World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 477
Gu Dongchen sees Xiao Ziliang and Qin Zejun stands together, said with a sneer: „Can you come together? I do not fear you! Although said before three realms great war approaches I do not want the internal strife, but if there is a potential threat to be disadvantageous to my Extreme Martial Sect, I can leave no ground extinguishing will kill, in three realms great war approaches is plotted by these fellows!” Xiao Ziliang crossed the Nirvana seven tribulations, Gu Dongchen is very relaxed can defeat him, although Qin Zejun also crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, but hit with Gu Dongchen, at most was only both have equal share. At that time, Qin Zejun lorded over Eastern Sea, at this time the Nirvana Realm Big Shot comparison that came from Eastern Sea, must has the conflict, here will definitely erupt the Tsunami, finally that ramble islands definitely will be submerged. Lian Yingxiao smiles is playing with the folding fan in hand, looks to Liu Meng'er, said with a smile: „Don't you help?” Sees Lian Yingxiao that look, in the Liu Meng'er heart secret one startled, she thought that Lian Yingxiao saw her and Shen Xiang's relationship probably, but her actually coldly said: This brat Master goes crazy, entire Eastern Sea will be raised, having no need for me helping!” Liu Meng'er enhances the sound intentionally, lets Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang hears! The Huang Jintian's strength is immeasurably deep, although crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations to increase now, but Huang Jintian's actually still does not reduce, now Huang Jintian can still be known as Mortal Martial World first expert! In the surface Huang Jintian was closed in forbidden land, but he can come out when necessary! „Those words, your people can kill Shen Xiang, he can also kill your people, this is among them grievances, we cannot meddle! Your strength compared with Shen Xiang these many, your well meaning to his fight? Has the custom in Mortal Martial World!” Gu Dongchen said that one dozen two, or more than one dozen of he did not fear, he can become Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, his Master is a transcend character, the strength naturally is not also simple, Shen Xiang now has not seen Gu Dongchen to put out he strongest strength. Shen Xiang is taking a fast look around not far away that audiences expert, sees several person who wears fiery red soft armor to take care, is very conspicuous, seems resembles their clothes to be the same in glittering red light. But these person facial expressions fainily have looked that probably does not care about such. Really made clothing that one fondly remembered! Has not thought that the Fire God Palace's person still wears this type of idiot same clothes.” The Su Meiyao's sigh has filled great changes, obviously she and Bai Youyou are also the characters of old antique rank.

Fire God Palace arrived at Mortal Martial World! Shen Xiang their beforehand speculations already ** did not leave ten, what does Fire God Palace come Mortal Martial World to make? At this time, Fire God Palace's middle age indifferently said: Among juniors grievances, the elders truly should not meddle!” Hears this Fire God Palace middle age the words, Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang unexpectedly draws back immediately, this lets Shen Xiang surprisedly, he could see that the Fire God Palace's person very much has the component in these Big Shot eyes. Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that this Fire God Palace comes here reason, wants to rule entire Mortal Martial World? If that was true, once Fire God Palace expands, in Mortal Martial World all people must according to their do, moreover they want to be how what kind. This is one plunders others Fire Spirit influence specially, Shen Xiang does not have what favorable impression to this Fire God Palace! This is the Mortal Martial World strongest young people, Shen Xiang?” Fire God Palace has delicate features, the surface such as the jade pendant adorning a hat handsome youth walks toward Shen Xiang. Right, has what advice?” Shen Xiang sees opposite party that arrogant stance, in the heart secretly not to be feeling well. Palace Master said a moment ago, this is the matter between juniors, now I want the justice for these two Senior!” Fire God Palace's youth indifferently said. Shen Xiang could see that crowd of expert and Fire God Palace crosses the contact, moreover Fire God Palace definitely also had demonstrated their formidable strengths, making these expert dread them, expert that at this time these surround sees the Fire God Palace's young people to challenge Shen Xiang, in the heart secretly is happy. The Mysterious Realm gate has not opened, having a look at the junior to get one not to have anything, moreover Shen Xiang and Fire God Palace's showdown.

You why? Do I know you? Are three people who you and that died what relationship? Is they must kill me in first, I ask them to revenge am also only perfectly justified.” Shen Xiang cutting said that in the expression disdains completely, this Fire God Palace's youth puts on airs, making him little dislike. Fire God Palace that middle age Palace Master a brow slightly wrinkle, but thinks that Shen Xiang does not know their Fire God Palace's strength, has not thought anything, young people proud and arrogant is also very normal, especially can mix the person of first given name in entire Mortal Martial World. However, knows very well the Shen Xiang's person, knows that he absolutely is not an arrogant person, moreover his strength is truly strong, arrogant the person before him often must suffer a loss. Shen Xiang does not want to hit now again, because on him has Universe Fire Spirit, was looked by the Fire God Palace's person troubled. Snort, it seems like you are also mediocre, I Palace Master was travelling for pleasure dozens world with whom, is bigger than this Mortal Martial World, the strength strong world I have also seen much, in these world was known as that the first young expert person is the mouth is also hard, finally hadn't stepped on by me in the under foot?” Fire God Palace's youth said with a sneer. Hears this youth to mention itself to travel dozens world, these Nirvana Realm expert once more changed countenance, they have travelled at most also for pleasure dozens continent, this youth is actually the world! Oh! Shen Xiang was also only lightly complies with one, unexpectedly thought otherwise, he had Heaven's Crown Gate, if he competent, later, whose let alone the Fire God Palace's youth went with Fire God Palace, could not be regarded own skill, was only the life is quite good. The youth sees these expert after the look that he throws to envy, in heart vast haughty, but Shen Xiang that faint response, makes him feel annoyed. Shen Xiang is not installs, but is itself does not treat as a matter this. It seems like your excellency is first under heaven young expert, has not dared to contend in martial arts with you below, in order to avoid the poor life does not guarantee! I looked that on this day under any world nobody can defeat your excellency, your excellency soon transcend will go to Heaven World.” Shen Xiang taunted said.

The Shen Xiang's meaning is to tell him, cannot the transcend person, not have what to be good to show off, this also lets expert some once more awkwardly, because many people suppress their cultivation base, does not dare to promote, in order to avoid brings in Nirvana Tribulation. Although also refuses stubbornly such as to live evilly, but sometimes lived aggrievedly is not the matter of feeling better! Shen Xiang, it seems like you are also the despicable shameless villain, you contend in martial arts can win, I looked that has used some evil and cruel sinister trick!” The youth gets angry slightly, loud voice said. Shen Xiang frowned, vision glittering killing intent, is looking to that youth: Goes to your younger sister!” Saying, his fist has hit, like the lightning, above is binding light white fog quickly, the straight bang on the cheeks of that youth, was fulled floaded operation the fist of Dragon Force to hit, the youth who that has not guarded against flew immediately, in the mouth even/including Xuedai the tooth spout, unexpectedly had wiped out many teeth by a fist! Dragon Force, who dares to fight?