World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 496
In the secret room, Shen Xiang's pill furnace shivers with a explosion sound. „The fifth time!” Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, is sweating profusely, he is first time is defeated these many times with Refining Simulation Technique, this Pure Elemental Golden Pill is really difficult to refine. refining simulation of this consumption spirit, making his head heavy, he closed one's eyes to rest, was pondering reason that he failed. His mother, is these leaf evils, the same leaf, a nature point is why different, some must burn with the raging fire very much stubbornly, some are very temperate, incautiously did not have, moreover vanished causes in pill furnace a confusion piece, detonated Pure Elemental Fruit.” Shen Xiang greatly incomparable, these leaves have dozens pieces, each size is different, is not exactly the same, quite in having dozens nature different spirit herb, moreover is either stubborn, either is frail. In addition these auxiliary herbs, are equal to must simultaneously refining simulation 60-70 the changes of herbs, this makes Shen Xiang puzzle over. These leaves are from the beginning same, but after flame incinerator, will have different mutations, do not despise these leaves, otherwise was not main herbs! You must have the mutation earliest possible time in these leaves, grasps the nature of each leaf, must closely remember, can carry on correct refining simulation.” Su Meiyao said. These leaves have the mutation time not when simultaneously, some are quick, some are slow, will have slightly, will not be carelessly able to grasp, all leaves will have the mutation will seem like the flash, but actually will not be, because that will have very weak time disparity. Therefore Shen Xiang must instantaneous in remember the natures of these dozens leaves in half, carries on fast refining simulation again, according to result that refining simulation obtains, in half instantaneous hastily adjustment, then carries on next time refining simulation, the next adjustment, his time has half instance. The alchemy master who arrives at Dan King that rank, can decompose a double-hour the flash, although is an instance, but in these Dan King eyes, will become and a double-hour so will be slow, therefore they will have enough time to go to refining simulation! You should know that Refining Simulation Technique is high to the request that the time grasps, the time that sometimes half instantaneously is not, can make you fall short!” You must know that sometimes Heaven Level pill of these Dan King refinements, is a lot of years get so far as one, therefore they cannot be defeated!”

The time is very short, but if insight is keen, looks at very slowly the quick time, he does not need because of the time in causes refining simulation to be defeated without enough time. When is similar to the enemy is fast the fist, but because the eyesight and Divine Sense enough, can the quick fist of enemy slow down, then avoids, or resists. Shen Xiang understands now, when refinement advanced pill, is not only the dependence is defeated repeatedly can refine successfully, but needs the promotion in other aspects. After resting, Shen Xiang continued to refine Pure Elemental Golden Pill, this time he must focus on these leaves producing the mutation instance, he must put that instantaneously slowly is very very slow, can each leaf knowing things like the back of one's hand, carry on correct refining simulation again. Must achieve this, the Shen Xiang's power of observation must become quickly, is more accurate! Ten times, Shen Xiang had broken through, can let time slowing-down, but to the consumption of spirit is actually very big, now he knows why when refines other advanced pill, the strength request to person is higher. Even if he cultivates Divine Dao, although Divine Sense is strong, but is continual, makes him unable to endure. These time must step over that threshold!” Shen Xiang has rested one all day, maintains the peak at the condition by oneself, the previous failure, he was only misses a leaf not to grasp. Pure Elemental Fruit and leaf have have, but also suffices him to be defeated several times, if not successful, he also can only and other days, plant again multi- some comes out to refine again.

The moment passes by, Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, he stepped over that to stop him step to success the hole in the ground of finally, he can grasp that dozens special characteristics different leaves now, starts to carry on correct refining simulation. The difficulty is overcomes little, succeeds to accumulate after the unceasing failure, although has not succeeded now, but Shen Xiang is very excited, because he stepped over a ridge. Quick, arrives at has congealed pill the time, now is to also need the refining simulation most difficult time, must carry on continuous refining simulation, adjusts to be wrong I, again refining simulation, readjustment...... Is alternately crowded, continuously till to congeal the pill success merit! If not he uses magic power to go to congeal auxiliary pill, his present Divine Sense is definitely insufficient, because he has consumed on refining simulation. Although uses magic power to make him lighten the Divine Sense above burden, but he is still actually sweating profusely, the whole body soaks, the headache wants to crack, luckily before him , when refines other pill was already used to it, otherwise he will be insane. The Shen Xiang forehead full is the blue vein, the muscle on face twitches, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace also crazily shivers, the present is to congeal pill's critical moment! A moment later, on Shen Xiang complexion pallid face reappears wipes ruddily, the whole body is tying tight he was also loose, pills stopped swaying, although he failed almost 20 times, but also used several days of time to refine Pure Elemental Golden Pill to come on the success, if did not have Refining Simulation Technique, he has not known that must be defeated many times! Finally became!” He turns on the pill furnace cover, only in sees to reappear four grains of golden light glittering pill pellet to come, this is Pure Elemental Golden Pill!

Although has four grains, but effect goes 40 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan be stronger than! Are more than a grain that in the book records, I thought after I was familiar, should also be able a furnace to leave five grains.” Shen Xiang gives Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou two grains of Pure Elemental Golden Pill, a grain gives Long Xueyi. Excellent quality! When many alchemy masters study refinement newly pill, having pill will measure and quality falls to lowly, will guarantee to succeed, after waiting will be familiar, starts to improve the quality, will then be increases pill to measure.” Su Meiyao said. But Shen Xiang actually from the beginning decided that must refine the excellent quality and pill measures to be many, runs counter with many alchemy masters, therefore already he had pill to be many, the quality is high. It seems like I must refine to be many this pill, after my cultivation base is stable, I can eat, other people eat can also promote rapidly!” Shen Xiang starts to plan. If before, he probably must plant, but now he, so long as minces the pure Yuan leaf and Pure Elemental Fruit, then waters with Soul Creation Fluid, quick will have in large numbers. He then is start to condense practices Soul Creation Fluid, this is he gives the name that this mystical thing gives! Makes more, I can sell to Little Featherhead, knocks his one greatly.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, he also had ten hundreds of millions crystal stones properties now, just in these Dean Big Shot eyes still not worthy of mentioning.