World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 472
Shen Xiang somewhat regrets now, this way he does not know when to the end, but now the temperature has sufficed scary. He can guarantee that has getting down of many Nirvana Realm, dies many, this place has Ancient Fire Beast this fellow to be able. „If no Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, like your Master this rank definitely does not dare, is stronger than your Master is not good! However in Legend mortal world earth core should so not be terrorist, does below have other what things?” Bai Youyou said. Under has Fire Spirit?” Su Meiyao said with amazement When color of different Fire Spirit that [say / way] previous Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er meet, is affecting a big place, if under has Fire Spirit, explained that Fire Spirit is very very strong! In Shen Xiang their cognition, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is emperor in Fire Spirit, moreover is quite rare, this is that Ancient Fire Beast gives Shen Xiang's. Besides Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, definitely also has fiercer Fire Spirit, the world is very big, has the innumerable world, no one said certainly!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang also extremely anticipated at this time, if also obtains together very fierce Fire Spirit under, then he gained in a big way. Sister Meiyao, if has Fire Spirit, I give to you!” Shen Xiang very natural saying, he had, if wants that again is impossible, moreover he does not want to attempt to fuse Fire Spirit that severe pain once more. After Su Meiyao hears , is very happy, said with a smile tenderly: I do not use now, I feared that I could not withstand dead! I believe, with your this brat, some are the opportunity obtains Fire Spirit, it is said Fire Spirit is intelligential, can lead the master to find other Fire Spirit, then the Fire Spirit devour enhancement!” Shen Xiang expressed admiration secretly: Mentioned, can I also fuse Fire Spirit again?” Theoretically yes, but I said the situation of hearing is fierce Fire Spirit devour is weak, Fire Spirit in this earth core should not be worse than Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, is at least impartial, therefore this was very difficult to say.”

Shen Xiang is being protected by Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor now, actually still feels that type to burn burns seeps his body unceasingly, making him somewhat worry, if the following temperature is high, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor perhaps cannot resist. More than double-hour passed by, the Shen Xiang whole body is the perspiration, he thought that he must dry out probably was the same, when he wants picks up the speed to descend, that scalding hot suddenly vanishes! This what's the matter?” Shen Xiang one startled, because his suddenly feels very cold beyond description, this type cold, although made him hit one to tremble, but made him feel that had a heat beyond description. Shen Xiang told Su Meiyao them his feeling. Bai Youyou said: This is Yin Fire! When things reach their extreme they turn back, it seems like that this earth core heat has exceeded the common sense limit, will therefore breed Yin Fire to come, if I have not guessed that wrong, that Fire Spirit should be Earthly Yin Fire Spirit!” Earthly Yin Fire Spirit? This is Fire Spirit that does not have, is not one crowd of old fellow compiles?” The Su Meiyao doubts said. Right, truly is the person compiles, but this is these wises infers with their wisdom, therefore this is exists in the theory! in other words, this Earthly Yin Fire Spirit and Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit are inborn one pair, can melt accommodatingly, but repels one another! With Yin and Yang Divine Veins such of your within the body, if can fuse Earthly Yin Fire Spirit......” Hears Bai Youyou's to speculate that the Shen Xiang cannot help but back sends coolly, the heart is jumping crazily, his suddenly feels one inexplicable fear, excited incomparable. If can fuse, that is the world fuses, Universe Fire Spirit! This absolutely is stronger than Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit.” Su Meiyao took a deep breath, slightly cannot help but excited, she and Bai Youyou already Shen Xiang this had the Yin and Yang Divine Veins anomaly, if under has place Yin Fire, then they can witness one to have the counter Celestial Beings thing birth of Universe Fire Spirit. Shen Xiang deeply has attracted several tones, was calmed down by oneself: „Does earth core of each world have Yin Fire?”

Should not have, otherwise this was also unworthy!” Su Meiyao said. The unusual heat makes Shen Xiang feel discomfort that could not say, at this moment, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit in his body became very hot tempered, probably must leave his body such. Heavenly Sun Fire of Shen Xiang within the body is critical situation like that this makes Shen Xiang more definite, together Earthly Yin Fire Spirit below! I saw!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm one, he truly saw that Earthly Yin Fire Spirit, that is one group of black Qi ball, spout many black Qi, these black Qi integrate in red light, turns into strange cold and hot, toward sends out in all directions. Shen Xiang has not seen that earth core, but actually first saw this Earthly Yin Fire Spirit, he also thinks Earthly Yin Fire Spirit near earth core. Why does not know, after Shen Xiang discovers this Earthly Yin Fire Spirit, first thought is rush over . Moreover the tyrannical consciousness of full brain, wishes one could that Earthly Yin Fire Spirit ten tenths smashing, he discovered quickly that his consciousness was affected by Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit of his within the body. But he also unconscious overrunning, then in not far away black Earthly Yin Fire Spirit is also so, flies to shoot toward Shen Xiang! „Doesn't his mother, give me setup time?” Shen Xiang had shouted, fuses Fire Spirit to be very painful, if two groups of Fire Spirit fights to fuse in his within the body, that. Was finished!” In the Shen Xiang heart Ai Hu, that group Yin Fire has hit his body, enters in his body, starts to proliferate in his body, seeps to his fleshly body and soul! „After” Earthly Yin Fire Spirit enters his body, like has the innumerable poisonous insects to gnaw to nip his fleshly body and soul like that but Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit have also sent out the conflict, the dogfight at the same time wants opposite party Devour.

All these were not Shen Xiang can control, he can only bear the pain that this type lived to might as well die especially, at this time his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor has taken back in his body, because that was also part of his body, must integrate. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou incomparable worry, after seeing Shen Xiang not to have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor has protected, two females both frighten the complexion to be pallid, but Shen Xiang had not been wiped to extinguish by that type immediately scalding hot, but crashes unceasingly downward. The quantity of heat on Shen Xiang erupting in temperature higher compared with earth core, this also played the role of protection. In this earth core space, is reverberating that rending neighing, because temperature unexpectedly also two violent Fire Spirit fusions become higher. Under Shen Xiang that crashes unceasingly, suddenly sees to have huge Fireball, probably is such that the rock magma mix becomes. „Is this earth core?” Shen Xiang bears the pain also panic-stricken incomparable, because he is unable to control his body whereabouts now, but he must fall into that terror in immediately Fireball.