World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 476
The angry flame of Shen Xiang combustion transfers wild strength, making his strength from top to bottom seethe with excitement because of angry, the old man cannot make the Shen Xiang's arrogance grow, as soon as he shakes the long sword, True Qi braves to leap up on the long sword, one step treads, is similar to the light grazes general, the speed is peerless, the sword refers to Shen Xiang, puts on the crack in the air, swings the intermittent sonic bang. This sword certainly quick incomparable, although Shen Xiang watches, but does not have the action, instead is throws out the chest to welcome, fast turn-around within the body that vigorous True Qi, forms fierce Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover. The old man remembered previous time them simultaneously the sword to puncture the Shen Xiang's time at this time, the Shen Xiang body has one set of very fierce protective armor, he thinks of this, is regretting secretly, because he punctures now to the Shen Xiang's chest . Moreover the speed is quick, transformed the position without enough time. Old man's sword not only quick, but also fierce, has passed through Shen Xiang that fierce Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, the straight thrust Shen Xiang's Chest, but after sword tip moves the Shen Xiang's clothes, is hard to reenter the half minute, but after wild True Qi that on sword tip transmits enters Shen Xiang within the body, went by Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art. Snort!” Shen Xiang angry coldly snorted, in the hand the sharp knife flies to cut, is dragging the long blade shade, explodes dodges the anger crazy thunder, knife above is pouring into Universe Fire. The old man so approaches Shen Xiang at this time, moreover just had displayed the crazy fierce sword, he has not recovered, Shen Xiang that wild sharp knife has cut to fall, he clenches teeth, fights with the fists, fist above True Qi four raise, wants to block the Shen Xiang's blade by this. However, Shen Xiang's blade technique is very flexible, a blade edge revolution, in the instance of that electric light spark, the change direction, avoids the fist that impact comes slightly, falls on old man's shoulder, cut to fall an old man's arm. Angry Dragon Cut that Shen Xiang displays, the might is out of the ordinary, that is under the anger, collection strength on knife, a blade of leaving no ground. A blade cut to fall old man's arm, tied tight the old man of body, broke the blood on arm is similar to the spout general wells up crazily, this made True Qi of his within the body release along with the it pouring class, Yuan Qi damaged severely, Shen Xiang seized the opportunity, flew a foot, the sudden and violent thunder crack, the angry flame was steaming, leapt up fiercely on old man's dantian.

When old man's abdomen was kicked, Shen Xiang under foot condense vigorous True Qi explodes immediately, sends out one bang the explosive, explodes the old man to spit blood to fly upside down. Shen Xiang receives good Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, pursues along with the old man of that flying upside down, his Mr. detain wrist|skill, holds on him, wipes out his long sword, then the quick palm explodes the fist continuous transformation, the violent storm common bang hits on the old man, Shen Xiang cannot make this old man such quickly die, he must leave behind this old man's corpse, making Holy Light Church have a look to cope with his fate. On the Shen Xiang fist is bringing steaming Universe Fire, Universe Fire with the vigorous Universe True Qi support, appears wilder, every fights with the fists on old man's body, will erupt a dazzling flame, meanwhile the violent lightning hit, each fist each palm one after another is making, the thunderclap is billowing, deafening. Holy Light Church? The father sooner or later a day must ruin your cults!” The old man had not died, his dantian has disrupted, he now is sober, but he keeps is withstanding Shen Xiang that wild attack, that severe pain one after another proliferation in his body, one after another, making him be in deep sorrow, but in the heart actually full is frightened and desperate. suddenly, many huge aura raid, including several are Shen Xiang is strange, moreover is very strong, these above waited for that long time expert got down finally. A group of people attack fast from that hole, is all Big Shot Dean, hundred people, they get down, felt that here sprints one type to fill the destruction and angry scalding hot strength, then they saw the Shen Xiang's form quickly! Shen Xiang's right half-length is burning a very terrifying flame, is using a very wild fist palm, the violent is punching breaking arm old man of whole body blood.

This must kill my price.” Shen Xiang felt that batch of expert get down, explodes roars, in the flame on fist suddenly presents a glittering white light, the earth trembles crazily, this is he uses the Dragon Force indication! Shen Xiang no longer keeps the hand, exhausts strength, fist above fulls floaded operation Dragon Force, to a that old man's head fist to hitting! Then, bloody appears in the people eyes, after seeing only that old man's head Shen Xiang's explodes fights with the fists, like the watermelon explodes to crush. Shen Xiang whole body murderous aura fills the air, flame combustion, method savage, his wild side lets in these Nirvana Realm hearts the fear, because such person, once is formidable, that is very terrifying! But that Holy Light Church founder Qin Zejun has also grazed, but Gu Dongchen actually catches up before his body, keeps off in front of Shen Xiang! Gu Dongchen...... do not block me, I must massacre Shen Xiang today!” The Qin Zejun facial features distortion, in the vision full is killing intent, murderous aura four wells up, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang. Wang Quan, Xiao Ziliang and other Big Shot have a relish look that they were once are enraged by Shen Xiang, but actually cannot the fight person, most Nirvana Realm hearts on the scene quite be surprised, because was Shen Xiang does this matter, moreover can come here compared with them first. Shen Xiang sees Gu Dongchen to arrive, angry flame is still burning, his foot shoulders the under foot that old man's body, such as the old man of mud kicks that whole body to Qin Zejun, making that full is the blood, but the fierce corpse smears Qin Zejun golden robe! The people see, cannot help but frowned, in heart exclaims in surprise!

Rampant! Young, the strength is also only Peak Realm so rampant provocation Xiong dominates Eastern Sea Qin Zejun, this simply behavior not awfully. The Shen Xiang body shakes, that frigid murderous aura that fills slightly is sprinting immediately under this seabed islands, this makes Liu Meng'er look without doubt tightens the delicate eyebrows, Shen Xiang this in flagrant provocative Qin Zejun, does not pay attention to Qin Zejun. The Qin Zejun whole body shivers, on the blue vein on double fist and face is fierce, the muscle on face twitches crazily, incomparably looks at Shen Xiang angrily. In the Gu Dongchen heart is criticizing Shen Xiang, unexpectedly one after another provocation Qin Zejun, this clarifies is being depends him not to fear here! My early two months arrived here, but were ambushed here three fellows to make into the severe wound at that time, were almost massacred by them! After I run away, disseminates this Mysterious Realm matter, I was only injure to come back to revenge.” Shen Xiang coldly said. This news is Shen Xiang disseminates unexpectedly, this makes in the Xiao Ziliang heart secretly angry, he had already thought that but other Dean Big Shot were thanking Shen Xiang, they the matter that can the powerful rise from the Free Immortal Sea short time comes, that Mysterious Realm inside resources were rich, but this Mysterious Realm not by the Free Immortal Sea complete control, therefore Free Immortal Sea cannot possess, everyone had the authority to go. Xiao Ziliang and Qin Zejun think that this Mysterious Realm must be carved up by over a hundred influences, in the heart hates darkly incomparably, Xiao Ziliang in anger has arrived at Qin Zejun behind, at this time is blindly can see that Xiao Ziliang joined up with Holy Light Church.