World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 479
Tie Langhao does not believe in evil doctrines, moves sideways, arrives in front of Shen Xiang, to Shen Xiang is being a fist, a very giant hot fist such as with the volcanic eruption, suddenly wells up, the bang hits on Shen Xiang. Bang, Shen Xiang was being covered by big group fierce flame again. Tie Langhao that fist used most True Qi, he was satisfied to this fist, especially felt that type made his proud incomparably burns the heat breath, he knew a moment ago the might of his fist in a big way! If Tie Langhao or is other attribute True Qi attacks the Shen Xiang's words with lightning attribute True Qi, perhaps Shen Xiang such with ease has not resisted with fleshly body, but the flame is Shen Xiang most does not fear, he has and fierce Universe Fire Spirit, how fierce flame could not burn again he, all over the world, strongest flame in earth core there! Shen Xiang in does not depend upon Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to be able in earth core to take a walk at will, let alone at present this trivial flame. Even if the flame that Nirvana Realm martial artist releases, is unable to fire him, naturally, if martial skill is fierce, understood that transforms Fire True Qi as strong strength, has certain threat to him. Shen Xiang walks from the flaming raging fire, on his face hangs is wiping very cool sneering, is gripping tightly the double fist. Sees Shen Xiang also to be able safe and sound walks, Tie Langhao immediately newborn fear, he such strong strikes, is unable to cause the damage to Shen Xiang, he suspected that Shen Xiang enters to the Peak Realm second stage, Soul Martial Realm! Was one's turn me!” Shen Xiang laughs, the personal appearance like the wind, flew to dodge, covered entirely the fist of Dragon Force to turn into huge white tiger head, braved steaming fierce murderous aura.

When Shen Xiang grazes, double fist pounds fiercely, covering that the fist light dances in the air, erupts murderous aura that blots out the sky to live in Tie Langhao. The Tie Langhao speed and response are quick, but he just jumped, fiercely is entrained by water vine that Shen Xiang releases, after falling to the ground, the fist of Shen Xiang that violent storm is similar to the innumerable raindrop common bang hits on him, each fist through the white Tiger King fist that Dragon Force releases, twinkling dozens fists, like the thunder, smuggle death Qi sincerely, frustrates the bone eclipse meat, eliminates to live the Yuan! The short several breath, the Tie Langhao complexion becomes pallid, sends out sad and shrill whinning, skeleton cuns (2.5cm) rupturing in within the body, the dantian early to be destroyed by that wild Dragon Force, Shen Xiang use Dragon Force not awfully, greeting of fist fist on the forehead, abdomen and chest Tie Langhao, in the body of Tie Langhao, the five main internal organs (entrails) already broke to pieces now, the physique muscle was not only damaged seriously, the life elementary force in within the body was also being corroded by that strong murderous aura. Stop!” Fire God Palace's Palace Master could not tolerate, bellows, wields the sleeve to release crazy fierce Qi Energy, passes toward Shen Xiang Biao Fei! His suddenly getting rid unexpected, Gu Dongchen has grazed to prevent, but that Palace Master gets rid too quickly, invisible Qi Energy that releases such as the blade circles in flight generally, cuts to the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck. Sees this Palace Master to get rid so savage, Shen Xiang wildly with rage, explodes roars, that White Dragon on his left arm explodes immediately dodges the white light, he to powerful Qi Energy that is circling in flight is a fist, the fist crazy dragon generally howls, pounds fiercely toward Qi Energy that circles in flight. Bang an explosive, in the Shen Xiang mouth sprays blood arrow, ground split open, invisible qi wave sweeps across eight sides together, all around stone becomes the powder by that intense qi wave crush. Shen Xiang unexpectedly kept off that Palace Master struck, that Palace Master slightly one startled, the diving posture, has plundered, but Gu Dongchen suddenly appeared in front of this Palace Master. In this time, Shen Xiang that mark the arm of White Dragon is being one explodes dodges, Long Xueyi her strength transformation is Dragon Force, continuous pours into the Shen Xiang's arm, lends Shen Xiang strength!

What Long Xueyi currently uses is very pure Dragon Force, but she has to attach on Shen Xiang's, this strength makes Shen Xiang think that is he, feels Long Xueyi to lend his Dragon Force, the blood of his within the body seethes with excitement, he stamps the feet vigorously, flies to leap up to that is similar to the mud paralysis in Tie Langhao of ground. Death!” Shen Xiang angry roar, is ordinary just like the angry dragon, but his left arm is more like a white crazy dragon takes possession general, on the fist is stern and angry dragon head. Stop!” Fire God Palace's several people simultaneously bellow, no matter but their speed so is fast, is unable to prevent, the Shen Xiang's fist has pounded fiercely on the head of that Tie Langhao, pounds the smashing that head, but the tyrannical fist wind presses the completely squashed sauce the body of Tie Langhao. Died! Tie Langhao died! Can by the Fire God Palace belt in young people, itself have Fire Spirit, definitely is Fire God Palace key training, but is actually hit the completely squashed cake by Shen Xiang now! expert that these surround cannot help but has had a shiver, now they thought that Shen Xiang is crazier than Huang Jintian, unexpectedly such not awfully. At this moment, Gu Dongchen also can only clean up the mess for Shen Xiang, although Fire God Palace is very strong, but he is also only the scruples, actually never fears. Liu Meng'er has been ready, she has not thought that Shen Xiang knows under the opposite party is Fire God Palace, unexpectedly also dares such heavy hand, although in her heart blamed Shen Xiang, but actually secret happy, although the Shen Xiang's performance was demented, but she actually very appreciated, moreover Fire God Palace's Palace Master also had gotten a moment ago down the heavy hand to Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang cannot block the attack of that Palace Master, perhaps now already severe wound!

The Shen Xiang's strength makes the audiences feel that again shocks incomparably! What thing is Fire God Palace? Also kept on proclaiming a moment ago matter that did not meddle junior, but why actually got rid to me? Chatted Nirvana Realm martial artist, unexpectedly to my this small Spirit Martial Realm under such heavy hand, this fellow will only make the world person laugh!” Shen Xiang coldly said, was not he borrowed Long Xueyi's Dragon Force a moment ago, he is unable to keep off that move. Gu Dongchen face darken: Fire God Palace's Palace Master, do not go too far! You heard a moment ago, that is the life and death struggle, is they are voluntary, you under such heavy the hand to my Young Martial Uncle, did not pay attention to my Extreme Martial Sect! Before you said matter that formed an alliance, my Extreme Martial Sect does not participate! I not with your this fellow unions!” Also only then Extreme Martial Sect dares to say the so strong words to this Fire God Palace! Looks at the Gu Dongchen stance, has planned and Fire God Palace goes all out! Many Big Shot on the scene know certainly, if forms an alliance with Fire God Palace, will be restrained Fire God Palace, will make them feel very aggrieved, now has Extreme Martial Sect to take the lead, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Liu Meng'er also immediately said: Right, this type words influence that when the fart puts, my Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire does not participate.” Fire God Palace's Palace Master is mad gets angry, now he feels Qin Zejun finally was angry, he said mean: „Don't you fear Fire God Palace really?” The Lian Yingxiao fan the folding fan, was saying with a smile slightly: This we had not feared really that has to plant comes, how proliferates each world Fire God Palace to call you with us one high under?”