World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 470
Shen Xiang shook the head: What impediment his didn't there have a formation his strength?” „Don't you have Heaven's Crown Gate this fierce thing?” Long Xueyi asked back grinningly: You are quite stupid!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, laughs: I really have not thought.” Heaven's Crown Gate can open together Space Gate, will not be restrained by formation, before he in Immemorial Sacred Land, penetrated powerful formations, went to that to imprison in the ruins of dragon. Long Xueyi and other Shen Xiang restored some True Qi, after can open Heaven's Crown Gate, attaches to Shen Xiang's, moreover she also already confirmed that Netherworld Abyss place with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. Nine Heavens Mental Exploration was flown very remote place by own Divine Sense at very quick speed, even penetrates a world, Shen Xiang present magic power is insufficient, is unable to use this move. After Space Gate opens, Shen Xiang has stepped, then arrives at the Netherworld Abyss base, moreover before that is imprisoning the Ancient Fire Beast mountain cave entrance. This made that Ancient Fire Beast exude one to roar, afterward in the Shen Xiang mind has broadcast a sound: „Do you currently have the strength to put this Seat to exit?” Shen Xiang arrives at the cave deep place, he sees this colossus once more, still felt that very shocks and dreads. No.” The Shen Xiang booth lets go to say. Snort, lets my this Seat white happy!” Ancient Fire Beast also roared, that pair of huge some were burning the raging fire, could see that he was very angry. Shen Xiang said hastily: I knew that some Nirvana Realm martial artist, I can make you save you, does not know that is good?” „It is not good, needs Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, or can rescue this Seat compared with Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit stronger Fire Spirit, the people who otherwise on Heaven World gets down are useless.” Ancient Fire Beast said.

Shen Xiang sighed: I look am think that you help me.” Long Xueyi also came out from Shen Xiang's at this time, looks at Ancient Fire Beast behind that young tree, that is Earth Core Divine Tree, that Earth Core Divine Fruit currently Shen Xiang also has many, although has slivered the piece. Because plants Earth Core Divine Tree is not a simple matter, therefore Shen Xiang that Earth Core Divine Fruit nucleus has been preserving, after waiting, he found an appropriate place, plants again. Then, Shen Xiang made the antique divine beast help the matter say him first. this Seat can help you, but this Seat has better means!” Ancient Fire Beast looks at Long Xueyi, coldly snorted, his very repugnant Imperial Dragon Clan person, but at present Long Xueyi this little girl is actually having the idea of his Earth Core Divine Fruit. Better means? But that means this dragon wants to come out a moment ago!” Long Xueyi disdainfully said. Small bothersome dragon, this Seat means compared with your good time!” Ancient Fire Beast said with a sneer. Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, hastily asked: Said that looks!” Ancient Fire Beast said: This Netherworld Abyss to Earth Core Divine Tree, is this Seat here, moreover while do you know?” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi shake the head, they very have been very curious this issue. this Seat does not know, but this Seat thought that that side the road to earth core, had possibility that road to be too small, this Seat had not paid attention in the past.” Enters earth core! This makes Shen Xiang they slightly excited, that is a core of world is, is a world most mystical place, Shen Xiang heard that a world must maintain the revolution the words, earth core is the key.

But even if Huang Jintian this character, is unable to seek for earth core, Huang Jintian has also been regretting this matter. This Netherworld Abyss under is no one can arrive, Huang Jintian is unable to come here, only then Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to arrive, therefore here is also a very safe place. After Shen Xiang arrives, has completed the mark on Heaven's Crown Gate, next time he will avoid, can hide here. Humanity is very difficult to go to this place, reason that you can arrive , because has that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, matter that this is by no means coincidental!” Ancient Fire Beast also said. Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm in the, now Shen Xiang also thinks of this. earth core there is very definitely hot, even if Mortal World strongest humanity goes to be melted to there, but you have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, therefore this Seat thought that you should go, there may have any thing to wait for you.” Shen Xiang nodded, after Ancient Fire Beast said goodbye, hastily toward another end of this abyss runs swiftly. dragon brat, pays attention to around a point situation, my present wound did not have!” The Shen Xiang injunction said that Long Xueyi has complied with one. Previous Long Xueyi investigates this below to have the massive lives, but afterward Shen Xiang was attracted by the Ancient Fire Beast roar, has not gone in another direction. Now he perhaps that direction, has this any strange thing there. Troop thing in front, should be some beasts, the strength in True Martial Realm two 3rd Stage this.” Long Xueyi said. True Martial Realm two 3rd Stage strengths! If Shen Xiang first arriving time, he was unlikely hard to cope, but now, the beasts of these ranks in his eyes are the ants.

His intention moves, the right hand erupts azure light, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appearance suddenly in his hands, braving steaming azure light, True Qi to pour into, the knife trembles slightly, expresses humming sound the light cry, beats along with Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart, frigid murderous aura scatter. Under the dim abyss, transmits an intermittent low and deep roar sound, all kinds of uses, to hear appallingly, but the Shen Xiang's speed still does not reduce, direct impact in the past. Suddenly, red light flashes through together, Shen Xiang only saw strange beast that eyes blushed to swoop, this strange beast whole body was hard armor, seemed like the alligator like that the body was very big, the four limbs were sturdy, in the mouth full was the sharp fang, that big mouth as if can bite all. Evil livestock!” Shen Xiang drinks coldly, the brandishing a sword detachment, huge goes from out of the blue, fierce True Qi jumps steaming shoots, is with irresistible force ordinary, blade edge moves that strange beast hard armor, probably bumps into bean curd such, very with ease breaking out. Suddenly, strange beast of that threatening was cut two halves by Shen Xiang, the body spout the green blood. After dividing one, swoops, these strange beast will be the same appearance, Shen Xiang naturally will not fear, the sharp knife in hand will fly to chop hastily, said blade Qi that azure light will form will be similar to the innumerable silk threads is ordinary, will form one to send out the green light glow net, toward my front passage in the past, the passing over gently and swiftly place, strange beast is cut by the green net that blade Qi formed. Suddenly, this long journey above strange beast turned into pair of hashed meat! All the way, this strange beast, Shen Xiang rejoiced previous time he comes time has not arrived at this direction, but now these strange beast by his blade are several heads, is unable to pose the threat to him. Kills these strange beast, but can increase several points of Slaughter Qi to Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart.