World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 478
A Shen Xiang this sudden fist makes the people look scared, but Fire God Palace's that several middle-aged people frowned, micro dew scowl, was hit the youth who flies by Shen Xiang, is in a towering rage. Now you saw, I truly was a despicable shameless villain!” Shen Xiang puts out a cloth, has scratched the fist, then throws that cloth in the ground, but also bah: Now you and I have the bitter hatred, you challenged my words, I will accept.” That how many Fire God Palace's middle age are angry, wished one could a palm to pat in the past Shen Xiang, but they had said a moment ago, this was the matter of junior, their these elders cannot fight, if fight, they aren't hit their face? This makes Gu Dongchen and the others look secretly funnily, the Fire God Palace's person is to lift the stone now pounds own foot, Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang also secretly anticipated that Shen Xiang beats savagely that Fire God Palace's youth, such one, Fire God Palace will hate Shen Xiang, so long as when the time comes has the common enemy, can haul among them relationship. Shen Xiang that fist is very heavy, that is he Dragon Force condense on the fist, eruption clashes the fist intensely . Moreover the speed is quick! The youth fair face was hit the swelling up same place by Shen Xiang, he falls later to jump in the place, was roaring to Shen Xiang: Shen Xiang, I must with your irreconcilable!” Isn't the life and death struggle? Has to plant!” Shen Xiang said at will that like this young frivolous person, he sees at present, moreover he makes this fellow suffer loss, even some were also killed by him. I called Tie Langhao, you may probably remember, so as to avoid saw the yama......” Isn't life and death struggle? Bullshit how these many?” Shen Xiang does not break him patiently, said: You told me your name to be also useless, by I have killed the fellow, quick by me will forget, died the person in my hands, did not match to make me remember his name!” The Tie Langhao original manuscript thinks one sufficed crazily, but Shen Xiang was extremely arrogant than him, this let him is angry incomparable, saw several Bai Ya in ground that beach blood, his fist gripped tightly, in the heart hated to drop the blood. First time some people can wipe out his tooth, although has not made him receive any severe wound, but makes the image of his handsome man destroy completely, this is the matter that Tie Langhao is unable to endure!

Shen Xiang! I will remember forever your!” Tie Langhao roars, walked toward Shen Xiang slowly, every time treads one step, under foot condense is burning hot True Qi, stayed behind in the ground has braved the heat footprint. The Fire God Palace's person with the fire, Shen Xiang now has certainly compared with Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit fiercer Universe Fire Spirit, cultivates the flame martial artist, at is not his match! Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not use politely, actually you should thank me not to wipe out your front tooth, otherwise you will die ugly!” This wild provocation, Liu Meng'er also slightly frowned, naturally she knows that Shen Xiang enrages that Tie Langhao intentionally, but this will cause Fire God Palace's to be hostile, she fully realized that Fire God Palace's is fierce! Death!” Tie Langhao completely had really been enraged, eyes sub- unexpectedly braves the flame, the forehead above full is the blue vein, wished one could to accept uncritically Shen Xiang. Along with Tie Langhao a loud exploding roar, he disappears in Shen Xiang in vain at present, together in pā lā crack suddenly transmits, Shen Xiang only felt that behind transmits one to burn the hot air wave, this Tie Langhao at the extremely high speed, arrives at Shen Xiang fast behind, then initiates a crazy fierce hot fist. Shen Xiang True Qi sinks, pours into both legs, wells up the sole, sees only the ground to tremble, his both feet falls into the ground, steady standing there, at the same time, a giant flame fist appears suddenly, hits to Shen Xiang's! Snort!” Shen Xiang has not moved aside, is only stuffy snort|hum one, does not make any resisting, since makes his fleshly body receive that fierce hot fist. Back of hot fist fierce hit Shen Xiang's, has a fierce explosion, the steaming flame explodes to well up, ascends one group of giant mushroom-shaped flames, covers Shen Xiang, but after a Tie Langhao fist goes well, the hastily arrow step flies to leap up the distant place, sneers wear a look of looks at Shen Xiang. The flame is burning crazily, the scalding hot aura covers under this seabed islands, but the Shen Xiang's aura actually completely vanished, Fire God Palace's several middle age see on these expert faces that surprised facial expression, the attack to Tie Langhao are very satisfactory.

Good fierce flame, this how many fire can Spiritual Vein achieve?” old man exclaims. Has two Divine Veins to be inadequate?” Another middle age said. „......” The Tie Langhao flame and speed make these expert acclaim, because Tie Langhao was also one just entered Spirit Martial Realm young martial artist, had this degree to be truly fierce. Liu Meng'er low mumble said: Can produce this type of flame, he should have Fire Spirit!” She is here only female, but her beautiful sound is also very of pleasant to hear, quick passed to near the ears of many people, hearing is the flame in Legend, the people are the exclamation again and again. Worthily with hot expert, good eye!” A Fire God Palace's middle age said that looks at the Liu Meng'er's look fully is fiery, like Liu Meng'er this grade of female, is many objects of expert pursue, but the Liu Meng'er's matter everyone is clear, and strength is immeasurably deep! Do not be happy too soon!” Liu Meng'er coldly said. Covers after there flame dispersing, the people saw having hair dishevelled Shen Xiang to stand there, Shen Xiang upper body **, somewhat burned black, but coordinated the muscle of his vigorous and healthy perfect, has increased several points of charm to him. Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly: Mediocre!”

18th Stage Immortal Devil Body, his within the body has Universe Fire Spirit in addition, he can open access in earth core, flame that let alone this trivial humanity releases? Also gives him the pruritus! Now the people understand why they cannot induce the Shen Xiang's aura, because Shen Xiang had not used True Qi to resist a moment ago, what does this mean? Means that Shen Xiang withstands the flame that Tie Langhao that is proud with fleshly body! To Liu Meng'er and in the Gu Dongchen of heart Shen Xiang very understanding is also surprised incomparable, they know that Shen Xiang's fleshly body stepped a stair, they were only very curious, was Shen Xiang body cultivation? But Liu Meng'er actually immediately thinks of that Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, she has looked at this divine art, can expand fleshly body in a short time, the pain of but bearing is not the average person can endure! Liu Meng'er had built up Shen Xiang's fleshly body with the molten iron fever, thinks of this, her heart pulls out slightly is being painful, because she knows that Shen Xiang experienced inhuman suffering to have this and other surely fierce fleshly body! Fire God Palace's several middle age look serious, they know that now Shen Xiang is so wild has the qualification, they have gone to many world, but Shen Xiang this rarely seen first time sees. Tie Langhao deeps frown, the double fist grasps very nearly, Shen Xiang only uses he not weak fist of fleshly body under on shouldering, such explained that his attack is not effective to Shen Xiang! But the Shen Xiang's attack, can actually let his being cut off tooth.