World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 508
Sees flame that on Shen Xiang braves, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian are extremely surprised, person who they have Ice-Fire Vein, naturally also cultivates the flame . Moreover the flame and ice cold strength must be even, therefore her very clear Shen Xiang flame strong. Youlan, do not think, only then you have been promoting, I will not compare you to be slow!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your ice cold strength is truly fierce, if one year ago, I possibly already admitted defeat, but now...... My matter does not have!” This looks at Leng Youlan secretly to clench teeth, she has not thought that Shen Xiang's flame unexpectedly as strong as this situation, has surpassed the common sense, illuminates her looks like, at least also needs Tempering Realm to have the flame of this rank! „Is that also what kind of?” Leng Youlan drinks coldly, suddenly appears before the body upper body , to continue to shell Shen Xiang with her pair of ice fist crazily, the speed was faster than before, Shen Xiang has not responded that was rumbled to hit several hundreds from top to bottom entire, this time ice cold strength has been short, but is the transformation is wild True Qi, forms powerful strength, re-transmit fleshly body person. The Shen Xiang projected on place is truly painful, but his fleshly body is very strong, although pain, but has not actually received very heavy wound, moreover can the repair. Roar......” a tiger's roar comes out, Shen Xiang murderous aura explodes to well up, the fist turns into white tiger head, fierce flying clashes, is meeting the approaching enemy the Leng Youlan's quick fist. The Leng Youlan's speed is truly quick, must make Shen Xiang somewhat unable to follow quickly, his Divine Sense is very strong, can judge the Leng Youlan's crevice accurate, therefore he can use in the white Tiger King fist strike the Leng Youlan's body, erupts fierce explosions and sad and shrill tiger's roar. The Shen Xiang's attack appears compared with Leng Youlan's wants to be wilder, Shen Xiang now is also whatever own fleshly body were attacked by Leng Youlan, but on Leng Youlan has the armor, can counter-balance part of strength, she also has the means of defense, therefore Shen Xiang's fist strike to she not too tremendous influence. Xue Xianxian looks at the eyebrow corner/horn spasm, these two brother and sister with strongest strength, mutually are attacking the body of opposite party now! Shen Xiang has not used Dragon Force, because he saw that Leng Youlan has the means to resist his Dragon Force probably, if uses frequently, he will consume quickly, when the time comes not only has not defeated Leng Youlan, he has consumed.

The Shen Xiang's white Tiger King fist used Universe True Qi to make, overbearing incomparable, but to Leng Youlan actually probably was not! Is this armor?” Shen Xiang is suspecting secretly, before with he has fought the person, only then White Tiger does not fear this attack, but Leng Youlan is a humanity, unexpectedly can unable to withstand. Leng Youlan also secretly exclaims in surprise Shen Xiang's fleshly body, was hit several thousand fist unexpectedly to be able by her to stand there straightly, but painful color of her catch to Shen Xiang eyes, knows how long Shen Xiang could not support. This protracted war! Leng Youlan thinks that Shen Xiang does not have the stratagem which ensures success. Brother, in this aspect you are the ratio my! Fierce of my fleshly body is not you can imagine.” Leng Youlan haughty smiles, although her tender body was being beaten savagely by the Shen Xiang's crazy fist unceasingly, but on her face does not have slightly painfully. You use Dragon Force such to hit me, I did not fear!” Leng Youlan also said that she could see Shen Xiang uses the consumption of Dragon Force to be big, not suitable long time to use, only suits the surprise attack time, to enemy heavy losses. Shen Xiang's body also after being repeatedly tempered, but also burns to build up in earth core, although is very painful, but his body dirty and meridians have not actually received anything to injure. Right?” Shen Xiang smiles sinisterly, his white Tiger King fist is not that simple, he knocks out the fist time, has poured into Ice Spirit Devil Aura, affects the Leng Youlan's spirit quietly, not long, Leng Youlan because will feel the ice to cause various aspects to drop coldly, at that time was the best opportunity that he attacked. Xue Xianxian also knows that Shen Xiang is not the Lord of suffering a loss, now looked like Shen Xiang eats has owed very much is mutually abundant with Leng Youlan, but she does not believe that Shen Xiang will make this foolish matter.

Really, what Leng Youlan has discovered quickly, her unexpectedly felt that has a coldness, she cultivates Icewind Divine Art, to feel how possibly coldly? She naturally does not know Ice Spirit Devil Aura this devil art, therefore she thinks that Shen Xiang in use quietly compared with she fiercer ice cold strength, poured into her body a moment ago. However Leng Youlan actually thinks otherwise, she revolution Icewind Divine Art, wants to drive out this external ice to be cold immediately, but she has attempted, not only has not driven out, ice cold strength actually more and more. Was similar!” In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile secretly, the suddenly fist was the palm, Dragon Force in his dantian condense, along with his revolution, these wild Dragon Force rushed his arm fiercely, attacked his double palm, saw only him to pat two palms, held the palm to erupt rock the earth shake strength, caused entire in swaying compared with martial stage, moreover at that time fierce poured into two strong Ice Spirit Devil Aura, making the Leng Youlan's soul crash into the dangerous place thoroughly. Shocking Heaven Palm, the might is shocking, the earth-shaking power, let alone displays through Dragon Force. Leng Youlan shaking spits blood by that sudden two palms, the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body reduces together, dizzies, what awfully is that passes the ice of heart to be cold piercingly, making him feel cold incomparable, the whole body shivers. Her single Xigui in the ground, wants to stand, but both legs actually suddenly one soft, because she felt that is too cold, is cold keeps her from using True Qi, at this time her suddenly discovered that although she is cold, but body actually not frozen trace! Leng Youlan can have this strength, she is not stupid, therefore she thinks quickly was own spirit is attacked by Shen Xiang quietly, making her create the illusion! Had discovered after this, Leng Youlan is wild with joy! However, Shen Xiang has not given her any opportunity stand up, he flies to rush, the double palm is similar to the difficult situation, the violent storm, five lightning explosion went against to cover generally directly, that was bringing incomparably powerful Dragon Force Shocking Heaven Palm, suddenly whipped over a hundred palms, the speed that Shen Xiang took control of must make these over a hundred palms simultaneously the bang hit quickly on the Leng Youlan's body!

Bang! Buzz called suddenly crack, that shake penetrated formation of martial arts contest stage, shook greatly that was crazier than to sway martial stage, the sound resounded through the horizon, reverberated in entire Devil Subduing School, but Leng Youlan has spurted blood fog crazily, departed the martial arts contest stage! Shen Xiang took a deep breath, drives out the severe pain in within the body slightly, he was injured by Leng Youlan a moment ago heavily, he wiped away sweat, walked slowly. Hehe, you lost to me!” Shen Xiang haughty smiles, puts out piece of Hell Spirit Grass to squeeze in the Leng Youlan's mouth. Leng Youlan is air/Qi now, a face refuses to accept, but she knows that is own strength is inferior to Shen Xiang, left office to the bang by Shen Xiang, therefore she wants to open quickly, eats up Shen Xiang's Hell Spirit Grass, is only she is flat the mouth, somewhat angry looks at Shen Xiang. Snort, the elder brother you are quite sinister!” Leng Youlan tenderly snorted and said. Xue Xianxian walks, is scratching the cold sweat on Leng Youlan face, with the bloodstain of mouth, said with a smile: Youlan, waits after a period of time, elder sister I asks for you!”