World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 482
Shen Xiang is sucking in the fragrant saliva in Liu Meng'er mouth greedily, is complicated with that tender soft fragrant tongue, but bad hand dishonest moving to the Liu Meng'er's chest on, has been away from that light white clothing, rubbed to pinch gently that perfectly round strong big white rabbit. Liu Meng'er felt that own sensitive thing had been pinched by Shen Xiang, the tender body trembles, but Shen Xiang another hand closely is actually hugging her, does not make her escape. At first Liu Meng'er has struggled, but she thinks that has developed this with the sentiment that Shen Xiang sees only, moreover beforehand Shen Xiang has also looked at her to beautiful Jade Rabbit, she knows the chest that on Shen Xiang this is proud to be infatuated with. In her heart sighed slightly , to continue to kiss with Shen Xiang, meanwhile sent out very weak being overwhelmed with emotion to recite tenderly. This makes Shen Xiang unable to dominate, something already male, but his hand unscrupulous rubbing is also pinching that soft huge Jade Rabbit, rubbing will become various shapes, will also be pinching that dot point once for a while, that wonderful feel, making in his heart acclaim again and again, will wish one could like this to touch for ever and ever. She felt that the Shen Xiang's body is getting more and more hot, moreover pinches also more and more vigorously, she knows that Shen Xiang this time passion surges upward, she was worried to continue to go too far again, her matter to that aspect has not prepared at heart. rascal, pain!” Liu Meng'er lightly snorted, has patted the Shen Xiang's bad hand gently. Although Shen Xiang is away from the clothes to touch, but Liu Meng'er feels very shy, she lowers the head, face reappears Hong Xia that wipes intoxicant caresses flatters, she is angry to say gently: Snort, has traced to you, but also made that others are so sore, did not understand really shows tender affection!” Shen Xiang hugs Liu Meng'er in the bosom, deeply has attracted several tones, depresses the evil fire in lower abdomen, he also knows that cannot go too far, moreover in him, wants to make Liu Meng'er justifiable with him, but is not such secretly has given him the body, he thought that this will be unfair to Liu Meng'er very much. Sister Meng'er, sorry! For a while cannot control.” Shen Xiang is smiling the apology. Touched suffices satisfying.” Liu Meng'er lightly snorted and said, lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom, is feeling on Shen Xiang that strong man aura.

Has not sufficed.” Shen Xiang said honestly that he thought how this touches cannot satisfying. Liu Meng'er has pinched Shen Xiang's musculus pectoralis vigorously: Your this little rascal makes others worry, now good, you offended Fire God Palace!” Shen Xiang is caressing Liu Meng'er that beautiful black hair, asked: „Did Gu Dongchen ask you to go back the in other words Fire God Palace's matter?” The Liu Meng'er nod said: He worried Chenwu Mainland's each influence Big Shot, discussed that if wanted and Fire God Palace form an alliance, but does not have what result, finally we also King Continent, Fire God Palace now in King Continent.” Fire God Palace invited us to go, they had demonstrated their strength, they were truly strong, especially the strengths of these disciples.” Shen Xiang said: Fire God Palace definitely is the restless good intention, now they started to win over the person here! Not long, many people will join Fire God Palace's.” They have not known that I have Fire Spirit, their first sees my time, uses Divine Sense to spy on me, but they have not looked! They are really are seeking person who has Fire Spirit, does not know that by them was discovered can have any consequence!” Liu Meng'er somewhat worried, because her parents once made her more careful this Fire God Palace. Continues to hide that's it.” Shen Xiang has patted her back, said: You do not need to be worried my, if I must hide, no one could find me!” The place that Shen Xiang can hide were too many, even if knows where he hides also nobody to dare to go, naturally, hides is very aggrieved, if he has certainly the strong strength, who must kill him, he can kill! Liu Meng'er kisses the Shen Xiang's mouth, feels his handsome face, the gentle voice said: Although you are little rascal, but I do not want to lose you!”

Shen Xiang suddenly has pinched on her chest that powder lotus, said with an evil smile: Has your such beautiful woman, I cannot certainly die!” Liu Meng'er **, has patted the Shen Xiang's bad hand: Now first found that White Tiger Divine Weapon to say again that emits your two Divine Weapon quickly.” Shen Xiang nodded, calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but that powerful golden Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor also appears on his body, making him appear very aggressive, handsome, but formidable, making Liu Meng'er look at a dementia, beautiful eyes glittering the extraordinary splendor, her previous time is being to see Shen Xiang puts on this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, had the complex mood to Shen Xiang, now she knows that at that time she liked Shen Xiang. Liu Meng'er chuckle: little rascal you exchange this armor, but also is really the person of mold human appearance.” Saying, in her hand was also presenting that Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, the innumerable supple emotions fuse together, turns into the streamer. Three Divine Weapon approach, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er induce to have anything to summon them immediately in a direction, that is White Tiger Divine Weapon in direction. After knowing the direction, they are very happy, after they receive good Divine Weapon, walks in that direction. Flew to be too conspicuous in the space, this White Tiger Mysterious Realm so is not absolutely simple, now you and I stared by the Fire God Palace's fellow tightly, was walking on the land.” Liu Meng'er said. Sister Meng'er, your can Icewind Divine Art teach to me?” Shen Xiang asked that because Bai Youyou was very suitable to study this divine art, moreover Bai Youyou also very much wants to obtain. Naturally!” Liu Meng'er said that Shen Xiang and Bai Youyou slightly surprised, straightforward that such Liu Meng'er unexpectedly complies with. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were very happy that Su Meiyao knows after Bai Youyou has studied this divine art, becomes stronger, she thinks Bai Youyou must diverge Ruthless Devil Art, who knows that was opened the heart knot by Shen Xiang, the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures all returned to her on, but she actually cannot continue to practice Ruthless Devil Art again, can only make up through other fierce martial arts.

You, me told you chant, is not many, but is very abstruse, several thousand years of magical skill is unable to understand.” Liu Meng'er did not ask that Shen Xiang must come to do, she trusts Shen Xiang, let alone Shen Xiang teaches to her Vermilion Bird Divine Art is also very strong, making her benefit greatly. Then Liu Meng'er starts to teach Shen Xiang chant, Shen Xiang also earnestly takes down, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can hear, they listen to one to remember on the energy. chant are not truly many, Liu Meng'er said five days ended, regarding divine art, this is few, but Shen Xiang in remembering in process, place that really has. Icewind Divine Art does not suit him to practice, therefore he does not need to understand, he knows that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou definitely understand. Walk time, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er walk very slowly, after teaching Icewind Divine Art, they quicken pace, after letting off a mountain, they see front unexpectedly are the vast snowy mountains, snow white, is filling severely cold, at the same time that the cold wind blows, but also follows bone-chilling cold murderous aura! suddenly, in Shen Xiang Profound Beast Bag Bai Zhenzhen exuded one to roar: Master, how I thought that here is very kind, I felt that here has my companion probably!” Is the White Tiger companion, White Tiger, in White Tiger Mysterious Realm is certainly occupying White Tiger Clan?