World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 471
Shen Xiang dashed for three days, has killed many strange beast all the way, he to end time, anything has not seen, there , only then rock wall. „Have I neglected what on the road?” The Shen Xiang doubts said that before on the road, Long Xueyi used Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to transfer here, has not discovered anything. Under this abyss was straight and broad passage, Shen Xiang at this time slowly walked, simultaneously was paying attention the two sides and grounds, if there is a small hole mouth anything, he can definitely discover. His round trip walked slowly for two days, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: I have discovered a small hole mouth!” That small hole mouth on rock wall, Shen Xiang walked, really sees small hole on approaching rock wall of ground. „In I use Divine Sense to have a look to have anything.” Long Xueyi was saying, releases Divine Sense, enters in that small hole. This small hole is very shallow, quick to the end, had many spirit pattern in small hole all around! Does not know why to use.” Long Xueyi depressedly said, she thinks Shen Xiang turns into a mouse, went from this small hole to earth core. Shen Xiang fell face down, has traced small hole all around with the finger, he discovered that this small hole is very round is very round, truly some uneven things on the hole wall, he touched had determined that a while these were spirit pattern. „Can this be inserts the place of key specially?” Bai Youyou said. This saying reminded Shen Xiang, his hastily has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, although Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is the square shape, since fused the a dragon soul, can with the Shen Xiang's regard change. He makes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade turn into the column shape, with that small hole is similar-sized, can just insert that's alright.

Has to try! If successful, that earth core really on has any thing to wait for me to take!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he somewhat is slightly excited. He turning into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of column shape inserts to 50% times, suddenly felt that a suction, sees only that small hole to overflow a ray, then presented hole of square shape in ground suddenly of his body side, that is a staircase, to the following staircase! This makes Shen Xiang excited, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also so, because they do not know what appearance earth core is, currently has the opportunity to have a look, moreover perhaps there has any thing to wait for Shen Xiang to take. Shen Xiang has pulled out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, goes down that staircase, but above also immediately closes, but Shen Xiang actually heard a beast roar to transmit, that was the Ancient Fire Beast roar, Ancient Fire Beast has been paying attention to the Shen Xiang's trend, seeing Shen Xiang to find such a road, was secretly excited. „After going to earth core, cuts off that tree, looked that this big lion also has anything to be good the Chinese zither.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted was saying that Ancient Fire Beast Earth Core Divine Fruit has been kept thinking about by her, but Ancient Fire Beast looked that does not look at one to her, this lets her very life Qi/angry. Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, walks along staircase, this is revolves to the following staircase, moreover deeply is very very deep, Long Xueyi investigated good a period of time, discovered that also has the thing to keep off under. This Netherworld Abyss has sufficed deeply, now must downward, Shen Xiang thought that should be away from that earth core not to be far in the end of this staircase. „Haven't you heard in earth core to have what?” Shen Xiang asked. Had only heard there is very hot, has very fierce flame.” Su Meiyao said that Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi hastily are also echoing. Shen Xiang dashed for ten days on that staircase, is, just has sliding door under.

Writes four large characters above the gate „the gate of earth core. Sees these four characters, Shen Xiang they are excited, because this startled determination, earth core behind this gate. Shen Xiang shoves open Stone Gate, the person who whole body a boiling hot aura heads on, making Shen Xiang this have Heavenly Sun Fire feels burningly painful, obviously this heat is how intense. His hastily releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, is protecting his body, this can resist that type of terrifying heat wave, he can affirm, even if Nirvana Realm martial artist, is hard to arrive at the deep place. The front also very long roads must walk, Shen Xiang cannot bear in the entrance now, in arrives is fiercer! Here is who constructs?” Shen Xiang has doubts, but nobody can reply him. Stone Gate has closed automatically, this inside temperature is more terrifying, Shen Xiang has the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor protection, a matter does not have. I do not dare to investigate with Divine Sense carelessly, this inside flame was too terrorist, my Divine Sense exits, immediately was burnt down!” Long Xueyi said panic-stricken. Will be burnt down including Divine Sense! This lets Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, after he does not dare to imagine oneself Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to disappear, he will be what kind of! passage is very black, Shen Xiang anything cannot see, but actually from flooding very terrifying scalding hot fire Qi, Shen Xiang is putting out an iron, that quick iron instantaneously was evaporated to disappear!

No wonder only then Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor can come to this place, even if Master that lunatic is unable to come here!” In the Shen Xiang sound is bringing panic-stricken, but Huang Jintian in Mortal Martial World is strongest. After walking for quite a while, front Shen Xiang suddenly sees to have one red, this lets rouse, steps out to walk forward, not long, that dot becomes more and more, dazzling red light shines from front, he guessed that quick can see earth core in that Legend. Shen Xiang went out of this passage, but the place that now he is on a cliff, red light spout from below, but here stone is not simple, is very tenacious, he uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to divide to chop cannot cut to fall simply. After all these stones can withstand the high temperature! It seems like earth core in also below!” Shen Xiang stands in fully that is on the red light cliff, looks at front, here has a very broad space, Extreme Martial Province so is at least big, moreover he also sees a bough very sturdy tree to extend from below, to above, passes through some rocks, that is Earth Core Divine Tree. It seems like you can only jump, otherwise cannot see earth core.” Su Meiyao said that although she said that but she actually does not think that Shen Xiang does, because following danger(ous) unknown. I can make my body float with magic power, slowly descends!” Shen Xiang looks that the following these explode red light that shoots, sets firm resolve, must have a look there to have anything. He knows not only absolutely he has arrived here, that person who before arrived , the cloth has gotten down one game intentionally, making him get down here to take anything thing! Shen Xiang jumped, he depends upon magic power to support the body float, slowly descends, this did not fear that to some thing in awfully, but under this is flooding dazzling red light in all directions, his anything cannot see, Divine Sense cannot release, a release that heat cancelling.