Xiang's lower abdomen explode probably was the same, the evil fire welled up to his all the limbs and bones crazily, making his whole body give off heat, almost lost the reason. Fierce took a deep breath of Shen Xiang on Hua Xiangyue's jade neck, is sucking on her greedily that inviting delicate fragrance. Hua Xiangyue shouted tenderly, hastily shoves open Shen Xiang, but on the face actually full is the haughty charming smile: little rascal, do not forget the elder sister I to be possible compared with you, you think that you can be so easy to eat me? I do not give you, but I actually must sexually harass you, entices you, is greedy you!” Little Fairy awfully!” Shen Xiang whispered, has turned head, this does not blame him, he also almost 30, although there are wife, but until now is young. Hua Xiangyue knows that cannot play goes too far, she eats says with a smile: Sorry, has not thought elder sister I to your attraction am big!” Nonsense!” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, a moment ago in his mind, only then a thought that executes a captured offender on the spot Hua Xiangyue. What matter do you ask me to have? Should not be will let me and you strolls everywhere?” Hua Xiangyue asked. Mentioned this, in the Shen Xiang heart gets up on secret haughty, his hastily has put out six jade boxes, said with a smile: I give certainly the gift to you! Said, my previous time has occupied you too big convenient, therefore I compensated you!” Hua Xiangyue has nipped a lip lightly, low snort|hum said: I know that your good intention, I also very much thanked you, but I know after these things you, was precious, these thing were getting fewer and fewer, do you give me now, what to do you later?”

She does not need to look that knows Shen Xiang must to her anything, she initially also speak thoughtlessly, but has not thought that Shen Xiang has cared, this makes her be moved very much, the heart is warm. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You felt relieved, these things I have not lacked really!” He suspected that Hua Xiangyue must cross Nirvana Tribulation, needs these things is the affirmation, therefore his stingy, in any case he now do not get so far as difficultly. Hua Xiangyue Youyou sighed, opened these jade boxes, that was five Life Returning Pill herbs, moreover there is Good Fortune Fruit. Do not tell Sister Meng'er that's alright temporarily, I feared that she will be jealous.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Hua Xiangyue is skilled to pills, her eyes saw that these spirit herb just picked, especially that Good Fortune Fruit, only then just picked from the tree shortly, that hole can like this. At this time Hua Xiangyue has thought of a very fearful matter, but her expression was motionless, because she associated to Shen Xiang had once fed to that golden liquid that Lan Lan ate, her Danxiang Taoyuan's Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk. She suspected that Shen Xiang may have to be able very much to plant the massive herbs abilities fast, with these Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk same things, but Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk in very little and very few, is insufficient. Meng'er was your person, you gave her, this was not strange! But I now am not your any person.” Hua Xiangyue does not want to reject the Shen Xiang's good intention, cross, and she also wants these things. Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: You did not say that can be my maidservant? Are words that Hehe, you initially spoke effective?” Hua Xiangyue eyes one bright, smiles: Naturally effective, do you finally know others good now?” Saying, her was caressing has pulled up beautiful hair that flattered, that seductive appearance made Shen Xiang look fiery. Good, I promise you, starting today, you were my maidservant!” Shen Xiang rubs hands to say.

slave servant has seen Young Master.” Hua Xiangyue giggle smiles, hastily salutes saying: You must carry on a master and servant contract to be good with me!” master and servant contract? Shen Xiang first has heard such matter. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang asked. Had this contract, I will not betray you, but you must do according to the contract on, treats me well.” Hua Xiangyue vision gentle looks at Shen Xiang. Sees in pupil that Hua Xiangyue that pair caresses flatters glittering purple chart mark, in Shen Xiang heart one startled, content also suddenly of that contract appears in his mind. Has completed, one day, you understand that I such will do why!” The Hua Xiangyue facial expression said complex. At this time, Long Xueyi suddenly tenderly shouted: This was the death master and servant contract, so long as you died, this young woman must die!”