World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 473
Cannot allow Shen Xiang to think that he has crashed into that huge Fireball, incomparable scalding hot seeps to his body in immediately, making him feel that one must melt probably was the same. But makes him feel what is joyful, although is very painful, but his body well, because that the quantity of heat of when his within the body Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit fusion, sending out is hotter than earth core! Shen Xiang can only clench teeth to endure at this time, he thought that if, can grasp this type of so fierce flame, that fiercely? Is hotter than earth core! Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, while the present!” Su Meiyao shouted. Shen Xiang's consciousness also, but he is actually unable to use True Qi in within the body now, is unable to make True Qi operate according to Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique above chant, for all that but he unceasingly is actually attempting. Now he in earth core, looks like in a very giant furnace, the incomparably scalding hot flame is devastating his body crazily, making him feel the boundless ache, if not his spirit is formidable enough, he already fainted, but in this case is absolutely cannot faint now. However, now without doubt is one cultivates the Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique good opportunity, so long as he can get through this difficult time, he believes that his strength will promote a big truncation. In suffering of this severe pain, his spirit also fully suffered to discipline, his Divine Soul has been quenchinged similarly! Shen Xiang knows, if his body by that two world Yin-Yang Fire Spirit controls, he surely does not have what good end again finally, perhaps will be tortured to death, then at the two Fire Spirit battles of his within the body with raw hate, Shen Xiang cannot make him continue again. You are my!” In Shen Xiang heart one ruthless, his magic power suddenly wells up crazily, pasts in his fleshly body, leads these True Qi to operate in within the body according to Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique chant, while exercising martial arts, he makes these magic power suppress that two Fire Spirit, but that two Fire Spirit integrated each cell of his body, therefore he needs to consume very many magic power. Shen Xiang already knows that the magic power use is very broad, was only a pity that now his magic power is insufficient, used all of a sudden similarly, he must be used to suppress these two tyrannical battles at the same time Fire Spirit, simultaneously must lead True Qi to past in within the body.

When his magic power must exhaust, his Sea of Consciousness that ten -year-old villain fierce opening eyes of, this villain is Shen Xiang's Divine Soul, when with his youngster exactly the same, from baby adolescence to the present, now or adolescence stage. After the villain opens the eye, magic power suddenly has upwelled with that young person, making Shen Xiang immediately pleasantly surprised, he stimulates to movement magic power that wells up continuously hastily, is used to exercise martial arts, simultaneously makes that two Fire Spirit fuse. After having sufficient magic power, Shen Xiang thought that now was better, but the body still ache is incomparable, now he just can control body inside situation, oppresses that two Fire Spirit to fuse together. Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique is divine art, quenchings fleshly body in a very violent way, making fleshly body of person expand fast, now Shen Xiang obviously felt that fleshly body is strengthening. Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, cultivates the Divine Soul good time now.” Long Xueyi shouted. After Shen Xiang was worried about revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, will make magic power that continually wells up by far vanish, but Long Xueyi, since said that definitely will not be affected, he transports the merit immediately. Two divine art, body cultivation, cultivates Divine Soul, complements one another, the effect is better. Now Shen Xiang felt that the time passes very slowly, because he continuously in boundless severe pain. Xueyi, why his does magic power meet suddenly to have these many?” The Su Meiyao doubts asked that she and Bai Youyou continuously in the idea Shen Xiang's situation, Shen Xiang in the situation has stabilized, making them feel relieved. Does not know that his luck so is why good, such with ease comprehended magic power to be boundless this Realm, generally was when his urgently needed magic power, will appear, few people can achieve in Divine Dao.” Long Xueyi said.

Illuminates his present speed, he at least takes one month to make world Fire Spirit fuse together.” Bai Youyou said. The progress that Shen Xiang he also very much clearly fuses is slow, thinks one must on dull very be here long, he cannot help but roared...... In earth core, is flooding that rending pitiful yell all day, but one month later, sound suddenly has anchored, earth core restores once more peacefully. But after the short peace, is a laughing wildly sound proudly sends, sees only in earth core that huge Fireball suddenly spout together the column of flame, Shen Xiang in earth core flew, also has pair of huge fire wings in his back! Shen Xiang made that two Fire Spirit fuse, Fire Spirit of his within the body became Universe Fire Spirit, but seemed like same as the ordinary flame, but his flame actually compared with before many times! Ha Ha...... Universe Fire Spirit, the Holy Light Church bastard, father came!” The Shen Xiang whole body braves the flame, the flutter that to powerful Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flies to rush. Good good, Divine Soul cultivated the 18-year-old appearance, Immortal Devil Body was also 18th Stage, very even.” The Long Xueyi praise said. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou secretly are happy, the Shen Xiang's flame became stronger, will have very big help to his next alchemy. After Divine Soul and fleshly body have promoted many, Shen Xiang thought own strength. The road that Shen Xiang defers to returned, arrived in that abyss following passage, ran swiftly in Ancient Fire Beast that direction.

After Ancient Fire Beast sees Shen Xiang, exuded one to roar: Has not thought that your this brat can arrive at earth core, with is the same, really had Earthly Yin Fire Spirit together in earth core there that this Seat thinks, convenient you!” Hehe, this is also lucky your direction.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Your present Fire Spirit should be in Fire Spirit quite strong, had certainly you are stronger, your other haughty is too early! Remembers that fulfills your agreement, this Seat will wait here your.” Ancient Fire Beast said Shen Xiang went out of the cave, has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, determines the good target point, opened Space Gate! Enters Space Gate, he arrives at that island, this unmanned island approaches that vortex very much, but now that vortex has closed. It seems like must multi- and other days!” Shen Xiang somewhat could not repress, he is worried about that three Holy Light Church martial artist not there. In two days, almost must open, did you go in Heaven's Crown Gate again cannot? You must go in ahead of time, because many people were waiting for now the vortex opens, then comes in!” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang remembered at this time, Long Xueyi has let out the White Tiger Mysterious Realm news, Chenwu Mainland above Big Shot knew that here has Mysterious Realm, can definitely come. Moreover now almost passed for two months, perhaps other continent's people will come, must know that Mysterious Realm is equal to the treasure house is the same, in this resources deficient time, has huge attraction to each sect.