World Defying Dan God - Volume 5 - Chapter 500
Sword Fang Blood Tiger sees old man to get out of the way, immediately roars again and again, the giant body spout intermittent baleful aura, wants to frighten Shen Xiang through this. Let Shen Xiang think what is funny, in his White Tiger this tiger divine beast can be defeated, let alone this evolution incomplete tiger. From arriving here, on Shen Xiang's both hands were many a pair of white gauntlet (glove), this is also very normal matter, some martial artist at the martial arts contest, are bringing the glove, therefore has not cared about his pair to be attached the soul by killer's hand the hand! How I use White Tiger Divine Weapon today the effect that tries to catch a tiger.” In the Shen Xiang heart is excited, is gripping tightly the fist, settles on opportunity fight. Sword Fang Blood Tiger roared several, seeing Shen Xiang not to be frightened by him, he thought that he was looked down on, immediately is wild with rage, angry roar, then swoops toward Shen Xiang, simultaneously spout together black Qi from that big mouth. Was too slow!” When Sword Fang Blood Tiger throws, Shen Xiang whiz one shunts on jump, arrives at that giant tiger body the body side, such as the hill common abdomen is fighting with the fists to that. Shen Xiang leaves the instance of fist, Universe True Qi in within the body is similar to are welling up crazily the great river, gushes out from the dantian, through every large or small meridians, pours into the Shen Xiang's arm, attacks on the fist, erupts a strong impulse, hits by that God Slaughtering Hand bang, that strength is Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, after erupting a hasty airing, then hit on that giant tiger body. Bang a bang, is the arena violently trembles afterward, that giant tiger body unexpectedly fought with the fists to fly by Shen Xiang, hits on that big stone wall! Powerful impulse swings qi wave, the dust of sweeping tread, forms the intermittent strong winds, sways on the stone wall, appears with overpowering momentum.

The Shen Xiang both feet just moved the ground, is similar to an arrow flies to shoot, toward that hit in the stone wall nearby Sword Fang Blood Tiger sprint in the past, this Shen Xiang, but the double fist dance, forms innumerable fist image, blocks the sky to cover generally, fist image surges, the air shatters, sends out the intermittent explosive, hits on that Sword Fang Blood Tiger tiger body, is sticks out suddenly intermittently is similar to the startling thunderclap common billowing explosive, hits keeping of that Sword Fang Blood Tiger rolls up, although has sent out painful roaring hiss, but was actually covered by the Shen Xiang fist explosive sound. This shocks the scene of person, looks at all people dumbfounded, their suddenly suspected that Sword Fang Blood Tiger was many days has not eaten the thing, unexpectedly became such weak, was compelled near the wall to punch crazily, did not have the strength to hit back. Now only then Sword Fang Blood Tiger is clear the pain that he receives is how painful, especially on the Shen Xiang's fist has one type to make him feel that frightened strength, that strength makes his soul shiver, keeping him from making the counter-attack, can only withstand that is similar to suddenly the thunder common fist. Sword Fang Blood Tiger is tiger class, most dreads to White Tiger, but on Shen Xiang that gauntlet (glove) with the body of White Tiger refines, inside has White Tiger unique strength, after Shen Xiang uses Universe Qi, strength amplification obviously. Not long, the body of Sword Fang Blood Tiger on the dripping with blood, lets his red superficial knowledge red splendor, that tenacious fierce appearance, was exploded the fist exploding actually fully by Shen Xiang's is the blood hole. Really insipid, unexpectedly was frightened strength that hits back not to have.” In the Shen Xiang heart is not feeling well very much, because this cannot try fierce of White Tiger Divine Weapon. Has hit after the period of time, that Sword Fang Blood Tiger has sent out intermittent calling out in a low voice, but Shen Xiang suddenly has actually fallen back on the middle of arena! Also shocks the person in Shen Xiang that wild fist technique, now some are also unreadable, Shen Xiang may continue a moment ago greatly, hit Sword Fang Blood Tiger to faint in the past deadly. But Shen Xiang actually does not think, the words that he must continue, have not known when must project on, he only wants a bit faster to finish.

He...... Is he doing!” A person screamed, because he saw Shen Xiang's back suddenly to present pair of huge fire wings. This is his True Qi fire wings, heard that can become very greatly!” Now does not need to hear, because the people personally saw Shen Xiang that to fire wings big, extends unexpectedly to have several thousand feet (333 m) widths, is covering this arena, this circular arena was crossed to huge fire wings by Shen Xiang that appears shocks. Purgatory Tornado!” Shen Xiang's body suddenly revolves crazily, that just obtained gasping for breath opportunity Sword Fang Blood Tiger immediately curling by this crazy Fire Tornado in the past. Let alone is giant Sword Fang Blood Tiger, even if a great mountain, will be whirled away by this crazy Tornado. The Shen Xiang's wings looks like the reamer is common, during revolving can also release Tornado! In tall wall above person completely dumbstruck, because they at present that circular arena is the flame, that tyrannical crazy is roaring, revolves, appears very terrifying, seems probably is Purgatory is ordinary. Some many person retreat came slowly, they worried that was curled goes, although resisting of formation, but some people cannot help but fear, they know after being curled, definitely will not feel better. This brat......” that white beard old man is also the whole face shock, he is pouring into strength, consolidates that formation.

You hurry to leave!” white beard old man exclaimed, this made these still awaken in the person of being in a daze, fled from this arena wear a look of panic-stricken. The Shen Xiang present flame no small matter, that is not the fire of pure Vermilion Bird, but is Universe Fire that vigorous Universe True Qi urges to send, this type of flame is very tyrannical, now by the release that Shen Xiang leaves no ground, boiling hot scalding hot strength is corroding these formation foundations, is ruining formation slowly. Could not block!” That old man is also sweating profusely, at this time, in that giant arena suddenly spout was revolving together crazily the column of flame, direct impact Yun Tian, heat of incomparable terror welled up to the four directions, burnt down the ash around arena all completely. At this time, all people in Devil Subduing School can see that to say the suddenly spout, but giant column of flame, can feel entire Devil Subduing School by terrifying sultry covering, presses the person not to gasp for breath. You won! Stops quickly!” That white beard old man shouted, he cannot prevent Shen Xiang forcefully, he worried that can make Shen Xiang be injured. Shen Xiang hastily receives the hand, was curled the Sword Fang Blood Tiger also bang of heaven falls, must fall to the ground is the time is actually used the strength cradling by that white beard old man. Early did not say how many True Qi making me waste.” Shen Xiang descends slowly, smiles was saying. That white beard old man looks to turn into the ruins the arena, the forced smile said: How I know that your this brat such savage, does not know shows mercy!”