World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 507
Day also not completely bright, today is the day of rest, therefore is very lonelier than martial stage, reason that yesterday was lively, was because Leng Youlan met others there, brought in many people to surround. Wants that biggest martial arts contest stage.” Leng Youlan referred to greatly comparing the martial stage middle circular martial arts contest stage in this, then walked, put in many crystal stones in several places, the Shen Xiang range estimate at least has about 200,000. On these martial arts contest stage has formation, but needs the energy, must therefore use the person of martial arts contest stage, must put in crystal stones. If no formation to protect, let alone fighting of Peak Realm, even if True Martial Realm can entire ruin compared with martial stage. Does not need weapon, falling down stage to lose, or was knocked down.” The Leng Youlan jumping up stage, grips tightly jade fist, said excitedly. Shen Xiang also walked, said with a smile: Good, Xianxian you shouted that starts!” Because is the Leng Youlan martial arts contest, therefore Shen Xiang will not use on him three Divine Weapon, as well as to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, is very unfair to Leng Youlan. Brother, you have promised me, from the beginning uses to fight with me fully! Do not keep the promise.” The Leng Youlan urging said that she is worried about Shen Xiang to show mercy very much, even if when the time comes has won, she also thought that is not the happy matter. Shen Xiang nodded, the facial expression becomes serious, seeing this appearance, on Leng Youlan that elegantly beautiful face to reappear to wipe the charming smile. Xue Xianxian was worried actually very much, Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan, although is the brother and sister, but she actually knows that Shen Xiang this Hua Hua intestines, definitely also will receive this knot sworn sister younger sister finally, moreover Leng Youlan also likes Shen Xiang, therefore Xue Xianxian already had also tacitly consented to this matter.

Starts!” Xue Xianxian tenderly shouted, she also very anticipated that this competition, because of her and Leng Youlan's strength quite, she does not need to compare with Shen Xiang, can know distance that one and Shen Xiang sees only. The Xue Xianxian's shout just fell, Leng Youlan on vanish from sight, Shen Xiang had looked at the Leng Youlan's fight in secular world, at that time Leng Youlan won at the speed. Shen Xiang zero forward velocity operation, because Leng Youlan quickly must make person catch not arrive at the trace on martial arts contest stage by one type now the speed, goes around to dash about wildly, the step is very lithe, almost does not have any sound, those who most make Shen Xiang unexpected is, Leng Youlan unexpectedly can restrain the aura. Under this strenuous exercise, but can also not be leaked by own aura, can achieve this, explained that the control ability of Leng Youlan to own within the body True Qi is very strong. Hey, do not hide!” A explosion sound sticks out suddenly, a Shen Xiang under foot energy explodes, making his body ejection exit, in the hand condense Dragon Force, Dragon Force, that tyrannical energy wave plaza ground, causing the entire martial arts contest stage slightly to shiver, is getting stronger and stronger along with Dragon Force of Shen Xiang release, the range of shivering is also getting more and more broad. This was fierce of Dragon Force, Shen Xiang listens to Long Xueyi saying that if were a strength very strong dragon, so long as released Dragon Force in Mortal World, can cause a world the space to collapse! Refining Simulation Technique of Shen Xiang alchemy time use can also be used to fight now, when he through refining simulation, calculated a moment ago knock out the fist, Leng Youlan probably in any position. „......” The Shen Xiang's fist made, sees only the Leng Youlan's cheeks maliciously to be hit a fist by Shen Xiang bang, the head, because was under the huge and powerful impact, caused the Leng Youlan's body fierce turn over, collision of head heavily in the ground, still has then shot in the ground several.

The martial arts contest stage is very luckily big, Leng Youlan has not fallen, her head is murky, that attractive cheeks also inflamed a scrap, corners of the mouth overflow blood. Bah!” Leng Youlan spits the blood, now she has satisfied, because Shen Xiang has not been forgiving, from the beginning uses so fierce Dragon Force, if not she is also very strong, definitely is unable to eliminate that terror tyrannical Dragon Force a moment ago, already flew the martial arts contest stage. Sees Leng Youlan to stand quickly, the Shen Xiang's brow wrinkles tightly, he that fist had used a moment ago strongest Dragon Force, but Leng Youlan does not have what to obstruct greatly! Although her White Dragon Bloodline is very weak, but can actually make her fleshly body very strong, if her White Dragon Bloodline awakens, compared with you what does not use Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor is very bad, this is fierce of our White Dragon Clan, our White Dragon in Imperial Dragon Clan is very strong.” Long Xueyi smelly fart said very much. Leng Youlan suddenly blows out one to fill ice cold piercing strength, letting Shen Xiang can not hit one to tremble, meets this severe coldness, Universe Fire Spirit of his within the body burns immediately the flame, drives out this severe coldness. Youlan, I will make you lose am sincerely convinced!” Shen Xiang revealed has wiped the brutal happy expression, let Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian secretly knits the brows, the Shen Xiang's savage method they knew. Leng Youlan suddenly vanishes, half appears in the Shen Xiang body side suddenly, at the same time, the jade fist is similar to spurts to be thin together the poor white lightning, chops to hit on the Shen Xiang's cheeks. Jade fist fierce impact Shen Xiang's cheeks, but also sticks out suddenly an ice crystal, explodes clear that shoots from that Leng Youlan had used very fierce ice cold strength a moment ago, the thick ice by the face that covers can see from Shen Xiang. The Leng Youlan's ice fist is very overbearing, ice cold is bringing wild, attacks in the Shen Xiang's body, freezes him fast, keeping the Shen Xiang half face from moving.

Do not despise me!” Leng Youlan tender zha, the double fist like the wind, is attacking the Shen Xiang's forehead crazily, is quick does not have including fist image, that extremely quick speed, seemed probably is Leng Youlan both hands vanishes was the same. One instantaneously is several hundred fists, moreover brings the bone-chilling cold ice to be cold sincerely, hits Shen Xiang's unceasingly to blow out an intermittent ice crystal, the whole body is also poured into ice cold strength, the whole person is understood stiffly, the ground is falls clear. Shen Xiang knows that now why Leng Youlan dares to say one can win that Sword Fang Blood Tiger, this strength truly can achieve, perhaps especially her speed, Sword Fang Blood Tiger links her appearance not to see clearly, completely was frozen. This is Icewind Divine Art fierce? If you do not have Universe Fire, perhaps you already were understood unconscious!” Bai Youyou exclaims, that terrifying severe coldness, making her feel that is shocking and excited. The short several instances, Shen Xiang cannot respond, the whole body was understood stiffly, his Universe Fire Spirit can absorb True Qi luckily, then produces the flame, driving the deicing to be cold. A Shen Xiang's arm started to regain the consciousness, he held the Leng Youlan's wrist|skill fiercely, flung vigorously, cast off her. After Leng Youlan was flung, steady standing in the place of edge, in beautiful eyes glittering surprised ray, because Shen Xiang unexpectedly can move, moreover can use such big strength, this explained that she attacked a moment ago has not had very tremendous influence to Shen Xiang. A Shen Xiang inspiration, the whole body is burning the flame, turns into Qi mist in his ice immediately, on his face piece of black and blue, Leng Youlan start also heavily.