World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 492
After Shen Xiang wears the clothes, looks at Liu Meng'er that beautiful facial features smilingly, once for a while is taking a fast look around that slender tender body, looks at Liu Meng'er tenderly to scold secretly. He just must speak, Liu Meng'er breaks him: Cannot mention the matter that had a moment ago again!” Thinks that they the body tightly are only holding together, moreover oneself that had also been held appreciatively by Shen Xiang to Jade Rabbit for a long time, the body had been traced also by Shen Xiang, the Liu Meng'er's face is red immediately drops the blood. Especially when remembers oneself passion was provoked the bashful condition, all was seen by Shen Xiang. Sees a Shen Xiang face badly bad smiling face, Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said: Cannot think again!” little rascal, necrosis!” Thinks that Shen Xiang that pair of big hand walks randomly in her beautiful luster of the skin, Liu Meng'er stamped the feet, spat one lowly: I know that will always be bullied by you with your together!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, do you also obtain many advantage?” Was saying he has then hugged Liu Meng'er, Liu Meng'er has struggled, but sighed, has hammered a Shen Xiang fist gently, then depended in the Shen Xiang's bosom, whispered to ask: little rascal, you now how? In your body doesn't have the matter?” Transmits on so many skills her, this makes Liu Meng'er worry very much that she thought somewhat could not eat up these skills, let alone Shen Xiang. All right, Sister Meng'er you? Now should!” Shen Xiang is caressing the Liu Meng'er's back gently, was recalling he and Liu Meng'er these three days the wadding entangles, making in his heart cannot help but ripple, although has not had the matter of men and women, but still lets his memorable, especially the Liu Meng'er that perfect luster of the skin, thinks that can make his heartbeat accelerate. Felt that the Shen Xiang suddenly heartbeat speeds up, Liu Meng'er pursing the lips lip, low coldly snorted: Thank you, making me obtain such big harvest, my Fire Spirit has promoted, the strength was also, I thought that I must start to cross Nirvana quickly eight to plunder!” What devour was one crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations, that deep skill entered Liu Meng'er's within the body, was built up by Liu Meng'er, but Liu Meng'er was also only one just crossed the Nirvana seven tribulation soon people, this winding speed linked her some unable to believe that if in the normal condition cultivated, at least also took over a thousand years!

Shen Xiang evil smiles: Does not use politely, my harvest is also very big...... Ha Ha.” Snort!” On Liu Meng'er face bright red, stepped on a Shen Xiang foot. Fire God Palace's that middle age turned into a dry corpse, Liu Meng'er has emitted flame, burns the corpse, if known by the Fire God Palace's person, that troublesome definitely meets is not small. After matter that before had, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er became more intimate, Shen Xiang knows that had the first time, will have the second time, thinks , can also enjoy this certainly generation of Empress character and style again, in his heart secretly was excited. Didn't take White Tiger Divine Weapon quickly? What to indulge in flights of fancy?” The Liu Meng'er hidden bitterness looks at Shen Xiang, blushes spat the one breath lightly, she knows that own this whole life was doomed is the Shen Xiang's person, thinks that must face Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, she was very worried. Shen Xiang walked, releases White Tiger True Qi, a palm destroys that crystal box, drips into that the blood to the White Tiger glove on, sees only a [gold/metal] white ray to erupt, emerged the Shen Xiang's both arms, then vanished disappearing. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs, the intention moved, sees only on his both hands to present that to the White Tiger complete set, he can feel this pair of God Slaughtering Hand to strength that he brought, his was separating to the distant place forest has rumbled spatially a fist, he has not used True Qi, but had together very strong fist wind tyrannical assailed, suddenly let the big tree dropping down big piece in that forest. Does not need True Qi so to be fierce, if used True Qi also? If coordinates Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade again, strength is unable to imagine, he is ready to make trouble now, wants to attempt! little rascal, do you go to the devour person with that martial arts frequently?” Liu Meng'er asked that she knows that the devour words, definitely will have very big malpractice frequently.

Shen Xiang is very happy, after he letting the glove submerges flesh and blood inside, arrives at side Liu Meng'er, said with a smile: Relax, I little use now, moreover devour time I am very tasteful, before I also had no recourse!” Thinks that a beforehand that life and death scene, Liu Meng'er is then holding Shen Xiang, by his chest: Later is careful, cannot have such matter again, I was worried.” Shen Xiang has kissed the Liu Meng'er's cherry lips, the bad hand attacks the Liu Meng'er's chest, this makes Liu Meng'er scold immediately tenderly, is pursuing Shen Xiang, they are creating a disturbance here, but hugs finally, affectionate looks at the opposite party, when they want to kiss...... cough cough......” White Tiger suddenly appeared. In the Shen Xiang heart scolded one: Damn big white cat, should present time does not appear, should not present time must appear!” Was discovered them to be intimate by others, the Liu Meng'er's face blushes, this is some first people sees her and Shen Xiang makes this intimate action. Hehe, you had met some danger(ous) before probably, but looked like you solves!” White Tiger said with a smile. War-God Senior, can you deliver me? In this all people.” Shen Xiang asked that moreover War-God that two characters also intentionally said very much heavily, obviously was satirizing White Tiger. White Tiger coldly snorted: brat, do not think that you win my unmatched in the world, in that condition, I am the display is truly insufficient, after waiting, your adolescence to my this rank time, comes to carry on a genuine showdown with me again!”

This White Tiger Mysterious Realm is not I establishes, you obtain Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, should know that Four Beast's Divine Weapons in Mysterious Realm, this is some people places in these Mysterious Realm intentionally, moreover transforms Mysterious Realm.” I know certainly, but I thought that you should not tell me the matter of that person.” Shen Xiang said that he guessed that person still causes a road to earth core in Netherworld Abyss, this person truly is much more mystical. White Tiger smiles, looked at Liu Meng'er: Later you definitely know that moreover this person definitely will surprise you very!” Shen Xiang one startled: „Do I know that person?” Did not know, but I can guarantee that you know whose time that person is, will be very certainly accidental.” White Tiger said with a smile. Snort, falls my appetite intentionally.” Shen Xiang both hands hold the chest, curls the lip to say. White Tiger Senior, can you deliver us to exit? Do we want to wait till that big vortex to open can leave?” Liu Meng'er, she must sharply go back to close up the practice now, stable cultivation base, then prepares transcends tribulation. Naturally, this Mysterious Realm, although is not I establishes, but I can actually open passage at any time.” White Tiger was saying, both hands lift up high, see only entire White Tiger Mysterious Realm above suddenly to gush out space power, White Tiger Mysterious Realm also slightly shiver.