World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 504
Xue Xianxian suddenly thought that the pressure is very big, she is primary wife, but Shen Xiang in afterward took her Master to receive, meanwhile Hua Xiangyue as maidservant. Thinks of this, Xue Xianxian has to admire the Shen Xiang's method, although she feels regarding the Hua Xiangyue's matter has doubts, but after she hears that master and servant contract fierce, believes that Hua Xiangyue could not resort to any method, she was extremely worried about the Shen Xiang's comfort, now Shen Xiang has Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue these two fierce women is supporting secretly, even if later facing some fierce influences, can not fear. Shen Xiang does not know that Xue Xianxian is just thinking, long-term matter, he sees Xue Xianxian to ponder, has not disturbed, but is hugging her, when she spoke, now he is the atmosphere does not dare to leave, was worried that Xue Xianxian will fly into a rage. Master is very good to me, now I also can only recognize, oh......” Xue Xianxian sighed lightly. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, but suddenly thinks a waist pain, Xue Xianxian stubbornly exactly: „Is little rascal, thinking the matter of master and apprentice double receiving? No wonder Master always such shouts you, it seems like you have not been short to her play a dirty trick...... Pitiful Master!” Where has? I am very good to Sister Meng'er.” Shen Xiang quibbled. Ghosts do not believe you.” Xue Xianxian low coldly snorted, but Shen Xiang's actually penetrated in her front piece, she has struggled, finally lightly snorted, making Shen Xiang act in a self-serving manner. And Sister Meng'er equally big, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. This makes Xue Xianxian charmingly angry: Brother Xiao Xiang, you and Master that?” After asking, her face was red. Which?” Shen Xiang asked something already known. Is that...... That......” Xue Xianxian's sound like mosquito thin, blushes likely is the thoroughly ripe apple, making Shen Xiang cannot help but pinch. Hehe, this does not have actually.” Shen Xiang was saying, Xue Xianxian's front piece, then to snow white charming Jade Rabbit fierce bounces, looks at Shen Xiang one to have a parched mouth, the soul flies Nine Heavens, this is his first time sees the Xue Xianxian's chest, this makes his heart almost stop beating.

Quite beautiful!” Shen Xiang acclaimed one, just wants to lower the head to kiss, but Xue Xianxian also somewhat hopes that Shen Xiang makes anything to her. At this moment, Leng Youlan knocks on a door: Brother, Sister Xianxian, Master came!” Liu Meng'er came! This frightened Shen Xiang that just male each thing was soft immediately, the sentiment confused Xue Xianxian also hastily that intent was drunk to jump from the Shen Xiang's bosom, was reorganizing the clothes. Sister Meng'er is really, early does not come late, now comes.” Shen Xiang whispered to complain. Brother Xiao Xiang, Master definitely has the important matter to come, because she and we had said that she must prepare to cross Nirvana Tribulation, she these days is concern heavily! You had said a moment ago her skill increases, it seems like she has not prepared transcends tribulation.” Xue Xianxian said. She did not understand that suppresses cultivation base? Many old fellow such do!” Shen Xiang sighed. Brother Xiao Xiang, you do not know to suppress cultivation base, avoiding Nirvana Tribulation needs to pay very big price? Many people are because this does, causes unable to take that step . Moreover the Nirvana Tribulation might will be also bigger, can say, once has flinched one time, perhaps, was transcends tribulation is hopeless.” Xue Xianxian said that Liu Meng'er cultivation base promotes too quickly, if transcends tribulation cannot suppress cultivation base, this is truly in a dilemma. Shen Xiang walks to open the door, Xue Xianxian hastily holds on Shen Xiang's: Brother Xiao Xiang, waited for Master to cross Nirvana Tribulation, you told her again you already with I confessed the matter, I do not want to make her think at this matter! Although she is my Master, but also is a woman, I worried that she will divert attention.” Xue Xianxian can have this heart, touching Shen Xiang very: I knew!” „Does Brother Xiao Xiang, your this time have Life Returning Pill herbs?” Xue Xianxian worries asks, although she not alchemy, but has the understanding to this precious herbs. Shen Xiang said with a smile: My also ten, I can all give her!”

What? How can these many!” Xue Xianxian shouted one lowly, on the face full is pleasantly surprised, now she will start somewhat clearly, why Liu Meng'er is captured to feel relieved by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang truly has very big skill in this aspect, no matter how the woman will be again formidable, wants to look for one to have the man of leaning on, although the Shen Xiang's strength will not be strong, but he likely will be a big tree, will be Liu Meng'er keeps out wind and rain. Master, I guess that they still wear the clothes in inside! I listened to Uncle horse in city saying that young couple to meet together time, generally will escape a none remaining get lost on the bed, what custom was this?” Leng Youlan asked that her matter to the men and women did not understand, does not want to know. Stupid girl, later you had the man to understand!” Liu Meng'er pū chī smiles, said. I do not want the man, had the elder brother to suffice!” Leng Youlan said immediately. Your elder brother is rascal.” Liu Meng'er low mumble, in heart has been uncomfortable very much, she knows that Leng Youlan this white hair beautiful woman looks like valiant overbearing, but sometimes actually really needs the person to look. Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian came out, Liu Meng'er sees them to be untidy, over the face spring scenery walks, in the heart is eating the vinegar secretly, she thought that Leng Youlan said a moment ago very right, perhaps Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian remove completely to meet together on the bed. Sister Meng'er!” Master!” Liu Meng'er lightly snorted, then the gentle voice said: I come to see you to cross here what kind, what thing learns? I must close up a period of time, possibly needs several years.” We cross very well, but these damn martial arts was too difficult to study! Later elder brother also lives here, can take care of us, closing up that Sister Master, you feel at ease! Does not need to be worried our.” Leng Youlan said with a smile, in the front of acquaintance, she looked like a clever and ignorant little girl, was very likable.

Liu Meng'er loves tenderly is stroking her strange white hair, said with a smile: Youlan, later you must listen to the Xianxian's words, do not cause trouble everywhere!” Knows Master!” Leng Youlan is pulling the Liu Meng'er's arm, seems looks like the sisters is the same. Liu Meng'er looked at this time to Shen Xiang, said: Shen Xiang, I had the words to with you say that these days I give you Youlan and Xianxian, something must transfer you.” Xue Xianxian is tactful very much draws Leng Youlan to leave, contends in martial arts to outside. Shen Xiang hastily gives Liu Meng'er storage pouch: This is Life Returning Pill herbs, after a period of time I will look for Master, inquired that he has the matter about your transcends tribulation.” Liu Meng'er has not thought that Shen Xiang also has Life Returning Pill herbs, she received looks, unexpectedly is ten! On crossing Nirvana Tribulation dejected she, now has been full of confidence immediately. Thank you! Takes care of these two girls well, you must look for my words, place that goes to Hua Xiangyue this spirit to close up! I will make her help my alchemy, I also think that I must forever stay at this stage.” Liu Meng'er whispered, looks at Shen Xiang grateful. Shen Xiang smiled: Um, I knew! Prepares transcends tribulation well, when the time comes I am many matters must make you help my.” Liu Meng'er has kissed the Shen Xiang's mouth, then walked to transfer Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan several, then left.