World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 489
White Tiger has relieved that seal own strength, making his strength restore to actually such, can rout Star Moon Wild Dragon that Shen Xiang releases with ease. This makes in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well, he very much wants to have a look at White Tiger to be hit the shatter running water appearance, that was he consumes many magic power condense to come out. Sees White Tiger to admit defeat, Liu Meng'er winked beautiful eyes to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang summoned the Star Moon Wild Dragon shock picture a moment ago, can still hardly be removed in her mind. Restored the strength, White Tiger is very relaxed affects his spirit Ice Spirit Devil Aura driving out that. You have won, White Tiger Divine Weapon was your!” White Tiger said that but in the look actually could not conceal that unwillingness, he chatted White Tiger divine beast, unexpectedly was hit such miserably by brat, moreover he has had very big superiority, if this passed on, perhaps his face must unable to hang. Shen Xiang smiled, asks: White Tiger Divine Weapon where?” In War-God Sacred Land, I cannot approach there, once I approach, that White Tiger Divine Weapon will return to me, when the time comes must take is very difficult, only if you can fuse, otherwise I cannot approach.” White Tiger sighed: War-God this given name, after waiting, you can defeat my time truly, was your!” „Didn't I have to defeat you a moment ago truly?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: White Tiger Senior has had very big superiority, if not you have such formidable fleshly body, I had already finished up......” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, White Tiger cannot help but to be red in the face, flies away hastily. Across the cave, can go to Sacred Land.” The words reverberation of White Tiger near the Shen Xiang ear, this let Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er cannot help but smiles. Liu Meng'er grazes side Shen Xiang, helping Shen Xiang wear the clothes, is cleaning the bloodstain of sweat and corners of the mouth on his face.

Your this brat too did not give others the face, but others White Tiger divine beast.” Liu Meng'er Yanran said with a smile, although on her mouth said that but in the heart was proud secretly, because Shen Xiang was her one's beloved. Shen Xiang has kissed her face, then draws her to walk toward that cave. Has not thought that White Tiger Divine Weapon unexpectedly is called God Slaughtering Hand, with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor these three name not same places.” White Tiger said that is a match wrap, if belt in hand, when the use fist palm attacks is very strong?” A Shen Xiang face badly smiles. Liu Meng'er wrinkled the nose, tenderly snorted and said: little rascal, the method of your cloudy person are really many, that White Tiger was made by your shady move dirtily, loses such ugly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am open and aboveboard, if I used completely my shady move, this big white cat will lose ugly!” Liu Meng'er knows that has many secrets, but she will not ask too, she also has the secret, Shen Xiang has not asked her anything, but they actually trust. I thought that this Four Beast's Divine Weapons on a person, perhaps will have any mysterious matter, now you have been short of Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, if can take to be good!” Liu Meng'er is nipping the cherry lips lightly, very said guilty. Hehe, after Sister Meng'er you, refined one to come out that's alright, this was refined in any case, I believe that Sister Meng'er can also certainly achieve.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, although this was the matter of minor defect in something otherwise perfect, but Shen Xiang he was actually content, let alone Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk on Liu Meng'er was also the good matter, can make Liu Meng'er increase many strength. Liu Meng'er slight bow, Shen Xiang said that is also her future goal, refines Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon to come, to let Shen Xiang collection uneven Four Beast's Divine Weapons, but she knows that this definitely needs long time. After they enter the cave, walked more than half double-hour, passed through this giant iceberg, unexpectedly arrived in one green verdant forests, this let them surprisedly, before they in piece of Land of Ice and Snow.

Goes out of the cave, they see one to spread the stone brick road, has a giant frustum in the end of this road, likely is altar such, constructs in a middle of forest. Liu Meng'er is drawing Shen Xiang, dodges bridges over that long rock road, arrives at the frustum, on the frustum has a table. On the table is putting a transparent crystal box, has one pair the glove that in the crystal box seems like the fierce appearance makes, is that type can reveal the glove of finger. This is White Tiger Divine Weapon, God Slaughtering Hand! When Shen Xiang must puts out a hand to take, together very intense Qi Energy suddenly toward Shen Xiang flies to shoot, the Liu Meng'er complexion big change, hastily wields the palm, the white hands above full are the ice cold air/Qi, a palm pats that [say / way] to attack Shen Xiang's Qi Energy. But Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er actually by the air wave that erupts blowing down the frustum. Ha Ha...... White Tiger Divine Weapon, this is White Tiger Divine Weapon! Here is really White Tiger Mysterious Realm, so long as I obtain this White Tiger Divine Weapon, massacres this brat and this woman again, I can also obtain Fire Spirit and that brat of this woman Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Ha Ha......” wears red hot armor the middle age to say with a smile crazily. This is the Fire God Palace's person! Moreover the strength is very strong, crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations, moreover he released that boiling hot Qi Energy a moment ago, person who he was one has Fire Spirit! Although Liu Meng'er cultivates Icewind Divine Art, but also reluctantly can resist, must win is absolutely impossible! So long as I obtain all these, the Palace Master position was my.” This Fire God Palace's middle age is laughing wildly fiercely, hastily grasps to that White Tiger Divine Weapon. At this moment, Liu Meng'er releases ice cold strength, sees only cold wind from blow in all directions, afterward turns into sharp ice thorns, the thorn to that middle age.

That middle-aged sneers: If I am you, now thinks how good to run away!” Saying, his palm bang breaks to pieces these ice thorns, after these ice thorns break to pieces, cold air actually still Indestructible, completely attaches that middle age. Liu Meng'er moves sideways to go forward, the jade palm flies to lay out continually, bring incomparable ice cold True Qi to fly to shoot from the jade palm, making the trim forest be covered by the cold frost immediately, but that Fire God Palace's middle age has also frozen thick. Walks quickly, here gives me!” Liu Meng'er fast said that on the face full is serious. So long as Shen Xiang runs away, she can withdraw with ease, moreover Shen Xiang does not need to run away far, so long as across iceberg that's alright, when the time comes White Tiger certainly will have gotten rid. Ha Ha......” that middle age laughs: Liu Meng'er, your Icewind Divine Art is truly fierce, but coped with me is the difference was far, this brat can run away, but you actually must die!” That middle-aged ice piece suddenly splits, Liu Meng'er hastily grazes, a pair of jade palm according to that middle-aged ice piece on, sees only these ice piece above cracks to heal once more. Walks quickly!” Liu Meng'er clenches teeth shouted, in the look is having the plea, she knows Shen Xiang to have boundless prospects, cannot die here. Sees Liu Meng'er so, Shen Xiang knows that she is consuming huge True Qi, displays Icewind Divine Art to freeze that middle age, to time that he runs away. With Engulfing Devil Art, that fellow devour!” Bai Youyou understands Shen Xiang, she also knows that Shen Xiang will not throw down Liu Meng'er not to manage.