World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 493
Induces is shivering to White Tiger Mysterious Realm, inside all people immediately look up that to transmit the space power direction, saw only in the upper air suddenly to present a huge black vortex, in the Mysterious Realm middle. Who disturbs father qing to cultivate again, I make him forever stay here, is not to a precedent!” White Tiger has roared, at the same time releases a threatening barometric pressure from the body, is bringing thick murderous aura, covers in entire White Tiger Mysterious Realm. These Nirvana Realm expert complexion big change, they know in this Mysterious Realm to hide a very Qiang Family partner immediately, because is the Mysterious Realm reason, no matter is strong in inside person, will not be attracted to Heaven World goes, therefore they think immediately, the person who spoke a moment ago, the strength has far exceeded the Mortal World peak, this everybody they may unable to stir up! Quick, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er see troop person suddenly jump to arrive at the upper air, flies toward that airborne that space vortex. „Can I later also come to here?” Shen Xiang asked that that Bai Zhenzhen also here, after all has been together a period of time, had the sentiment. You have the skill to come in! I do not catch up with you to walk that's it.” White Tiger said with a smile. Liu Meng'er emitted Jade Lotus flying disc, Shen Xiang jumped, they and White Tiger said goodbye, then flew. After above, Shen Xiang suddenly sees Gu Dongchen to fly toward him, present Gu Dongchen where that is dashing, elegant bearing good-looking Dean? Is a beggar in roadside, the whole body is dirty, the hair is dishevelled, on the face full is the black mud, tattered is on the clothes is also sending out odors! Young Martial Uncle, you...... Your unexpectedly and her together!” After Gu Dongchen sees Liu Meng'er that Jade Lotus flying disc, immediately startled shouted one. Little Featherhead, how do you become this appearance?” Shen Xiang is covering the nose, knits the brows to ask. Also is not because looks for you, your bastard, I look for you laboriously, looking stay up till dawn, who knows that your unexpectedly and this woman together......” the Gu Dongchen heart is about to explode with rage, he knows that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's underground affection, thinks Shen Xiang for serveral days and such beautiful woman together was overwhelmed with emotion, he almost spat blood. Gu Dongchen was worried that Shen Xiang died in that Evil Devil storm, when the time comes does he go facing Huang Jintian? Therefore he went all out to look!

Sister Meng'er, walks! Pays no attention to him, stank to high heaven!” Shen Xiang laughs, this made Gu Dongchen be mad has bellowed. Liu Meng'er stimulates to movement Jade Lotus flying disc, has flown into the airborne that giant black gate, then appears in the sea level. Brother Gu, your this Young Martial Uncle also lucky in love great! Now looks like, Liu Meng'er this woman had been taken by him, for serveral days you looked for him laboriously, but he actually with Liu Meng'er...... Hehe.” Although Lian Yingxiao said that but actually very much envies Shen Xiang, he is also a loose type, the woman has many, but arrives at Liu Meng'er this altitude woman not to have, he thinks Liu Meng'er such capable woman, but be much stronger than his over a hundred women. Gu Dongchen coldly snorted: His good and bad is my Young Martial Uncle, is the apprentice of that old lunatic, what line doesn't have many skills?” Lian Yingxiao shakes the head smiles, waves, releases one group of water splash, flushes cleanly Gu Dongchen, has flown from this White Tiger Mysterious Realm together. expert that these come in rejoices without reason, especially several discover mineral lode in this inside, under White Tiger might, they have to leave, after all here was others domains, the crystal ore is they found, but actually also others. Naturally, comes to obtain the biggest advantage is Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er. little rascal, do not come to look for me these days, you know.” Liu Meng'er has pinched his arm, whispered to say. Shen Xiang has put out that Refiners Scroll, said with a smile: This is I have promised you, takes away!” Liu Meng'er hastily receives, immediately opens several pages, sees inside content, her pair of beautiful eyes glittering various wild with joy unusualities, Shen Xiang's is not knowing to her chest on. Felt that own chest suddenly was attacked, Liu Meng'er responded that hastily has whipped the Shen Xiang's head: „Was little rascal, what to do seen by others? Honest!”

Liu Meng'er receives Refiners Scroll, she later again looked is not late. Regarding the Shen Xiang's matter, she is also curious, especially beforehand Su Meiyao quietly gives her sound transmission the time, but also teaches fierce divine art sutra to her, making him benefit greatly. Knows that side Shen Xiang with a mysterious and formidable woman, Liu Meng'er is eating the vinegar secretly, she has not gone to ask that Shen Xiang has about the Su Meiyao's matter, she guessed that definitely is the Shen Xiang biggest secret. Looks that the badness on Shen Xiang that handsome face smiles, Liu Meng'er knows that side Shen Xiang definitely will have many women, regarding this, she can only recognize. You want transcends tribulation time told me, I will help as far as possible your!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, is touching the Liu Meng'er's white hands. Felt that some people approach, Liu Meng'er hastily works loose Shen Xiang's, saw only Gu Dongchen to ride flying disc to pursue, Lian Yingxiao also above. Returns to Extreme Martial Sect with him!” The Liu Meng'er some Shirdi did not say, although Shen Xiang always plays a dirty trick to her, but she actually very much wants with Shen Xiang together. Shen Xiang jumps to Gu Dongchen flying disc on, is waving goodbye to Liu Meng'er. After Liu Meng'er flies away, Shen Xiang sighed slightly, then sat. Young Martial Uncle, what relationship you and did she develop?” Gu Dongchen smiles the flavor. Lian Yingxiao is also very curious, the man and man together, would not being able to avoid this topic.

Urges to go faster, does this close your trifling thing?” Shen Xiang also abstained from now that he knows Lian Yingxiao and Gu Dongchen will not say, said that at most is the Liu Meng'er's pressure greatly, but his Shen Xiang are most is also envied dead. Shen Xiang, I have several daughters to see you...... Does not know......” Considers as finished, I do not want to shout that you are the father-in-law.” The Shen Xiang booth lets go, says with a smile. Oh, no wonder, you have Liu Meng'er this woman, can not be been many by the nature that you can have a liking.” Lian Yingxiao said with a sigh, he pursued Liu Meng'er many years in the past, finally has lived it up Liu Meng'er, causing Liu Meng'er not to speak with him. Shen Xiang asked: Including Senior, Lian Mingdong is your son?” The Lian Mingdong status has made Shen Xiang curious, he always thought that Lian Mingdong is not simple, moreover looks like with Lian Yingxiao very much. Is my son, but he somewhat hates me. Oh, that blames me, without taking care of good his mother, causing his mother to be killed, therefore he left Lotus Island young.” What is Lian Mingdong your son? This brat very much long time ago arrived at Extreme Martial Sect, which aspect regardless of were stronger than your several arrogant brat, now thinks that Lian Mingdong also really very much looked like you, but he did not have you to be so loose, probably women did not have.” The Gu Dongchen whole face is surprised, Lian Mingdong is also that King Martial Courtyard, Gu Dongchen takes King Martial Courtyard Dean, knew about inside disciples, moreover trains them with emphasis.