World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 491
The devour process is very long is very long, this also because of the Shen Xiang skill and fleshly body insufficient reason, otherwise devour speed quick quick. Naturally, he is devour a strength is being now more formidable than him time of expert, can undying be good. Liu Meng'er's Icewind Divine Art is also very fierce, otherwise is unable to freeze a strength to be higher than big section of martial artist her, the time that although can freeze is very short, consumption True Qi are also many, but actually gave the Shen Xiang opportunity to display Engulfing Devil Art. At the same time builds up pure True Qi that Shen Xiang transmits, Liu Meng'er's True Qi gradually is also vigorous, moreover continuously, this lets her to display Icewind Divine Art to freeze that Fire God Palace's middle age continuously, moreover along with the Shen Xiang Devour skill, the strength of that middle age was gradually weaker, Liu Meng'er does not need to release too strong ice cold strength to freeze. In an instant, 20 days passed by, although Shen Xiang has been enduring suffering, but his present fleshly body and Divine Sense have promoted a stage! Immortal Devil Body cultivated 19th Stage, Divine Soul also has the 19-year-old appearance, quick the adolescence time, when the time comes he can display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. That Fire God Palace's middle age by devour many skills, became thin and pale, his throat shouted mutely, if he knows that Shen Xiang has this devil art, he will kill will not come, at this time he will rude awakening, to Shen Xiang, only then incomparable hatred, but will not have the method. brat, I died must also draw you to be buried along with the dead!” That middle-aged suddenly severe Xiao, Shen Xiang complexion big change, because his suddenly felt that emerges strength of his within the body to be getting more and more, but the body of that middle age is slowly withered, becomes old incomparable. Ha Ha...... My bulge dies you......” smiling face suddenly of middle age to stop, he one breath body surplus True Qi releases all at once, poured into the Shen Xiang's body a moment ago. Shen Xiang exploded has roared, but Liu Meng'er was anxious bursting into tears over the face, hastily grasps Shen Xiang that to inflate fully is the body of blood, Shen Xiang fleshly body or Sea of Consciousness, were filled, if that wild energy could not obtain divulging, he will explode the body to perish. Enclasps him...... Then according to does, now only then you who I said can save him.” Helpless Liu Meng'er suddenly hears caresses together flatters, but the lithe sound resounds in her mind, this makes her surprised.

She of being at wit's end, hastily asked with Divine Sense: Any means!” You grasp him, with his hand handshake, absorbs his within the body that wild True Qi! I will teach you martial arts, making you absorb True Qi of his within the body.” Su Meiyao said that Shen Xiang lost the consciousness, she but, can only with the Liu Meng'er communication. Liu Meng'er also without enough time investigated the woman who now that and she spoke who was, immediately deferred to does, to let Shen Xiang that Liu Meng'er said relieved the pain, she kissed Shen Xiang on own initiative, very pried open the Shen Xiang's tooth difficultly, was complicated together by own fragrance soft tongue and Shen Xiang's. In her mind started to present some chant, that was Tai Chi Divine Art, this was coming from the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art improvement, was Shen Xiang practice first divine art, although did not have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to be fierce, but was actually divine art, Liu Meng'er according to these chant sutra, revolution True Qi, formed a suction, crazy devour Shen Xiang within the body these tyrannical True Qi. From that chant, Liu Meng'er can see uncommonness, some and her Icewind Divine Art is equally abstruse, she can determine basically that this is divine art! strength in within the body has been divulged, Shen Xiang quick comes on the situation, feels Liu Meng'er to kiss with him, he also on own initiative coordinates, to enjoy the happiness that this pain will be arriving at from now on. Three days pass by, the skill of that middle age basically had been absorbed by Liu Meng'er, but is actually one's turn Liu Meng'er to feel the whole body pain now, because Fire Spirit of that middle age entered in the Liu Meng'er's body completely, this explained that Liu Meng'er must start to fuse together Fire Spirit. „......” Liu Meng'er shouted tenderly, on the face full is the pain.

Shen Xiang sighed slightly, held Liu Meng'er in the bosom, can only and alleviates the Liu Meng'er's pain with the previous time means that this, this wadding entangled together to the affectionate couple, the pain was joyful! Liu Meng'er this time fused Fire Spirit, but no small matter, because she has together purple different Fire Spirit, must fuse Purple Fire Spirit, finally how no one knows. In the process of fusion, the Liu Meng'er body emits purple flame, Shen Xiang, if not for has Universe Fire Spirit, now is unable to endure, what making him be hard to dominate, on Liu Meng'er that fully occupied white skirt unexpectedly of his blood to be burnt down, he and Liu Meng'er were stark naked at this time, closely supported, was kissing inseparably violently! But own of this flesh they are unprecedented, especially Shen Xiang that fierce thing, moves Liu Meng'er that pure and holy, but mysterious local time, they probably to were been same by the electricity. No, now was unable!” Liu Meng'er hastily with Divine Sense to Shen Xiang sound transmission, in the expression is having the plea, at this time she is bashful and anxious, this predicament makes her almost lose the ability of ponder, especially is also hard is hot and big thing is going against her there...... Um!” Shen Xiang responded gently, he and Liu Meng'er are not justifiable, was usually affectionate , but if went a step further not to be good again, this taboo cannot break in any event. Although Shen Xiang complies not to cross Lightning Pond, but his bad hand slowly has actually traced from the Liu Meng'er's waist, rubs that is being similar to the fat jade common snowy peak, this time has not been away from the clothes to touch, that excellent wonderful feel makes Shen Xiang excited almost loses the consciousness, moreover touches beyond redemption, both hands come together, greedy is rubbing that to the snow white beautiful big rabbit! Liu Meng'er shames the extreme, but before she remembers Shen Xiang, bore the so huge pain, has not stopped, but is embracing the Shen Xiang's tiger waist, and he kisses, while makes him love tenderly holds appreciatively oneself that proud snow rabbit greedily.

Naturally, this makes the Shen Xiang's evil fire surge upward, making him more uncomfortable, he thinks reckless vent, but Liu Meng'er is fusing Fire Spirit now, if has any accident, he will not forgive for a lifetime his, therefore also endured, this enduring makes him feel when former devour is more painful, suffers the person. Those who make Shen Xiang gratified is, he can now unscrupulous strokes that to being in love with for a long time the big rabbit, from time to time vigorously, rubs from time to time, from time to time is pinching flesh color lotus seed lightly, once for a while intermittently making Liu Meng'er display one to be overwhelmed with emotion recited tenderly. Three days pass by, Liu Meng'er successful integration Fire Spirit, her first matter is hastily wears the clothes, thinks that these in three days Shen Xiang that pair of bad hand touches her whole body, her face on boiling hot incomparable, her passion times were also provoked by Shen Xiang, the lower part of the body bashful condition again and again, a mud, badly look at the Shen Xiang whole face to smile. Has not worn the clothes quickly.” The Liu Meng'er sweet and delicate voice scolds to shout to clear the way, on face flies to wipe the intoxicant crimson.