World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 467
That Fire God Palace, if came from other world, obviously Fire God Palace is grasping very fierce ultra-large Teleportation Formation, moved entire Fire God Palace, but also takes a dragon.” Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, making Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, determined that a target point near Free Immortal Sea, then he starts on rotating disc several rings. Space Gate opens, after Shen Xiang goes, arrived at one piece to hear the ocean waves the sound, smelled the aura of that sea, before his depressing that mood also became well. Arrives at the seashore, here full is quarry stone, he in sitting on a stone, looks at that limitless sea and Lan Tian, is blowing the sea breeze, he has not gone to Free Immortal Sea, but is waiting for Liu Meng'er, he wants to have a look at Liu Meng'er to be able to catch up. That did Fire God Palace exist the hundred thousand year ago?” Shen Xiang asked that if plundered others Fire Spirit influence in Mortal World Fire God Palace specially, Shen Xiang cannot make such influence keep Mortal Martial World, otherwise sooner or later some day he by this Fire God Palace staring. With the present, he has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art this matter to make Fire God Palace know that his trouble also meets is not small. No, Fire God Palace establishes after three realms great war, but headquarters in Heaven World, no matter in Mortal World the how ancient influence, is unable to compete with him.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang takes up a stone, the sea has thrown toward that is fluctuating, said: If this Fire God Palace dares to ask me to trouble, I will certainly not make him feel better!” Su Meiyao sees Shen Xiang to have so was determined, slightly one startled: Oh? do you dare to Fire God Palace fight? If here Fire God Palace extinguished, other Fire God Palace will also transmit here.” Bai Youyou is also surprised said: If you destroy completely Mortal World Fire God Palace, passes to Heaven World, that was Heaven World's Fire God Palace to, you will later go to be unable to take a single step forward to Heaven World.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Fears anything, three realms great war must start in any case, Fire God Palace arrives is better!”

three realms great war, when the time comes is chaos, too many Fire God Palace gather at the words of this world, the goal of only degenerating into the attack, but when the time comes takes advantage to kill the Fire God Palace's words randomly, will not have any matter. Now says, when the time comes knew.” Shen Xiang takes off the clothes, plunges into, is waiting for Liu Meng'er. He waited till the next day dawn, Liu Meng'er had not arrived, he has to go to Free Immortal Sea. Free Immortal Sea is big piece every large or small islands composes, is depends upon the sea to develop, obviously their also one type can investigate the marine resource the ability. Shen Xiang turned into a fish, has toward Free Immortal Sea fast, he before, already was familiar with this is the topography. That vortex every other a period of time presents one time, leads to a Mysterious Realm entrance? Does not know that has.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that he is afraid White Tiger Divine Weapon to be won by others. Three days, he swam the Free Immortal Sea archipelago, he has reached an island casually, was inquiring above had the time about that vortex. Here island are many, is not separated by, is found in a big region, Shen Xiang estimated that this also Extreme Martial Province so is at least big, moreover on each island has a city. Every day arrives at the Free Immortal Sea outsider also to have many, moreover this Free Immortal Sea above person migrates from Chenwu Mainland, Shen Xiang guessed that is Xiao Ziliang attracts with some methods, after ten thousand years, here also turned into a very prosperous region. Free Immortal Sea definitely is having some unique resources, otherwise is unable to train a such formidable influence in the short time.

Shen Xiang inquired after the island small half of the day, he inquired that vortex matter, the native will look frightened, most people did not reply him. „Is that terror big vortex hiding what secret? Why I asked their times, they like damn!” In the Shen Xiang heart not bears, he looked for a hotel casually, wanted a room. After Xiaoer (waiter) Shen Xiang receives the room, will leave, Shen Xiang hastily stopped by calling out him: Wait / Etc..” Xiaoer (waiter) one happy, he knows that some people are very natural, would giving one to spend anything, his hastily grinning turning around, bends at the waist to arrive in front of Shen Xiang. „Does customer, what have to tell?” Xiaoer (waiter) asked with a smile. Shen Xiang has put out ten crystal stones first, throws in the hand is playing, then whispered: I want to inquire a matter to you, if you can tell me, this was your!” Xiaoer (waiter) nods hastily: „The words that I know, told certainly you!” I know first has the matter about nearby that big vortex, I asked other people time, will others such be why afraid?” Shen Xiang grabs the hand of that Xiaoer (waiter) fiercely, because he said big vortex time, that Xiaoer (waiter) complexion was white. I...... I......” Xiaoer (waiter) want to shout, but he knows that Shen Xiang certainly is fierce martial artist. Shen Xiang has put out big pile of crystal stones, several hundred grains, he places on the bed, said solemnly: Relax, I want to know that has the matter about that big vortex, you told me, this was your, moreover some people do not know absolutely you said anything to me!”

Xiaoer (waiter) looks at that to crystal stones, nodded hastily. After Shen Xiang lets loose him, he very said silently: Free king does not allow to discuss this matter, this is several years ago starts to forbid to discuss, once the free palace knows, will send for slaughtering, one time because many people in city discussed publicly, finally the entire city was slaughtered!” Shen Xiang hears such matter, immediately understands why he inquired, these people not only had not replied that instead also by far avoided him. actually discussed this matter to be massacred city! The free king naturally is that Xiao Ziliang, the free palace is also Free Immortal Sea the place of strength core, can make Xiao Ziliang use such cruel way to forbid the big vortex the matter to spread, obviously in that big vortex is hiding the Heaven-shaking secret. That big vortex where?” Shen Xiang asked hastily. By an island, but the vortex has not appeared these days, the present is two months appears one time, must appear each time, that island will declare martial law, does not allow some people to go to sea!” That Xiaoer (waiter) told Shen Xiang the name and place of island, place that the Shen Xiang big vortex, hastily left this hotel. He has used several days, arrives at that island, on this island person unexpectedly are many, moreover is very prosperous, above martial artist are many, is very strong. Shen Xiang naturally not when the vortex presents time goes, otherwise when the time comes will meet these Nirvana Realm, now he turns into a fish, swims away toward the place that the vortex is.