World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 481
The people stand on a mountain, what making them be startled, they behind that space crack vanish from sight, in other words they temporarily had been stranded in this White Tiger Mysterious Realm, only then after two months of that big vortex has opened, they can exit! Naturally, Shen Xiang had already made the target point on Heaven's Crown Gate, depending on his present strength, must exit from this Mysterious Realm is very simple. Can walk? This Mysterious Realm is not small, was I have seen biggest Mysterious Realm.” Lan Shan excited saying, this inside murderous aura and death Qi are heavy, but Spirit Qi very also rich, Mysterious Realm is much richer than he has seen, this explained that will have many Heaven and Earth Treasure in this Mysterious Realm. Here has over a hundred people, can be divided into several groups of people, when the people start to seek for the squad, breeze suddenly comes out. Be careful, this is the tyrannical demon wind!” Long Xueyi suddenly is startled to shout. The tyrannical demon wind, Shen Xiang listened to Bai Youyou to mention, that is in one terrifying natural phenomenon that in Devil World frequently has, reason that will form, generally in murderous aura, death Qi and Spirit Qi very strong place, these three types invisible energy convergence together that is formed by the different factors, will form the terror the tyrannical demon wind. But Shen Xiang has also seen the related record on the books, was just called as Death Storm in Mortal World, this is a strength very strong gale, is smuggling the sharp knife common astral wind, everywhere one visit, will be razed, moreover had been blown the place will be infertile, piece of death Qi heavy. Having Death Storm must come!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, here, although majority are to pledge allegiance to the Holy Light Church person, but also some other sea area and Chenwu Mainland's Big Shot. Hears Death Storm, all person complexion big changes, they immediately in all directions look around, sees only all around distant place that they are, suddenly presented bunch of black Qi, black Qi makes threatening gestures, is similar to the devil is ordinary, forms world connected huge black Tornado, in the sky also immediately presents a piece by piece dense thick cloud! Endless murderous aura and death Qi fill the air in the upper air, was the theater curtain of death presses likely generally, making the people not gasp for breath!

Young Martial Uncle......” Gu Dongchen yelled, must put out a hand to grasp Shen Xiang, but actually slow one step, sees only all people towed to pull by invisible strength, complete dispersing, was whirled away by a greatly strengthened suction, volume to huge Tornado in all directions. The wind attribute energy of Shen Xiang hastily stimulation of movement within the body, lets itself and that tyrannical and strong qi flow fuses together, such one, he can control his body reluctantly. Over a hundred Nirvana Realm expert were only short several suddenly, completely suction, did not know the outcome, but all around that huge black Tornado were getting more and more, beautiful mountain forest vanished into thin air suddenly, the trees and mountain anything, were involved in that terror in completely Tornado. Here turned into the death Tornado boundless forest suddenly, looks, is that type is connecting the world, is similar to giant pillar general tyrannical black Tornado! This is really the Evil Devil storm!” Now only then Shen Xiang had not been attracted such as in Tornado, but he is actually hard to get rid of that formidable suction, body cannot help but flutters in a direction. The terrifying astral wind is similar to the sharp knife is common, if Shen Xiang does not have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, perhaps that innumerable is already sheared the fragment the sharp knife that the astral wind turned into. Shen Xiang could not insist how long, was reached ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) giant Tornado curling by that width in the past, he has the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor protection, the body has not received anything to damage, in these winds is smuggling various tyrannical consciousness actually, is similar to shrieks and howls wildly general, wants to drill into Shen Xiang's Sea of Consciousness, thinks the devour Shen Xiang's soul. Now Shen Xiang knows why the person who comes out from this inside will fall insanely, because comes under this spiritual attack, truly will go crazy, the consciousness can by devour! Is good cultivates Divine Dao because of Shen Xiang, Divine Sense is exceptionally formidable, and has is more formidable than the non- several fold Divine Sense magic power, he does not know how long this storm wants to stop, he has revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, to absorb in Tornado these tyrannical spiritual strength, although these spiritual strength tyrannical incomparable, moreover is full of the evil consciousness, but uses after Shen Xiang Nine Turn Dragon God Technique builds up, turned into very pure spiritual strength.

This is also Long Xueyi makes him do, such one, he can practice Divine Dao while this, because some ready-made spiritual strength absorb for him now. The storm has continued for three days three nights, innumerable giant death Tornado crazy revolving, while is transferring fast, led the different places the people, when Tornado disintegrated, but also has produced a very intense airing, causing inside thing completely spout the four directions. Shen Xiang discovered has several Nirvana Realm and he in same Tornado, but after that airing, they were obtained is looser. Shen Xiang was blown in a forest, remembered itself to be flung here by strength that airing sent a moment ago instantaneously, in his heart had endless emotion: „Is this strength of nature? Humanity is not really able to contend!” Can live to be good, Shen Xiang first found Liu Meng'er and Gu Dongchen now, now all people dispersed, if Shen Xiang meets Qin Zejun, Xiao Ziliang or Fire God Palace's that several people, he died. His mother, this White Tiger Mysterious Realm was also too terrifying!” Shen Xiang scolded one lowly, has put out spirit talisman, this is Liu Meng'er gives him. This subpoenas spirit talisman, can only use one time, if because of distance too but is unable to subpoena, has wasted, but now Shen Xiang had one to open. Hopes Sister Meng'er in the nearby!” Shen Xiang stimulates to movement spirit talisman, spirit talisman braves flame, simultaneously poured into spirit talisman inside message transfer him. One piece full is in the barren hill of straight mountain, Liu Meng'er stands in a summit, her spirit talisman suddenly moved, she puts out spirit talisman, spirit talisman emits one group of flame, she received the Shen Xiang's pass on message, knows that which direction the news from transmitted.

Knows Shen Xiang to be all right, Liu Meng'er is hanging a heart has also put, she relaxed, flies in a direction. Shen Xiang was waiting for the good more than three double-hour same place, the induction to the Liu Meng'er's aura, their hastily leaps the upper air, jumped up on Liu Meng'er that Jade Lotus flying disc. little rascal, others were worried dead you!” Liu Meng'er sees Shen Xiang to be safe and sound, hastily threw, closely is embracing Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has kissed her forehead, happily said with a smile: My where had such easily dies!” Liu Meng'er makes Jade Lotus flying disc land in woods, Shen Xiang looked at all around, the whole face has badly smiled, he has licked the tongue, said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, the present is our two people of world!” Did not have empress imposing manner Liu Meng'er charmingly angry, face micro red, closes the eye gently, kisses violently with Shen Xiang. Gu Dongchen at this time in one piece full is in the bog that black Qi covers, he endures the stink that makes him want to spit, while loudly exclaimed: Young Martial Uncle...... you where...... Young Martial Uncle......” If Gu Dongchen knows that his Young Martial Uncle is hugging a tender dī dī beautiful woman to stir up the kiss, is enjoying one generation of Empress gentle character and style, he definitely was mad to spit including the bile.