World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 488
Although White Tiger can shake to fly Shen Xiang, but that enters his within the body the bone demon vigor and Ice Spirit Devil Aura let his skeleton tingling pain, the whole body is cold, Shen Xiang has also given his strongly strikes. Shen Xiang in poured into massive Ice Spirit Devil Aura the body of White Tiger a moment ago, making him feel colder, such one, White Tiger will be affected, is hard to display strength in the fight. Saw White Tiger to fight a cold war, in the Shen Xiang heart secret has smiled, flew to leap up once more, the double palm danced in the air, holds the shade to flutter, that palm wind was similar to the difficult situation is common, covered toward White Tiger, the instantaneous several hundred palms stroked completely on White Tiger. In an instant, the earth trembles crazily, that Transforming Bone Devil Palm palm strength is wreaking havoc the skeleton of White Tiger within the body, that evil looking Ice Spirit Devil Aura drills into White Tiger Sea of Consciousness, is attacking his spirit. This is Shen Xiang uses to try, uses the quickest speed, in a moment ago that instantaneous, skeleton tingling pain of White Tiger within the body . Moreover the ice of web makes his whole body tremble coldly, the complexion becomes very ugly. Some White Tiger fierce martial skill have not used, but currently let alone uses martial skill, True Qi is unable to revolve, the Shen Xiang offensive was really too violent, moreover brought he has never been seeing strength, causing him to feel helpless, does not know how should deal. White Tiger King fist!” Shen Xiang whole body murderous aura emerges, on a pair of fist reappears two to burn flame tiger head, the fist such as the crazy thunder, chops to hit crazily on the body of White Tiger. Shen Xiang currently no longer uses the Transforming Bone Devil Palm palm strength, but instills into Ice Spirit Devil Aura, he must make White Tiger be frozen is unable to counterattack. If White Tiger non- seal his Divine Sense, he definitely knows that now Shen Xiang is using any strange move, is only well below Shen Xiang because of his Divine Sense, therefore does not know that type ice-cold came from his spirit. But Shen Xiang's that type of flame, is he fears, although he fears the fire, but such has not actually feared, the Shen Xiang present strength, the flame so is terrorist, will be stronger, after these flame enter his within the body, can complete routs his True Qi. Universe Fire, Ice Spirit Devil Aura and Transforming Bone Devil Palm, Shen Xiang suppresses White Tiger with this, first is Universe Fire restrains White Tiger metal attribute True Qi, then lets White Tiger whole body tingling pain with Transforming Bone Devil Palm, then seizes the opportunity to pour into Ice Spirit Devil Aura to affect the White Tiger spirit, rubs White Tiger little gradually collapses, making White Tiger lose the superiority, is unable to counterattack at the same time, but also trigs with the extremely quick speed and crazy fierce attack by Shen Xiang.

Knows oneself and other side to be undefeated in many battles, Shen Xiang to White Tiger, although fully did not understand, but actually knows that the White Tiger weakness is to fear the flame, moreover is reincarnated the rebirth divine beast, in the heart many somewhat has a low opinion of the enemy, therefore White Tiger thinks one do not need to understand Shen Xiang completely, moreover he also sees through Little Dragon to take possession on the body, he also forbids Shen Xiang to rely on Long Xueyi's strength and uses that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, one, he thinks that the Shen Xiang's strength will become weaker! White Tiger loses loses in this point, his True Qi is perhaps stronger than Shen Xiang, his martial skill is perhaps fiercer than Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually when White Tiger treats it lightly, at the maximum speed suppresses him! This is the tactic, the martial arts contest time is not altogether chaotic hits, the light does not have the brain powerfully is incorrect. White Tiger now is a flesh sandbag, was wreaking havoc by Shen Xiang that pair of crazy fist crazily, hits black and blue, Shen Xiang now will not be lenient, he punches this White Tiger rarely in one vigorous effort, therefore he will not make White Tiger have any respite opportunity. Liu Meng'er relaxed slightly, looks White Tiger that body shivers unceasingly was flown from here dozen by Shen Xiang, projects from here bang again other one side, she knows that the victory and defeat has decided. Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist!” After Shen Xiang that pair burns angry flame tiger head to fight with the fists, sticks out suddenly one intermittently crack, the flame four shoot, the Shen Xiang's double fist crazy check is hitting the cheeks of White Tiger, after every fights with the fists, will have a fierce explosion. After hitting is tired, Shen Xiang uses Shocking Heaven Palm, launches the brutal attack, if ordinary Peak Realm, now perhaps already changed the completely squashed sauce, but White Tiger fleshly body was very strong, although he is unable to use True Qi, but also the whole body felt cold, but he actually is also sobering now. Shen Xiang knows words that continues again, White Tiger must scatter these Ice Spirit Devil Aura, in his heart one ruthless, releases magic power, starts to display Heavenly Dragon Seal! He knows that depending on him own strength, is unable to let have powerful fleshly body White Tiger now to admit defeat, he had to rely on between Heaven and Earth strength!

