World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 466
Hua Xiangyue changed one set of motion quite convenient white tight-fitting attire quickly, Shen Xiang had discovered she was the same, put on skintight clothes the time with Hua Xiangyue, liked giving to restrain that tall and straight chest, this made him look very loves dearly. Xiangyue also likes this, you did not fear that did go bad?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, a reply truly Liu Meng'er's supercilious look that but obtained. Bad, you felt relieved!” Liu Meng'er said ill-humoredly. Shen Xiang laughed: Where Xianxian and Youlan were they hidden by you? I may think them!” They in wholeheartedly practice, especially Youlan, she said now, once goes out, asks you to contend in martial arts, this girl very much wants to defeat you.” Liu Meng'er sighed. Shen Xiang shrugs: Walks.” The place that White Tiger Divine Weapon is situated in the Free Immortal Sea direction, after Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er previous time confirmed the direction, guesses in the big vortex of that sea area, but this is only their guesses, they only then arrive there, can determine. Liu Meng'er has put out that Jade Lotus flying disc, carried Shen Xiang to fly from the Divine Weapon palace. After leaving the Divine Weapon palace, Liu Meng'er picks up the Jade Lotus flying disc speed, but Shen Xiang comfortable lying down above, is actually sucking on Liu Meng'er the charming fragrance. After more than double-hour, Jade Lotus flying disc has flown above the clouds, but Shen Xiang also starts not to be dishonest. Just wants to extend in Shen Xiang's, Liu Meng'er on fierce stands, stops flying disc, looked at the past in a direction, serious incomparable.

How?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that saw Liu Meng'er's so, he knows that definitely had big matter occurrence. Urgent pass on message that is Gu Dongchen in sending, generally is used for various set sect Dean to use, in his news has mentioned Fire God Palace! It seems like the Fire God Palace's person arrived at Mortal Martial World.” Liu Meng'er sound ice-cold, she knows person who Fire God Palace catch these has Fire Spirit specially, but she actually did not fear. Shen Xiang learned from Elder Dan there that this influence is hateful, moreover is formidable, but why will they arrive at Mortal Martial World? You go first, what issue should your present strength not have?” Liu Meng'er said. I also want to take a look at that Fire God Palace's person!” Liu Meng'er refuses to say strongly: „It is not good, your present strength was faint, cannot conceal your Fire Spirit, if saw to them, will be very troublesome, you want to go to Free Immortal Sea to evade first.” Sees Liu Meng'er to be so earnest, Shen Xiang does not have the means that Elder Dan is Purple Moon World, to avoid Fire God Palace ran up to this Mortal Martial World, but the Elder Dan's strength was not strong at that time, that Fire God Palace naturally is very in her eyes strong, however in Mortal Martial World, strongest fellow or Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm inside Huang Jintian. Shen Xiang for the low key, has not used Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to fly, flies to leap up in following mountain forest, but Liu Meng'er also uses the quickest speed, rushes to Extreme Martial Sect. Initially Elder Dan had said that that Fire God Palace's cannot extend to here comes, but came now, perhaps will bring many disasters to Mortal Martial World, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou definitely knew that Fire God Palace's matter. Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou, you definitely know that they came now, told me also No problem!” Shen Xiang said.

Fire God Palace is on a Heaven World big influence, is Heaven World above only pills Big Shot, we only know that this Fire God Palace has had a very positive image! We are unascertainable to the present, they are that specially plunder the Fire Spirit organization!” Bai Youyou said. Elder Dan to avoid them ran away here, but now the Elder Dan's strength was very strong, should not need to fear them, let alone also had my Master in!” Shen Xiang was worried, because he, Elder Dan and Liu Meng'er have Fire Spirit. Su Meiyao said: „The Fire God Palace's strength is truly strong, under Heaven World, the strength most also crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, but do not forget, all Fire God Palace in Mortal World, can communicate with Heaven World on, they are mastering many fierce martial arts and knowledge.” Like that King Palace, doesn't start now in the Mortal Martial World training influence? But King Palace only started, but before Fire God Palace is very ancient, existed, proliferates many world, now they come here words, should transmit from other world.” This is the Fire God Palace's formidable place, because behind him, has a strong Heaven World influence to be the backing, although the resources need to strive in Mortal World, but relies on these knowledge and martial arts that they master, can definitely train outstanding martial artist and alchemy master. Liu Meng'er does not make you go for hello! If that Fire God Palace is really that affectedly virtuous strength, knew that you have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, I think that they definitely will start to Extreme Martial Sect, like the strengths of this proliferating many world, let alone to sect fight, they did not fear to world fight.” Bai Youyou coldly said. To world fight! Mortal Martial World was a very big world! However Shen Xiang did not doubt Bai Youyou to say. It seems like these days I must hide.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath. If hides, he can guarantee that can unable to find in the world nobody, has the Long Xueyi's help, in addition he cultivates Divine Dao to understand the Divine Ability magic arts, this for him radically is a piece of cake, he once escaped under the eyegrounds of several hundred Nirvana Realm martial artist. Naturally, his also Heaven's Crown Gate, that is also one escapes the best sharp weapon!

Shen Xiang does not know that Gu Dongchen convened major Big Shot to say anything, but he can affirm that Fire God Palace will certainly come, otherwise Gu Dongchen will not know the Fire God Palace's matter. He just dashed in mountain forest shortly, hears weak dragon roar to transmit, although is weak, but this was very scary. Is the dragon!” Long Xueyi calls out in alarm one, hastily flees from the Shen Xiang's left arm. Sound conveys from very far place! This dragon now is of unconscious, the sound vigor sending out does not have, should be controlled, but this is only a low status dragon!” The Long Xueyi congealing eyebrow said that on small face full is disgruntled: This fellow, performing was loses the face of our dragon, unexpectedly is controlled!” Shen Xiang said: Can be Immemorial Sacred Land that?” Long Xueyi shakes the head saying: Absolutely is not, I remember the sound! The sound that this dragon made a moment ago is received the stimulation to send, it seems like it was used the strong method controlling.” Can be that Fire God Palace brings?” Shen Xiang has thought immediately this, this makes him be startled secretly. Has the possibility very much, Fire God Palace in Heaven World above and Dragon Clan disagreement, if meets the dragon that these just evolved in Mortal World, definitely will get rid! Although the dragon is formidable, the means of but humanity using formation and many people of besieging, can the dragon defeating.” Su Meiyao said.