World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 495
Shen Xiang is wild with joy, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao also in ring excited! Later does not need to plant these ghosts to set up again, can turn with this thing directly comes!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, hastily gives Long Xueyi that watermelon equally big Azure Profound Fruit, this makes Long Xueyi excited giggle to laugh. Shen Xiang dropped one drop, quick turns into a watermelon size scrap fruit pulp Azure Profound Fruit, this time he puts in this Azure Profound Fruit the ring, lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou appraisal quality. Doesn't know on spirit dan can have this effect?” After Shen Xiang thinks, immediately does, cuts open grain of True Elemental Dan, then trickles drop of Creation Power, but he waited for a long time, does not have any response. Should not be good, your pill does not have the vitality! But Azure Profound Fruit these plants have, can therefore create.” Su Meiyao said: That Azure Profound Fruit quality is very good, is equal to ten Azure Profound Fruit these many!” Shen Xiang made Su Meiyao take out dot Life Returning Grass, only then the fingernail was so big, then dropped drop of that Creation Power above, not long, that flake Life Returning Grass wound around by the white light, after the white light vanished, that flake grass was also only big little. Was Earth Level High-Grade spirit herb, the speed of growing up is too worthily slow!” Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, but this also in the reason, then his less than half bottle Creation Power completely drops on that piece of grass. Not long, the grass of that fingernail size has a finger to be so big. Came half bottle to be able again to turn into maturity complete Life Returning Grass.” Su Meiyao said pleasantly surprised that this may plant to be much quicker than using the grass seed, according to the Shen Xiang condense Creation Power speed, two double-hour can cause Life Returning Grass to come, must plant before for a long time. Then, Shen Xiang not only tried Life Returning Grass, to try Nine Elements Flower and White Jade Lotus Seed, the way of this attempt was different, he cut in half White Jade Lotus Seed, then used the less than half bottle on half, such one, Creation Power made White Jade Lotus Seed create other half.

Nine Elements Flower is also so, such one, he does not need to use a lot of time to plant trees again, then waits for maturity, so long as now he created that's alright! Creation time needs the main body, can be very small, can be half! A day later, Shen Xiang can cause two Life Returning Pill herbs, this way was really too heaven defying, if were known by Heaven World these pills Big Shot, Shen Xiang definitely will have very big trouble. „The words how to come, can mince some herbs, then dilutes these Creation Power to the water, is used to water these spirit herb fragments, quick can make these spirit herb complete, then minces these spirit herb, waters again......” Su Meiyao said here, excited and excited took a deep breath! Creation Power is the self-disunion, then fuses, then splits, fuses again...... Such infinite loop, grows continually, this with using carries on the batch creation same truth on herbs! This is Creation Power in universe! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs wildly, so long as he obtains precious herbs, he can these herbs batch duplications, in this pills so rare and precious world, he definitely be popular from now on. Five days, Shen Xiang has ten Life Returning Pill herbs, this makes him want to look for Liu Meng'er immediately, but he knows that now cannot disturb Liu Meng'er to practice.

Naturally, he also has matter to do now, the matter that he must be busy are also many, he has complied with Elder Dan, must be able to refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan in three years, with Elder Dan one high under! Now he starts to refine Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, he obtained spring garden fruit trees and some Pure Elemental Fruit in Evil Demon Mysterious Realm in King Continent before, can be used to refine Pure Elemental Golden Pill, Pure Elemental Golden Pill is one type can rapidly increase True Qi pills, suits True Martial Realm 9th Stage and Peak Realm Spirit Martial Realm martial artist takes. According to Shen Xiang knows, Pure Elemental Golden Pill also little has in the market condition . Moreover the price is very high, a grain takes 2,000,000-3,000,000 crystal stones, even if has crystal stones to be also hard to buy. Pure Elemental Golden Pill is herbs is not only rare, the refinement difficulty is also very high, main material is Pure Elemental Fruit and leaf of Pure Elemental Fruit tree, then coordinates some high years auxiliary herbs. Pure Elemental Fruit is very special spirit fruit, so long as were stimulated, will explode, therefore refinement time, needs to refine for the temperate flame, even if so, incautiously will blast out. Shen Xiang obtains that Pure Elemental Fruit tree time, Su Meiyao already picked the leaf and fruit, was divided into, lets Shen Xiang refined time can be quicker. This pill be much better compared with Five Elements True Elemental Dan, after is Profound Level middle-grade! In pills, high equal means that very big disparity, needs main herbs, although only then two, but is extremely difficult to look, once were stimulated, these Pure Elemental Fruit will also ruin, your previous entire tree makes, has ruined many Pure Elemental Fruit.” Su Meiyao said. If had been destroyed so many Pure Elemental Fruit by these alchemy masters by Shen Xiang, definitely will love dearly, but Shen Xiang actually a point does not care now, so long as gives him several days of time, he can cause a big pile, he even can treat as an attack the exploding pill to pound the person Pure Elemental Fruit. So long as can refine several types of Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, can Elder Dan compete alchemy! When the time comes can have a look at her long anything appearance, I was curious was very long!” Shen Xiang said. Naturally, what he most is worried is Elder Dan crosses the Nirvana Realm safety, he regarded as his good friend Elder Dan, therefore he decides when the time comes to meet Elder Dan, gives her some Life Returning Pill herbs.

Shen Xiang has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, has sighed with emotion one, he knows after one have Universe Fire Spirit, when alchemy will be faster, especially the fever builds up these stubborn herbs. Shen Xiang's alchemy technique was no one studies, now he has been familiar with magic power slowly refines, that may be much easier-to-use than Divine Sense, when for example was used to extrude these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi, magic power can solve with ease. His cautious and solemn refining Pure Elemental Golden Pill herbs puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then starts to pour into the flame, only hears Bang a dull thumping sound. „Did this explode?” The flame that Shen Xiang uses was temperate, but he with enough time has not actually carried on refining simulation, that Pure Elemental Fruit received the stimulation to explode, but also blew up other herbs. I have said with you, it seems like your Refining Simulation Technique also not proficient, you must a quicker response, be likely more in later this type of herbs.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, continues to start, had been a moment ago familiar with that Pure Elemental Fruit characteristics when him, therefore the second time can carry on more accurate refining simulation.