World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 480
Lan Shan thought that this good play looks at satisfying, but Shen Xiang has the graciousness to him, he and Gu Dongchen relationship is also good, now he also at the same time solution contour: This is the matter of junior, because the matter of junior causes the elders to wage a war that not to be good, fire Palace Master you did not say a moment ago?” Wang Quan, Xiao Ziliang and Qin Zejun actually look forward to them to hit life and death, especially Holy Light Church Qin Zejun, his Holy Light Church dominates Eastern Sea, only missed Chenwu Mainland not to be conquered, but now comes fierce Fire God Palace to lord over entire Mortal Martial World, if hit, had the advantage to his Holy Light Church. Liu Meng'er no matter what, supports Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang is her one's beloved. Fire God Palace's Palace Master looked at that and soil binds the together rotten meat, roars, releases one group of flame, burns the ash the Tie Langhao corpse. Has the Fire Spirit young people, such died, this makes many person expert feel to regret! Each Big Shot in Mortal Martial World has own influence, in their domains they are the emperor, now Fire God Palace suddenly appears, must make them take orders from Fire God Palace, they do not think, if some people take the lead in revolting, they definitely will participate, the person many strength are big. In the Fire God Palace's Palace Master heart hates darkly, the anger stared Shen Xiang one, then returns to that several Fire God Palace middle age the side, their very clear this time Mortal Martial Realm major Big Shot are thinking anything, if compels too tightly, once Gu Dongchen and the others takes the lead in revolting, other Big Shot will also participate, when the time comes they could be destroyed completely here. But now three realms great war must start, must convene Fire God Palace of other world is impossible, these Fire God Palace deployed in other world, was controlling the huge resources in these world, once withdrew, that loss was very huge. Shen Xiang put out clothes to put on, has scratched the face, said: In the past my Master strength was so formidable, has not been thinking must exaggerate each continent the Extreme Martial Sect's influence. Naturally, he definitely has the strength to accomplish, now external Fire God Palace, does not have to entire Mortal Martial World sharing, actually wants to occupy seizes here all resources, this simply is the wishful thinking!” Words that Shen Xiang spoke, is in these expert hearts thinks that Mortal Martial World each continent does develop such well, why surrenders something submissively? If who wants to do, my Extreme Martial Sect does not hesitate at all costs, must spell with him!” Gu Dongchen loud voice said that simultaneously looks to Qin Zejun, Qin Zejun Holy Light Church proliferates entire Eastern Sea, he decided that before own transcend, must remove this malignant tumor.

That Palace Master coldly snorted and said: We help you resist Demon and Devil, making you unite!” Liu Meng'er said with a sneer \; I already united, having no need for you helping, moreover you have several thousand disciples, moreover do you give up with these disciples really? I thought that you want while three realms great war our Yuan Qi damages severely, occupies seizes the entire world!” Such looks like, Fire God Palace this group of fellows also are really danger(ous), these have troubled, could not sleep.” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile. The Fire God Palace's person unemotionally, because Liu Meng'er and Lian Yingxiao said right, he has not thought that this Mortal Martial World above person unexpectedly such united. Now reason that such unites, very big reason because of Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian also here, if the Mortal Martial World chaos, Huang Jintian definitely will come out! Huang Jintian travelled for pleasure in the past everywhere, challenge these Big Shot, have not lost in all directions, therefore these Big Shot fear him. Although the Fire God Palace's person now encounters many people to cast a vision of loathing, but they still stay here, they know that was waiting for that White Tiger Mysterious Realm opens, since they came, must go to have a look! Shen Xiang stands side Gu Dongchen, is waiting for with people Jing Jing (quietly), but that vortex also crowded devour tyrannical Spirit Qi comes , after these Spirit Qi come, will vanish baseless. Quick, the people felt that space had the change, an island place is splitting slowly, had a very giant crack, endless death Qi and made people feel murderous aura that trembled spout from inside, making the people back send coolly, absolutely terrified. White Tiger is Slaughter God, after trillion years of slaughtering, accumulated very terroristly murderous aura, but this White Tiger Mysterious Realm inside environment constructs according to White Tiger divine beast obviously.

Shen Xiang suspected that this White Tiger Mysterious Realm some people do construct? Qin Zejun, do you have?” Lan Shan asked that feeling but this so strong murderous aura, was worried that inside had any fierce fellow. Did not have, we send for defending here, waits for the similar time goes in again finds out, we send more than ten to go in personally the investigation, has only come out, is Tempering Realm!” Qin Zejun said. Xiao Ziliang also said at this time: I thought danger(ous) that inside hides, possibly links our these old fellow to be hard to deal, since some these many people, go to have a look now.” Lian Yingxiao asked: You did not say that the person does live is coming out? Did that person have to say inside situation?” Is living the person was insane, moreover cultivation base completely loses.” Qin Zejun sighed dignifiedly. Gu Dongchen looked at Shen Xiang, said: Young Martial Uncle, do not go, if you have any accident, your Master this old lunatic definitely meets Will kill me!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Is the news that I spread, you can come here, I did not fear that inside has any thing!” Liu Meng'er was not worried that she knows Shen Xiang was doomed is that Four Beast's Divine Weapons master, although Divine Weapon on her, that is also because that Divine Weapon followed to approve her in her many years, afterward completely fused with her with the Shen Xiang's help. When thinks to fuse the Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk matter, in the Liu Meng'er heart tenderly snorted.

Walks!” Lan Shan said that he is Nirvana Realm martial artist, he naturally did not fear. Gu Dongchen does not have the means that has to make Shen Xiang with tightening him, then moves toward that crack with people. little rascal, were you ambushed the person here to attack before?” Liu Meng'er inquired with Divine Sense, although she knows that Shen Xiang has now been all right, but still rebuked oneself oneself, she complied to come with Shen Xiang at that time together. Um, but I ran away, finally hides in a place heals from a wound, I am all right now!” Shen Xiang replied. „Did you ask these many people to come No problem? What to do if White Tiger Divine Weapon were taken away?” Some Liu Meng'er worries. Relax, that White Tiger Divine Weapon definitely is my.” Shen Xiang is very self-confident. In White Tiger Mysterious Realm is very beautiful, has mountain to have the water, the fine spring day, the vigorous sign of life is vigorous, is just covering invisible murderous aura and death Qi in the sky. Now Shen Xiang has come across the difficult problem, where he does not know that White Tiger Divine Weapon!