World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 494
Lian Yingxiao long sighed, deeping frown. Mingdong since childhood with his mother together . Moreover the life is simple, aptitude is outstanding, but he, because hates me, renounces me to the resources that he provides, finally leaves home, I also know that he in Extreme Martial Sect, he can cross well in, I felt at ease.” Speaking of Lian Mingdong, Lian Yingxiao concern heavily, has flown from flying disc. Shen Xiang thought that this matter is not absolutely simple, but this is others' family work, he is not good to closely examine. After returning to Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard hastily, wants to have a look at Wu Qianqian to come back, but actually disappears, he had very long time not to see this Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty. Shen Xiang wants to go to alchemy some herbs to Wu Qianqian, not only this can let the Wu Qianqian's alchemy technique promotion, simultaneously he does not need to refine. Looks now, Liu Meng'er wants transcends tribulation quickly, I teach Tai Chi Divine Art to her, she will definitely promote quickly, therefore you best are prepare some Life Returning Pill herbs to give her.” Su Meiyao said that Liu Meng'er passes to Shen Xiang Icewind Divine Art, making Bai Youyou benefit greatly, does not need to practice that Ruthless Devil Art also to be formidable again, their apprentice sisters thanked Liu Meng'er's in this aspect. What? Have you passed to Sister Meng'er Tai Chi Divine Art?” Shen Xiang has called out in alarm one, because he does not know this matter. At that time you were unconscious, moreover you almost exploded the body dead, I passed to her Tai Chi Divine Art, making her use Tai Chi Divine Art inside characteristics, absorbed the skill that your within the body these are unable to digest fast! Also, my this was also thanking her, her Icewind Divine Art made Senior Sister relieve many years of puzzle.” Su Meiyao said that if possible, she wants to become friends with now with Liu Meng'er such woman, but after her, definitely some are the opportunities. Has the time, you pass to her Ice Spirit Devil Aura, is I thanks her.” Bai Youyou said. Because Shen Xiang has Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou teaches fierce martial arts, behind also has Huang Jintian's Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is Long Xueyi's unsurpassed Dragon Martial Technique, therefore he does not know that precious of divine art, does not have what concept to divine art, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are clear, divine art is hard-won. In any case she was your woman, we did not have what good worry!” Su Meiyao ambiguous said with a smile, all matters that Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang had, watched by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, because they hid on that mysterious ring.

Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: You also are really bad, peeps we to be intimate!” little rascal, you can occupy she such big convenient, I gave many strength.” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. Hehe, when you can also make me occupy such big convenient to be good.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, then the recollections in close succession get up, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's beautiful appearance not under Liu Meng'er, moreover respectively has the characteristics, thinks that hugs these three noble peerless beautiful women in the bosom, his breath shortness. Do not let one's thoughts wander!” The Bai Youyou sound scolds to say severely where the Shen Xiang's bosom thoughts she can not know? Quickly tries your present condense dragon saliva, definitely before , different!” Heard the Bai Youyou's words, Shen Xiang remembers him to have Universe Fire Spirit now, after displaying that Dragon Saliva Art, will be definitely different, before he because fused Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, condense left fiercer golden dragon saliva, but now? No one knows that can only be able to know through the Shen Xiang attempt! Shen Xiang has taken a bath, sits cross-legged on the bed, starts revolution Dragon Saliva Art, simultaneously is inducing Universe Fire Spirit in within the body. After Fire Spirit integrates the skeleton, blood and soul person, making in the flesh and blood of person contain a very small flame pellet, through absorbing Spirit Qi, these pellets can strengthen! But in Shen Xiang beforehand Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, these pellets can release Life Force to come, Shen Xiang extracts Life Force from these weak pellets, coordinates Dragon Saliva Art to revolve, condense leaves golden dragon saliva. Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit from fierce positive, the energy that Sun releases can breed various lives, that Universe Fire Spirit?

What is this?” Shen Xiang sees Universe Fire Spirit these small pellets quickly, what making him shock, in these pellets has is sending out the white cloud energy. These energies are not the dependence absorb True Qi to expand, but can be formidable! In order to see clearly, he is observing with rapt attention, is quick he to know why these white energies can be formidable, this makes him excited the breath shortness. These white energies are very mysterious, can split, an energy pellet is divided into two similar qualities the energy pellets, after the fission, fuses again, splits again, fuses again, self- formidable, sometimes can also split many, fuses again becomes stronger. This is the self- creation, this is Creation Power! Baseless creation!” Shen Xiang has been shocked, after discovering this, he told Su Meiyao immediately them. They upon learning this, feels shocking. It seems like in your flame Universe Fire Spirit is containing this Creation Power, even if no Spirit Qi, your Fire Spirit slowly will be also formidable, can create Spirit Qi to come, but also just formed now, the speed of creation is limited, if the later speed is fast, you will have continuous strength!” Su Meiyao said. With these Creation Power comes the condense dragon saliva words, spirit herb to affirm that grows quickly!” Bai Youyou said that Shen Xiang's this progress, making her be pleased. Perhaps this Creation Power can make a leaf grow into one to set up, or uses a spirit fruit fruit, can create spirit fruit to come directly, does not need to plant a tree to be so troublesome again.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is ready to make trouble, immediately carries on revolution Dragon Saliva Art, withdraws these Creation Power, is only a double-hour, in his mouth on full is this Creation Power, moreover he did not think that has anything to consume! He spits in bottle, has half bottle.

Now gives a try, mysterious!” Shen Xiang extremely anticipated that puts in that half bottle of Creation Power the ring, lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou attempts in ring inside medicine garden. These Creation Power like the clear water, do not have the aura, does not have the gloss, if not Shen Xiang condense comes out, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao also think that this is half bottle of clear water. Attempts with Azure Profound Fruit, you come!” Su Meiyao said that gives Shen Xiang that half bottle of Creation Power and Azure Profound Fruit. Shen Xiang slivers eight Azure Profound Fruit, then trickles on one a drop, he waited for a moment later, that scrap Azure Profound Fruit meat was wrapped immediately by a white light. The white light increases slowly, becomes a head is so big, after the white light vanishes, Shen Xiang has shocked, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also shocked! Azure Profound Fruit only then the fist is generally big, but that table above Azure Profound Fruit is actually similar to braves the green light big watermelon, looking from that rich Spirit Qi, this Azure Profound Fruit quality is extremely high. This...... This is only one drop!” A drop, scrap Azure Profound Fruit turns into a complete fruit, moreover is similar to the watermelon is equally big.