World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 499
Shen Xiang wants not to think that walks toward city wall that sliding door, he anxiously must look for Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan now. brat, you determined that you can go in?” Guard suddenly said. Naturally, how? Now didn't enroll the student?” Shen Xiang anchors the footsteps. You do not know that passage is most difficult one? These difficulty small passage have closed, because Devil Subduing School the move has sufficed the student, if afterward also some people want to go , can only walk that difficulty biggest passage!” That guards said with a sneer. Oh! Shen Xiang has complied with one, this does not care, the stride has stepped the past. Takes a road you definitely to be defeated, until now nobody can successfully pass, moreover you is a person, that passage is left to have the squad of team spirit to come.” That guard and said. Shen Xiang has grasped scratching the head: This road can allow me to enter the Devil Subduing School's road is only right?” Right!” I must walk, rubbish, have a good look your gate.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that an arrow step flies to leap up to the door under that city wall in front. Shen Xiang had not felt that in has anything, but has cool wind to blow, he did not fear now that instead very anticipated, because he tries that White Tiger Divine Weapon, killer's fierce of hand, is the fierce thing, more can make him try the White Tiger Divine Weapon might. After walking, Shen Xiang is vigilant immediately that he has come quickly to the end, has not met any danger(ous) all the way, this makes him have doubts, before that guard said here and Hell such, but the present is so tranquil. Behind this gate?” Shen Xiang feels that thick Stone Gate, slowly shoves open. Shoved open Stone Gate, Shen Xiang presented a dazzling white light at present, he went out of Stone Gate, arrived at around one to gather round the circular ratio of tall wall to fight the field.

Make him feel that like is these arenas, but this arena is very very big, the width reaches several thousand feet (333 m), was being covered by unusual powerful formations. dāng dāng dāng ting suddenly resounds, only hears some people of startled shouted: Some people came, some people walked death passage!” Shen Xiang frowned, looks all around, but anything has not actually seen, but on the tall wall came many people gradually, is some good-looking man beautiful women, on their faces is having a facial expression of watching the fun, with partner joke. The arena to be used to try to please some people, sometimes is the beast and beast hits, sometimes is person and the beast, generally is the Divine Sense fights. That formation is quite fierce, gets down from above comes up from below, is difficult.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang stands in the arenas, looks at these to stand in the tall wall above person, seeks face that he is familiar with, but has not actually seen. „Isn't this person Shen Xiang? I have seen him the martial arts contest on King Continent, but was fierce!” Male suddenly shouted. Shen Xiang! This name likes thunder reverberating in one's ears in entire Mortal Martial World, especially regarding young people, because Shen Xiang is peak in young generation exists now, regardless in alchemy or strength, if wants not to know that he is is very difficult. Really is Shen Xiang! I also think that he will not come this Devil Subduing School, this fellow definitely is closing up.” Also diligently, all day closes up, his strength so will be no wonder strong!” „Is this your Mortal Martial World strongest young people? I must have a look at him but actually fiercely!” A wear magnificently dressed youth said. Hehe, you from other world, have not watched his martial arts contest with own eyes, definitely cannot feel his great strength!”

„......” At this time the people in discuss spiritedly Shen Xiang this man of the hour, especially knew when Shen Xiang hits the completely squashed cake the Fire God Palace that fiercest young people 2-3 months ago, cannot help but sighed again and again. What he must face is Profound Beast, that Profound Beast strength presses up to two Profound Beast, before that eight people of squads had been quickly repulsed, he can a person, pass now?” A man said. Was difficult saying that that Profound Beast very was truly strong, although was Profound Beast, but several Spirit Martial Realm martial artist are hard defeating, but Shen Xiang actually can make some astonishing matters to come.” Talked Shen Xiang suddenly catch to this 1st Stage, now he knows that he must face danger(ous), unexpectedly was fierce Profound Beast! He looks on a stone wall leaf of huge black iron gate, he guessed that behind that leaf of black big iron gate, should be that Profound Beast hiding place. The big iron gate opens, baleful aura suddenly has welled up, but Shen Xiang has not actually seen any Profound Beast, but white beard old man walks slowly. He He, is your excellency Young Hero Shen?” That old man asked that Shen Xiang their Devil Subduing School can not hear at the matter that Mortal Martial Realm did handle? Moreover Shen Xiang is also the person who they most pay attention, although Shen Xiang and many influences become enemies, but stands the Shen Xiang's standpoint, Shen Xiang was also compelled. Naturally, the most important factor, was Shen Xiang has issued a warrant for arrest by Devil World's Devil God Decree, matter knowing things like the back of one's hand of Devil Subduing School to Demon and Devil World, when they knew when Mortal World brat received issuing a warrant for arrest of this rank, the shock was incomparable, because when enraged Devil God, will issue a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree. Therefore looks like in Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang definitely made offended the Devil God's matter, that matter was Heaven World above Immortal somewhat is difficult to achieve. Shen Xiang shrugs, said: I am, if I want to enter the Devil Subduing School study, can defeat you?” white beard old man said with a smile: You think that you can win me?”

Naturally cannot win, but must rub the white beard to burn down your.” This makes that old man trace that wisp of white beard subconsciously, he said with a smile: You are the same with the hearsay, but also is really a wild fellow! Your match is not I, is my behind everybody.” The old man voice falls, Heaven-shaking tiger's roar suddenly transmits, reverberates in this huge circular arena, is similar to the startling thunderclap near the Shen Xiang ear crazy crack general, but that murderous aura fills the air in the arena. After the roar transmits, sees only a build such as the great shape, the whole body blood red, is drunk to reveal the great tigers of two great teeth to walk slowly, every step makes the earth vibrate, sends out pēng pēng pēng sound, is very scary. Appeared, Sword Fang Blood Tiger!” A man screamed. Sword Fang Blood Tiger! That is very cruel Demon Beast, can adolescence! This Demon Beast is also most fearful, can evolve Spirit Beast from Demon Beast finally becomes the Profound Beast fellow, it can be imagined he passed through many time has slaughtered. Shen Xiang has not hit with this colossus for a long time, at this time his unexpectedly does not have the fear, this makes many people admire but actually, before also some people took this road, but after seeing is huge Sword Fang Blood Tiger, majority withdraw, only then some squads dare to try to challenge. „Do you determine you to with this everybody duel? Don't you fear death?” That must old man ask steadily with a smile. Shen Xiang smiled: You determined that can let this and my duel? You did not fear that he does die?” Good crazy brat, such being the case, then I must have a look at you to have any skill but actually!” That old man leaps gently, jumps airborne, stands on the tall wall, is overlooking the arena.