World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 506
Shen Xiang at present one bright, glittering the ray, this Big Dipper Realm can solve the matter that he has been worried about, because he requires in less than three years of time, refines Earth Level pill to come and Elder Dan competition, but he thinks above the time without enough time, especially in pills lacks as well as in the strength limited situation. „Like Icewind Valley's moon reflection in the water Mysterious Realm, each month 15, moon reflection in the water Mysterious Realm time always compared with outside face length! On that day quite outside several months.” Leng Youlan said that for this reason, she does not care about fierce of that Big Dipper Realm. Now Shen Xiang understood, why Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian strength is increased such quickly, actually they close up the practice the place are outside different. Enters Big Dipper Realm one day to need ten thousand Devil Subduing Stone, this Devil Subduing Stone is specially-made, is used to encourage the desire to do better of students, is very difficult to get so far as, my Youlan comes to be so long very much, gets so far as 500.” Xue Xianxian sees the Shen Xiang's facial expression, knows that Shen Xiang is thinking anything. Leng Youlan said: This is I and Sister Xianxian goes to and others bets the war to gain, ten grains, most can only bet these many, moreover now many people do not dare to fight with us, will therefore be getting more and more difficult to get so far as.” „Is Devil Subduing List that Xianxian, you said a moment ago what?” Shen Xiang thinks that asked. That is one group of very fierce fellows! So long as sufficiently collects thousand Devil Subduing Stone, can challenge them, lost must Devil Subduing Stone to them, won can obtain 2000, this was the institute gives.” Xue Xianxian said. Altogether 100, row of finally that fellow strength is also the Spirit Martial Realm peak, is today challenges my fellow.” The Leng Youlan indignant sound said: „The fellow surely does not have me to be fierce, I can definitely win his.” Shen Xiang traces her cheeks, hugged two females tightened: How does this rank decide?” First 80 are other world is selective, the strength is very strong, there are much is Tempering Realm, following 20 are in Mortal Martial World, initially when registered, Principal Devil Subduing School's chooses, therefore this rank cannot be regarded rigorously.” Xue Xianxian sees Shen Xiang to eat the Leng Youlan's bean curd, immediately has pinched his.

In Xue Xianxian has not put on, same is empty with Leng Youlan, Shen Xiang was rubbed gently very much by their perfectly round weak chests is comfortable, but also is very uncomfortable in some aspect. „Did Sister Meng'er teach that Icewind Divine Art to you?” Shen Xiang asked. Um.” Two females also replied. I teach divine art to give you now, perhaps studies these martial arts to you helpful.” Shen Xiang said. What martial arts?” Leng Youlan is excited immediately, she is a militant person, but to have stronger strength, she needs fiercer martial arts. Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art?” Xue Xianxian was also very happy, although she knows that Shen Xiang has divine art, but has not undergone the agreement of master gate unable the to divulge to an outsider, even if own wife cannot. „It is not, that you cannot learn! However that divine art according to the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art reorganization, is divine art, named Tai Chi Divine Art, the time you study very much.” This is Su Meiyao permits, therefore Shen Xiang will teach this divine art to them. The Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art content is a lot, Shen Xiang did not understand that with Divine Sense to pass on merit laws that means that transportation altogether to two females, can only account orally directly, therefore the process is very arid. This time two females cannot remember completely, therefore Shen Xiang plan minute of many days, a Little Duan Little Duan instruction to them, the quick three people thought to be stranded, embraced together to fall asleep.

Next morning, in the early morning, Shen Xiang was put on Leng Youlan of armor to draw, although sleeps she is very casual, even can not put on, however exits, she must always put on the heavily armor, since this has made her never change the attire. Shen Xiang has promised her, must with her happy compared with previous, he did not know about the Leng Youlan's strength that only knows she has entered the Peak Realm first stage, Spirit Martial Realm. Is she has Icewind Divine Art, but he thought that will not have the big threat for him, because he has Universe Fire, can resist severely cold. Xue Xianxian also gets up very much early, this is Leng Youlan and Shen Xiang's martial arts contest, she looked certainly that she is naturally clear to the Leng Youlan's strength, but is very fuzzy regarding Shen Xiang, has come her to hear, before has witnessed the Shen Xiang's fight, but that is actually Shen Xiang True Martial Realm time. Brother, you to my fight time, does not need scruples that many! If I lost, I will not blame absolutely your! In order to make me stronger, you cannot show mercy!” Leng Youlan earnestly said. Xue Xianxian said with a smile lightly: Brother Xiao Xiang, you do not need to be worried her, she has lost to my several times, has not seen her to pay no attention to me.” Leng Youlan spits the tongue: Sister Xianxian you have also lost to me.” Shen Xiang also planned to put to turn on the water, now hears Leng Youlan such to request, he has to change the battle plan, well and Leng Youlan gets, experiences this younger sister strongly, such comes also to know the Xue Xianxian's strength, because their two both are both have equal share. Fires off with you, Xiao Chou this little rascal head, oh...... When elder brother, when Master is really not easy.” Shen Xiang suddenly wants to lose Xiao Chou to Huang Jintian there, rubs the Xiao Chou spirit, so as to avoid, always shows off before him. That little rascal has lost to me, is not because he shows mercy, but was he is too weak! He can definitely say with you that is because he cannot unshackle! humph, humph, I know that has the opportunity I certainly to make him lose is speechless.” Leng Youlan somewhat angry said that she most dislikes others to deny her strength.

He is Herculean Clan!” Shen Xiang said that regarding this he truly somewhat questioned. Elder brother aren't you humanity? Haven't you won him twice? Did I win him one time? Your unexpectedly underestimates me, waits for me not to be forgiving.” Leng Youlan said in a threatening manner that the whole body is sending out an aggression, has not gone to comparing martial stage, the war blood of her within the body ignited. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: She has White Dragon Bloodline, do not despise our White Dragon Bloodline, if her bloodlines awakened! Let alone trivial Herculean Clan little rascal, ten eight are also a cinch, when the time comes you did not have to say self-confidently can win her.” Xue Xianxian also tenderly snorted and said: Brother Xiao Xiang, do not despise our women, I a little want to fight one with you now, making you have a look at my strength!” Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, side him, in his body is the women, he cannot stir up. I am not that meaning...... Went compared with martial stage quickly, I am now impatient.” Shen Xiang hastily shift topic.