World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 474
Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, making Long Xueyi investigate the position of that seabed islands, he must go in now quietly that islands, to his fight massacres that three Holy Light Church martial artist. He guessed that three people definitely are still waiting for there, even if the big vortex does not appear, they can also below waiting, Mysterious Realm open immediately, they can also going in inside. Shen Xiang guessed that Mysterious Realm, once closed, inside person must come out, will otherwise have danger(ous), otherwise his previous time went will not see three Holy Light Church to there outside to wait. In the Holy Light Church three fellows, the old man is quite fierce! Therefore you should better kill that two middle age first quietly.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, the fierce person is very difficult to sneak attack, now he was only fleshly body and Divine Soul has promoted, True Qi not, therefore faced the fierce that old man, he was many pressures. Naturally, he also has the final dependence, is to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, Long Xueyi now is any cultivation base he is not clear, compared with his that's it. After Space Gate opens, Shen Xiang displays 72 Transformations, becomes together the stone of head size, then flies into Space Gate, appears in that seabed islands again, although here is very smooth, but many stones, suddenly will be many to come some people not to discover together. Although Shen Xiang turns into the stone, but he can actually make itself float using magic power, then moves slowly. This seabed islands were being covered by powerful formations, cannot come from outside, is hard to exit from inside, to pass and out, can only through that big vortex, but the big vortex fixed time opens, moreover comes in also to catch up each time before that strength wells up. Under the dim deep sea islands, Shen Xiang actually looks clearly, his present Divine Sense was more formidable, was quick he to discover that attacked his three Holy Light Church martial artist. These fellow unexpectedly have not additionally appointed manpower, they think that my wound is very long can restore?” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly funny, his wound in that earth core on recover completely. Holy Light Church three martial artist separate in three positions, among the distances is very near, once some people get down, they can attack the past with the quickest speed from three directions.

Three people sit cross-legged to sit in meditation, although is cultivating likely, but can actually see them frequently on the alert, but they do not think absolutely now some people will come, moreover turns into a stone to approach them quietly. Shen Xiang previous time was too negligent, will be collaborated to injure by these three people, second time he will not let such matter occurrence absolutely again. Here Spirit Qi is very rich! What resources does not know in that White Tiger Mysterious Realm to have, unexpectedly can make Holy Light Church accept the Free Immortal Sea condition, now was good, this White Tiger Mysterious Realm matter exposed, how having a look at them to deal.” In the Shen Xiang heart chuckles to oneself secretly, Long Xueyi actually looked at the islands of distant place with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration a moment ago, many people gathered there. Shen Xiang more secret, was turned into a smaller stone by oneself, only then walnut general size, moreover moves time is slow, if not Divine Sense is very strong, is difficult to discover his, but he is some worries. „The words that approaches again, this fellow will possibly discover me!” Shen Xiang discovered that middle-aged suddenly has opened the eye, looked. Shen Xiang had already experienced these three people of strengths, they are truly strong, especially that is old man of head, the strength in the Spirit Martial Realm peak. „, When the big vortex opens, when the time comes will have not the small sound, when you can while that tyrannical Spirit Qi wells up the rapid traverse.” Long Xueyi said. Tyrannical Spirit Qi wells up, will produce an air wave, when the time comes truly very convenient Shen Xiang moves, just when the time comes words, these were waiting for outside expert will also come. Therefore his time is very tight, he wants, when the big vortex appears, before these expert come, kills these three people entirely. Shen Xiang waited for four days of this, this seabed islands suddenly violent sways, Shen Xiang also took advantage that this uses magic power to make itself float, toward that middle-aged person migration in the past. After the island sways, presented circular big hole above the center, this means that big vortex will soon open, will appear in the sea level, devour all around Spirit Qi, opens the White Tiger Mysterious Realm front door.

Shen Xiang arrived at that middle-aged martial artist now, he is a common stone, moreover is restraining the aura, the middle-aged person will not discover him. If Shen Xiang does not know that has 72 Transformations this fierce Divine Ability, definitely can also not believe that some people can turn into a small stone. The middle-aged person opened to see above that hole, then closed the eye. Shen Xiang turns into a rectangular quietly the stone, stone above suddenly reveals two eyes! The sneak attack best way, uses Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, passes through the strategic point of enemy directly, especially in enemy any situation of protection, is not easiest to go well. Death, bastard!” On stone that eye suddenly projects two light red light, the heart of investment that middle-aged person, the penetration head, enters of head saying that together red light also has one to fill ruinous magic power, destroys that middle-aged person's consciousness! Instantaneous, this Spirit Martial Realm martial artist quietly died, looks like he actually still closes one's eyes there is sitting in meditation. Shen Xiang naturally must destroy the corpse and leave no trace, but now is not good, therefore his quietly pours into in within the body of this middle-aged person the flame flame together, but this flame is docile, under his control, a temperature does not have, so long as his intention moves, can burn the ash this corpse instantaneously. After going well with ease, Shen Xiang that middle-aged person migration to distant place in the past! Shen Xiang thought one can become the King in assassination, but he must keep secret to oneself this ability. Several double-hour pass by, first wave of tyrannical Spirit Qi that vortex devour arrives at has welled up, starts strong winds, Shen Xiang also took advantage the ground dust flies upwards, another middle-aged migration toward distant place in the past.

Peak Realm unusual treasure of martial artist to each sect, especially is quite young , and has the potential, these three Peak Realm was sent this place, obviously they the status in Holy Light Church are not low, by words that Shen Xiang destroys completely, Holy Light Church definitely grievedly. Shen Xiang and previous such, arrives at that middle-aged martial artist behind, all motions and were consistent a moment ago, did this cultivation base compared with him do many Spirit Martial Realm martial artist very much with ease. As another tyrannical Spirit Qi wells up, Shen Xiang takes advantage of somebody's authority arrives at that old man! But he at heart lacks self-confidence now, because this Holy Light Church old man compares that two middle age to be fierce. After being ready, turns into the stone Shen Xiang to release two red light, this is that Penetrating Heart Devil Eye. Must go well shortly, that old man suddenly presented light golden light, unexpectedly has blocked devil light that Penetrating Heart Devil Eye has released. That old man fierce has turned head, the speed is extremely fast, immediately saw that stone above eye, he remembers that this eye, that is Shen Xiang's! This lets in that old man heart panic-stricken incomparable, Shen Xiang's eye unexpectedly can long on the stone, moreover mixes him behind to sneak attack him! old man one startled, put out a hand to grasp fiercely, above such as the hawk common hand grasped is bringing very strong True Qi, when he grasped, that stone actually suddenly exploded, Shen Xiang appears in him at present.