World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 484
Bai Zhan unexpectedly knows Liu Meng'er, this lets Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er felt. I had travelled for pleasure outside world, distance here recent Chenwu Mainland I am have gone many.” Bai Zhan lightly smiled. Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er already knew in this Mortal Martial World crouching tiger, hidden dragon, although these Dean Big Shot are very famous, but actually does not represent their strengths is strongest , some formidable Nirvana Realm are living the life of hidden world. In Legend, Four Beast's Divine Weapons should jut out now a body of person, but now Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon actually on Miss Liu, but this brat has Azure Dragon Divine Weapon and Black Tortoise Divine Weapon!” Bai Zhan has doubts very said. Liu Meng'er explained: Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon is when I was very young my parents to give me, I brought to have more than ten thousand years.” so that's how it is, said that you obtained the approval of Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon! Now can anyone of you take that White Tiger Divine Weapon?” Bai Zhan nodded, somewhat curiously looks at Shen Xiang, he had a period of time not to have, naturally did not know various Shen Xiang's matters, but thought strange, strength not much person unexpectedly obtained two Four Beast's Divine Weapons, moreover was very good with Liu Meng'er's relationship. I go.” Shen Xiang said that he cultivates Divine Art of Four Symbols, only then uses White Tiger True Qi to obtain that White Tiger Divine Weapon. Bai Zhan said: You , to go to War-God Sacred Land, first and that Small White Tiger relieves the contract, then wins our White Tiger Fighting Clan future War-God.” Bai Zhenzhen has sent out a low roar, obviously does not want to relieve that contract with Shen Xiang, she wants to follow side Shen Xiang, because some delicious. You must obtain White Tiger Divine Weapon, can not have the contract with our White Tiger Fighting Clan any member, otherwise White Tiger Divine Weapon will not approve your! We do not oppose our White Tiger Fighting Clan member and human together.” Bai Zhan sighed one.

Shen Xiang walks, touches the head of Bai Zhenzhen, said: little brat, you first stay here now, when you can melt the turn into a human shape, becomes Profound Beast comes Extreme Martial Sect to look for me again!” Although Bai Zhenzhen does not prefer, but nodded, saw only in the Shen Xiang forehead to present a contract chart mark, glittering the white light, entered the forehead of Bai Zhenzhen, such one, among them the contract relieved. Initially this contract was Bai Zhenzhen to indicate was heartfelt to Shen Xiang, once injured Shen Xiang, she will be restrained by the contract, can cause her dead. Our White Tiger Fighting Clan, inborn militant, here War-God Sacred Land, White Tiger Divine Weapon places there, but that place to us is also forbidden land, we cannot go, also does not allow others to go in! You only then win our future War-God, obtains in the future the approval of War-God, can step into Sacred Land, at that time our White Tiger Fighting Clan elder all will evacuate War-God Sacred Land, making you take White Tiger Divine Weapon smoothly.” The Bai Zhan words said very clearly, that White Tiger Divine Weapon in that War-God Sacred Land, but must enter Sacred Land, must win in the future War-God! What in the future is War-God? Is his strength what kind of? If Nirvana Realm, how I am victorious?” Shen Xiang asked. Bai Zhan took a deep breath, said slightly: Felt relieved, in the future War-God is our White Tiger Fighting Clan prophet, his strength how I do not know, but he will fight with you fairly! He is our White Tiger Clan future god!” Good, leading me to see him, hopes to be able like you said.” Shen Xiang sees Liu Meng'er to nod to him , can only have a look at that anything future War-God first. Comes with me!” Bai Zhan was bringing Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er went out of this giant ice room, walked toward the big piece of iceberg of distant place.

Bai Zhan walks not quickly, he said that will see War-God to be certainly respectful in the future, therefore cannot fly, can only walk. This lets Shen Xiang is very depressed, he has not known how long must walk, moreover here is Land of Ice and Snow, a piece white, is drawing Liu Meng'er that white and tender warm hand, he will definitely complain. This White Tiger Fighting Clan should be the direct line bloodlines of White Tiger divine beast, White Tiger becomes Slaughter God, because that was he was too militant, therefore was also War-God! Future War-God that now you must see, will reach the divine beast altitude?” The Su Meiyao doubts said. divine beast this type of thing, uses in very higher world generally, on Heaven World does not have divine beast to exist!” Long Xueyi said: Our Imperial Dragon Clan dragon may becomes divine beast, but that need is very long very long time, if any future War-God, I think really after should be dies, rebirth White Tiger divine beast!” Hears the Long Xueyi's words, Shen Xiang and Bai Youyou they are startled, White Tiger did divine beast die has also been able the rebirth? Moreover in this Mortal Martial World! In the Four Beast's Divine Weapons refinement process, four divine beast have the participation, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is sacred object in our Dragon Clan, before Legend is very long, Imperial Dragon Clan because of competing for this sacred object hits, makes the entire Heaven World chaos, then some people to avoid this matter occurrence, hid this Four Beast's Divine Weapons.” dragon brat, after you said definitely, rebirth what's the matter? Will also die to divine beast that rank?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked. Our Imperial Dragon Clan has all kinds of Legend, a way is called the Nirvana rebirth, especially these divine beast, divine beast, although is fierce, but fights unavoidably will die, to preserve oneself, they will retain their consciousness, reincarnation reincarnation.” This Legend Shen Xiang has also heard, very small time he has listened to many deity stories, after many Immortal die, reincarnation is reincarnated, was born in the room, then senses Heavenly Dao through practice, from obtains the immortal position newly, transcend Heaven World......

They in Land of Ice and Snow most of the day, are late at night, the stars full moon is illuminating the ice place, they arrived in front of a very big iceberg, here has a cave. They just arrived, in the cave walks a look ordinary youth, on this person is also puts on the white fierce appearance the clothes, his stature very tall and strong, wants the high head compared with Shen Xiang, skin dark colored, although the appearance is ordinary, but in his foreheads is passing the air/Qi of that King, has an inexplicable oppression to dare including Liu Meng'er. This youth is very very strong, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er saw, especially contacts in youth eyes that intelligent fighting intent ray, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er somewhat are panic-stricken. Prophet, they......” the Bai Zhan words just said here, the youth waved to break him. Returns to the tribe I, I knew.” The youth said that the sound is tranquil, but is having a dignity. Bai Zhan respectful retreat, then quickly leaves. „Can anyone of you take White Tiger Divine Weapon?” The youth asked that looked at Liu Meng'er, looked at Shen Xiang, finally the vision fell, in their closely was holding in hand.