World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 487
You were too tender! Hears these characters, White Tiger and Liu Meng'er are similar to the thunder stroke are ordinary, they think that does not understand the courage that which Shen Xiang comes, unexpectedly dares to say such words in front of divine beast. However White Tiger truly has not expected the Shen Xiang's strange move, and has not thought that the Shen Xiang's flame so will be formidable, gives to suppress his strength, after his metal attribute True Qi moves these flame, can be burnt instantaneously, making his strength reduce greatly. White Tiger also thinks murderous aura that one release can create the oppression to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang directly has actually disregarded, that Slaughter Qi is one spiritual attack, but Shen Xiang's Divine Sense is much stronger, therefore his matter does not have. White Tiger the imposing manner was sufficient a moment ago, plans to defeat Shen Xiang in one vigorous effort, but suddenly by the Shen Xiang's fire vine winding, scalding hot True Qi is drilled into his body now, in condense True Qi Devour his body. fire vine is very strong, can die to cling to for dear life White Tiger, but Shen Xiang knows that cannot maintain too for a long time, but actually enough he carries on second round fiercely attacking now. White Tiger one startled , before Shen Xiang arrived at his body, two arms probably are that heat iron slab are both common, braving threatening burning to burn strength, flame once for a while spout. Looks that Shen Xiang that is similar to the arm that the big axe breaks out, White Tiger unexpectedly has no alternative, he is unable to transfer True Qi in within the body now fast, because was twined his flame to restrain completely . Moreover the Shen Xiang's speed is quick, does not give him any time. Shen Xiang this moment anger is steaming, that angry flame appears extremely fearful, a palm chops, daring, the landslide cracks in the earth, slash on the shoulder of White Tiger. Although Angry Dragon Cut does not display through Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but equally is fearful, but the words of Shen Xiang use both hands, are more flexible, at this time White Tiger works loose fire vine also to require the little time, but is this little time, actually enough he divided several hundred blade Angry Dragon Cut. The Shen Xiang both arms like the blade, raging fire well up crazily, flies to cut that crazily by fire vine is twining White Tiger, the blade blade awfully, is being chops to chop in the White Tiger upper part, moreover is a blade compared with blade.

Sees appearance that Shen Xiang that gets angry, in the White Tiger heart is also the anger soars to the heavens, his solemn side divine beast, although reincarnation rebirth, but so has been when aggrieved? unexpectedly was provoked by a young mortal one after another. On a White Tiger face appeared inflamed, the upper part was chopped ignition by Shen Xiang that Angry Dragon Cut the trace. Naturally, Shen Xiang knows that this does not have the wound to White Tiger, White Tiger fleshly body is fearful, faced with this tyrannical attack, is only the skin flesh wound! Felt that White Tiger must work loose fire vine, Shen Xiang stops displaying Angry Dragon Cut, changes to rock the earth Shocking Heaven Palm, instantaneously is dozens palms, whips in White Tiger several preparation revolution True Qi spots, White Tiger True Qi does not strike the powder. For was not continued to attack like this by Shen Xiang, the White Tiger rave, erupted all at once True Qi in within the body, shakes once more Shen Xiang, but this actually quite consumes True Qi, and has not actually injured to Shen Xiang. Although White Tiger gets angry, but he actually knows one cultivation base suppress, when has certain disparity with the Shen Xiang same rank, if he does not depend upon that to practice many years of fleshly body, resists a Shen Xiang major part attack, he perhaps already was hit to lie now. In the same rank, Shen Xiang is invincible, beforehand Herculean Clan, Human King Clan and Blue Blood Clan are so, even if stronger than Shen Xiang, is unable to win. Liu Meng'er looks fearful and apprehensive, she somewhat suspected that now that White Tiger status is real, from the beginning unexpectedly was hit by Shen Xiang does not have the strength to hit back. Shen Xiang anger flame weakened, but his corners of the mouth actually hang are wiping the smiling face, at this time White Tiger had discovered probably anything, his suddenly thought one are somewhat cold!

The White Tiger life in this Land of Ice and Snow many years, had not felt coldly, but thought that now within the body has a cold current to fly to leap up everywhere. Ice Spirit Devil Aura! One mysterious spiritual attack, after pouring into Ice Spirit Devil Aura, because was affected energetic, but feels cold, is quite ordinary in Illusion Formation, after entering Illusion Formation, the spirit is kidnapped, thus was confused by the five feelings, thinks that all are real. Can use Transforming Bone Devil Palm, this White Tiger fleshly body is very strong, should unable to melt his bone, but makes him be injured heavily, his True Qi also lived by own seal, therefore quick will consume, you should better now are first consume his True Qi, then beats savagely his by fleshly body that Ice Spirit Devil Aura corrodes, till projects on him to admit defeat.” Bai Youyou said. What have you made to me?” White Tiger is puzzled, hastily asked that he was hard to imagine a person when the use extremely powerful flame attacked him, has a strange ice cold strength pours into his body. This radically is two violent strength, although can also use, but must do such secret like Shen Xiang is very difficult. Liu Meng'er sees the body of White Tiger to tremble slightly, knows that Shen Xiang has used that strange move, previous Shen Xiang in Fragrance City, is used to cope with Xiao Chou this Herculean Clan. She is away from barrier, is far away from Shen Xiang, can feel that burns the heat breath intensely, but is actually not able to induce to the ice cold strength. Can the ice cold strength that White Tiger freezes, obviously that type of flame be much more formidable than a moment ago Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang was actually quietly to use, this made the person be puzzling, because this has subverted the common sense completely. Shen Xiang is not the use really ices certainly the cold strength, that is only near body attack, deceives the spirit of person, making the person think one are very cold! Because White Tiger are divine beast, is extremely self-confident, gets up the Divine Sense also seal, only then Spirit Martial Realm early stage such standard, because Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Dao, Divine Sense far exceeds Spirit Martial Realm early stage, therefore he can display Ice Spirit Devil Aura successfully, creates spiritually to White Tiger fatal strikes.

But White Tiger to the present has not actually known that is own spirit is attacked, because he does not think Shen Xiang's Divine Sense compared with him. I had said a moment ago, you were too tender!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, an arrow step flew to leap up, shoulder above suddenly flashed before pair of fire wings, making the Shen Xiang's speed quicker, making Shen Xiang have a very violent dashing strength to fly. Although the White Tiger body feels cold, but actually does not affect him to use True Qi, he sees Shen Xiang to attack directly, moreover this time he was prepared, double fist one, is a pair of white tiger fist, two rogue tiger head send out tiger's roar, is meeting the approaching enemy Shen Xiang that pair of hot fist. Four fists bump into, the cloud wind flies, the angry flame is boundless, the White Tiger complexion big change, hit one to tremble, moreover both arms also tingling pain, making him have to hastily receive fist retreat several steps. A moment ago on Shen Xiang that pair of fist, not only released Ice Spirit Devil Aura, but also has used the Transforming Bone Devil Palm palm strength, was corroding the bone of White Tiger.