World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 469
After the Holy Light Church three disciples were shaken flies, the vitality in within the body is also one turns wells up, after all that is erupts the whole body True Qi turn into dragon strength that Shen Xiang goes all out, that has poured into their bodies directly, making his corners of the mouth overflow a blood. In their hearts was exclaiming in surprise when Shen Xiang's strength, simultaneously looked that flies to the exit / to speak to airborne that the white light, they just want to pursue, that white light shines, departed directly, at the same time, tyrannical Spirit Qi wells up, hole had been blocked temporarily, they are unable to pursue. Shen Xiang the whole body is incapable now, the severe wound did not say, but also braves life danger(ous) to erupt complete strength, shakes draws back that three people, if not this, Long Xueyi does not have the opportunity to lead him to run away. Holy Light Church unexpectedly can send out three such strong people to come to here, thinks in that White Tiger Mysterious Realm to have many good things!” Bai Youyou said. Good thing to have, but I thought that Free Immortal Sea definitely cannot eat up, in Mysterious Realm is very danger(ous), therefore sold to Holy Light Church, with this terms of exchange.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang can run away now safely, they relaxed, but Long Xueyi is bringing Shen Xiang to fly toward the sea area of distant place, now cannot return to the Free Immortal Sea archipelago, because of Shen Xiang already exposed the whereabouts, Free Immortal Sea and Holy Light Church will definitely search for his. Has Nirvana Realm!” Long Xueyi one startled, hastily sneaks into water. Although Shen Xiang's fleshly body received the extremely serious wound, but is sober, magic power also, him the hand that uses magic power to control oneself that unable to move, took out Hell Spirit Grass, puts in the mouth to swallow. He has Hell Spirit Grass this quick repair injury saint medicine luckily, otherwise he for these years, is unable time and time again rapidly to restore to come from severe wound. Xiao Ziliang is the manufacture talisman master, Holy Light Church these fellows definitely has signalling spirit talisman, it seems like I want to enter that White Tiger Mysterious Realm words again, and Liu Meng'er same place.” Shen Xiang can speak, he is wrapped by light glow that Long Xueyi releases, is moving under water in the deep sea, the sea water cannot seep . Moreover the rate of progression is also quick. Su Meiyao said with a smile: Do not forget, only then you can obtain that White Tiger Divine Weapon, the place of conceal also will be definitely safe, otherwise Free Immortal Sea already took.”

This also lets the matter that Shen Xiang feels relieved, he grips tightly the fist, the Holy Light Church person must kill him, he must ask for! Xiao Ziliang this bastard, dares unexpectedly with the Holy Light Church union!” Shen Xiang said maliciously. That is Mysterious Realm, inside has treasure is the affirmation, you can announce to the outside that perhaps links that Fire God Palace to bring.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang at present one bright, this truly is a good idea, his wound also needs recreation a period of time, moreover when the time comes the Liu Meng'er definitely meeting dares to enter White Tiger Mysterious Realm in the forefront. Long Xueyi giggle smiles: This gives me!” Shen Xiang was brought on a being desolate and uninhabited island by Long Xueyi, here has been far away from Free Immortal Sea, temporarily some people will not come. Long Xueyi to a direction, is wielding the white hands, sees only a white light to fly to shoot from her hand, then vanish from sight. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. One in 72 Transformations, I can make my magic power go through Chenwu Mainland fast, after there, my magic power will turn into a person, when the time comes I can control that person to disseminate the White Tiger Mysterious Realm news in all directions.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had exclaimed in surprise, this method is truly mysterious.

Fierce, this is the Divine Ability wondrous use, fiercer can change a dragon comes conveniently, then makes this dragon ruin continent is not the issue.” Long Xueyi haughty said with a smile. Before Shen Xiang, disliked 72 Transformations and Heavenly Dragon Seal these two Divine Ability were too few, now he knows that in these two Divine Ability was forgiving many things, if did not have Long Xueyi director, he is unable to study, is unable to display his that magic power fierce place, cannot practice Divine Dao. Nine Turn Dragon God Technique is also fierce Divine Ability, sufficed you to build up for a lifetime, now I give your thing, was only the superficial knowledge, when you studied entire, you know that these Divine Ability were fierce.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang sits on the sand beach, has eaten up piece of Hell Spirit Grass, but this has not actually been able to let him in a short time recover completely, now he discovered that the injury is very serious, the shinbone in within the body received very heavy injury. These three bastards, I must make them die, I must make Holy Light Church pay the price!” Shen Xiang said low and deep. You must promote cultivation base now are impossible, but can actually promote fleshly body and magic power!” Long Xueyi can feel the anger in Shen Xiang heart: „After promoting fleshly body, can make you have depositing massive Divine Sense carriers, magic power naturally can diverge.” This I know, fleshly body and Divine Sense must the even promotion, but these two types are often most difficult to promote.” Shen Xiang sighed. The Long Xueyi vision flashes, says with a smile: I have the means to make you promote rapidly, I think that you should know promotes the pain that the fleshly body words need to bear in the short time.” Shen Xiang knows certainly, but he did not fear, so long as can make him a bit faster leave this foul odor. What means?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

„Don't you have that Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique? You cross the threshold rose dramatically 3rd Stage, how now do you have a look then to practice?” Long Xueyi asked. Shen Xiang hastily puts out Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique this book to come out to glance through, his present Immortal Devil Body 14th Stage, if must practice, the condition thinks that is harsher. Not long, Shen Xiang had found 10th Stage to the method of 20th Stage cultivating. With the fire Body Refining process, according to chant on makes True Qi in within the body past in the body in the specific way, for a long time quenchings, then can make fleshly body formidable.” This is 10th Stage to the general outline of 20th Stage that part, below was some chant. Issue came, needs very intense flame, can burn me to be in deep sorrow, this time did not use the molten iron, has been short troublesome actually.” Shen Xiang has the headache, previous time he cultivates is Liu Meng'er helps his, but wants Liu Meng'er to burn down his fleshly body now for a long time, that is somewhat difficult. Burning down time cannot stop, must burn . Moreover the fire intensity must act according to your bearing capacity to increase little, your Sister Meng'er definitely is not cruel enough to do, moreover what she fuses is Purple Fire Spirit, can definitely have the conflict with your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. Can help your fellow in Chenwu Mainland, only then that Netherworld Abyss following Ancient Fire Beast!” Long Xueyi said that she already knew that Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique content. Shen Xiang has been startled being startled, his Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is Ancient Fire Beast gives him, the strength of this antique giant beast is truly powerful, moreover Shen Xiang also has the agreement with him, must rescue him.