This time is late at night, in the sky stars everywhere, the full moon hangs, Spirit Qi of airborne float is rich, in this Mysterious Realm rich Spirit Qi, can make Heavenly Dragon Seal that Shen Xiang displays stronger. In Star Moon Wild Dragon with Heavenly Dragon Seal, summoned Star Moon Wild Dragon in the night is not only to rely on Spirit Qi, but also to rely on strength of star moon/month, in the night is very strong.” Long Xueyi said. Heavenly Dragon Seal, is Divine Ability of one penalty nature, Heavenly Dragon Seal most basic releases True Qi, then forms dragon claw to release with condense Spirit Qi that magic power in the air is quietly, is, Furious Dragon's Retribution, in angry uses should better. Finally is the summon energy nature different dragons punishes, Shen Xiang had displayed Subduing Devil Holy Dragon when King Continent, what at that time coped was a devil, the present is night, summoned Star Moon Wild Dragon should better. Shen Xiang starts to recite the incantation, his formidable magic power has released, flutters in all around airborne, forms a great net, extrudes completely Spirit Qi, meanwhile absorbs strength of star moonlight central China, in the air is forming a illumination the spiral-shaped disc, is very beautiful, but that strength actually presses this piece of icefield slightly to tremble. Liu Meng'er was not first time sees Shen Xiang to use some strange and fierce martial arts, but still feels to shock now. Ice sky that proliferates a surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) giant spiral disc, probably is the formations of innumerable illumination gathers together, is similar to the galaxy is ordinary, star moon power and Spirit Qi gather together, the mutual hit, fuses, hits the fusion again...... Erupts an intermittent terror strength, fast revolves in sky over, the pressure that formidable strength forms, has made giant iceberg collapsing, ice rupturing, the earth sway. Shen Xiang looks that above that is getting bigger and bigger, seems probably is Milky Way such that the summer night sees, he also felt that shocks incomparably! This...... Is this Heavenly Dragon Seal?” White Tiger was startled to shout, he understands that now why will feel inexplicable was cold, because that was one spiritual attack, he saw Shen Xiang to display Divine Ability, knows that Shen Xiang cultivated the Divine Dao fellow, the Divine Sense far supernormal person.

Star Moon Wild Dragon!” The Shen Xiang incantation read, in heart excited incomparable, saw only airborne that huge illumination disc, formed one big dragon that resembled the star light gathering becomes, soared in the upper air, then exuded one to pass through Nine Firmaments wild cry, then hit the ground. The Shen Xiang shunt, releases hastily completely True Qi, releases fire vine to twine White Tiger stubbornly, enabling White Tiger to move! Snort!” White Tiger coldly snorted, his fire vine explodes immediately, sees only wields the palm, the great tiger that a white light turns into flies to shoot, hits to that Star Moon Wild Dragon. Dragon Tiger bumps into, explodes instantaneously, that ray outshines the nighttime sky, is similar to the daytime is ordinary. I admitted defeat!” White Tiger sighed, he was compelled use true strength by Shen Xiang, in gives to ruin that Star Moon Wild Dragon finally, this also made him feel better.