World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 501
Sword Fang Blood Tiger is truly strong, after Shen Xiang such one after another attacks, unexpectedly can also stand, because just on Shen Xiang has White Tiger Divine Weapon, causes Sword Fang Blood Tiger not any hitting back strength, this is frightened. Then, Shen Xiang with that steadily must old man, leave that to turn into the ruins the arena, arrived at one has been similar to the great mountain general construction. In a giant palace. This is the Devil Subduing School's medal, after taking, you can come and go out freely! I am vice- Dean, Zhao Tao! Be responsible for in Devil Subduing School many miscellaneous matters.” Zhao Tao said. After Shen Xiang receives, asked: In Devil Subduing School main study what? I am very curious, why you are willing to pay these many, the consumption huge resources establish an institute.” Zhao Tao sighed: This is not we are selfless, we such do, but does not want to make numerous Mortal World ruin, although these Mortal World with Heaven World in different spaces, but somewhat also will say relationship! The hundred thousand year ago, many Mortal World were seized by Demon and Devil, at that time, Heaven World was greatly affected.” Present numerous Mortal World has not restored from previous time three realms great war, if we such do not do, will have many Mortal World to be destroyed, possible three realms passage will not close when the time comes!” That Fire God Palace also thinks?” Shen Xiang knit the brows, asks. „It is not, Fire God Palace is thinking makes the deceased person wealth, but they were too naive, thinks that can repel Demon and Devil depending on them, this is the wishful thinking! Demon and Devil and humanity are different, Demon and Devil has some inherent strength and special strength, on fleshly body and vitality compared with humanity.” Shen Xiang secret one startled, Fire God Palace comes the Mortal Martial World reason really to guess with him is the same. „Really is Fire God Palace one plunders the Fire Spirit evil forces specially?” The Shen Xiang sinking sound asked.

Zhao Tao gawked staring, the complexion nodded dignifiedly: Truly is, but they have not left behind the handle, does not have any evidence to show that they have the deal in this aspect! Now has us here, they have not dared to act unreasonably.” Nod of Shen Xiang feels relieved. You live here, every day has the curriculum to arrange, will allow you deeply to understand Demon and Devil World, then studies martial skill, some restrain Demon and Devil martial skill specially! But is difficult, 3000 students, can have 300 societies to be good!” Regarding studying martial skill, Shen Xiang does not have what good worry but actually, he is skilled in many divine art, can pass itself to study the experiences of these divine art to study other martial skill. What illusion do you want residence?” Zhao Tao asked. Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, somewhat embarrassed said: My wife also here, can I live in together with her?” Zhao Tao he he smiles: Naturally! In this case, I was needless to say with you matter that in too many institutes paid attention, making her tell you to be good.” Old man that look makes Shen Xiang shameless one red. Learns the Xue Xianxian's residence after Zhao Tao there, Shen Xiang left this giant stone system tall building, walks toward a short mountain half step, in that side is the residence of student, is built by oneself. When Shen Xiang passed by a giant circular house, suddenly hears in that front door to spread a crassly sound: Bastard, Spirit Martial Realm peak joins in the fun? Compared with my these many, even if wins my you to be also ignominious.”

Miss Leng, your body supports Icewind Divine Art, grasps fierce treasure tool, you occupy very big convenient, I do not use weapon at most!” The voice of man conveys together. Heard the Leng Youlan's sound, Shen Xiang has anchored the footsteps immediately, walked toward the construction of that giant disc shape, after entering the front door, he saw many ersanshi ten feets in width square shape martial arts contest stages. powerful formation, the Heaven World above influence is really fierce!” Shen Xiang is startled secretly, although sees a base, a special energrgy resolution formation quality that but he can actually by inducing formation now releases. Leng Youlan on a martial arts contest stage, grasps a white great sword, Shen Xiang understood at a glance that is the White Jade dragon bone refinement, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian's weapon is the White Jade dragon bone refinement, Mortal World, was great weapon. Leng Youlan has an attractive strange white hair, hangs loose in the back, appears very conspicuous, therefore many people are paying attention to her. The beautiful callous face and fiery red armor and white great sword, this makes her appear competitive, sees her is not a affable woman, brings back the conquering desire of man! At this time, Leng Youlan correct use one type ice-cold and is full of the killing intent look to look at her front man. What kind, compares the non- ratio?” Such appearance also calculates that good man smiled, in look glittering cunning ray. Leng Youlan brow micro pressed, looks the scowl, when she just must speak, Shen Xiang by far shouted: Youlan!” After Devil Subduing School begins school, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian come in very much early, therefore she is very famous, especially her style as well as the valiant disposition, make very profound impression on the person, this place compares notes to contend in martial arts the place that as the student, can see her form frequently, as well as her unfeeling forms of combat! But now such a woman actually has revealed the gentle look, looks to the distant place, then flies to jump over.

Brother!” Leng Youlan tenderly shouted, that gentle and tender sweet sound makes many people think one misunderstood. Leng Youlan had has not seen Shen Xiang for a long time, now Shen Xiang arrives, lets her happily, hastily swooped to the Shen Xiang's bosom. little girl, you that want to fight!” Shen Xiang stroked Leng Youlan that soft white hair gently, Long Xueyi had been saying, Leng Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline, was humanity and dragon union lives, therefore she hid in body inside strength is very strong. Hears behind that group of men in discuss spiritedly, Leng Youlan fierce turning the head, the item including the ominous light, is taking a fast look around that group of people, making many people shut up immediately, they may unable to stir up Leng Youlan this female Overlord. Old lady has the matter today, does not compare! I certainly will wrinkle another day you fall face down!” Leng Youlan to that martial arts contest stage on male shouted, is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm to depart suddenly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Youlan, did I delay your matter?” Leng Youlan spits the tongue: This is natural, I know that you are seeing Sister Xianxian anxiously, therefore I must lead you to go immediately! In order to compensate me, the brother you must fight with me, I waited to be very long!” But Shen Xiang sighed, said such with Liu Meng'er, Leng Youlan is thinking every day must defeat him, he smiled bitterly saying: Good, when the time comes be not hit to cry that's alright by me!”