World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 509
Has such big sound compared with martial stage, moreover is very peaceful morning, that was not discovered very much, after many people arrive, only sees in Shen Xiang and Devil Subduing School the famous two beautiful women departs, looks in young handsome male heart an envy. After returning to that small house, the wound that Leng Youlan receives was better, her air/Qi also disappeared. Elder brother, I refuse to accept, if hits one again, I can certainly win!” Leng Youlan pulls the Shen Xiang's arm saying that reason that she will think herself will lose, will be because Shen Xiang will carry on the spirit to attack to her secretly, making her virtually impossible to guard against, when she will discover, actually already late. She thought that if hits one again, she can certainly avoid such matter occurrence, she will therefore not lose the battle efficiency. Shen Xiang said with a smile: My good younger sister, if true preying, but does not have the second opportunity! I complied to contend in martial arts with you, the words that wants to hit again, crossed a period of time again.” He does not want again and Leng Youlan has contended in martial arts, hit to hurt Leng Youlan, he also loved dearly, but started not the heavy words, that is perfunctory Leng Youlan, will let Leng Youlan very life Qi/angry, therefore he was also difficult to do. Snort.” Leng Youlan tenderly snorted, she truly lost, this makes her feel that does not have the face very much, because before has not started, but she is self-confident, but actually loses now such ugly. Was good, I start to pass on merit laws to you, after learning Tai Chi Divine Art, your strengths will definitely increase.” Shen Xiang touches her head, said with a smile. Leng Youlan and Bai Youyou are certainly glad, this has the matter of advantage to them, moreover Shen Xiang personally to pass on merit laws. Enters in the room, Shen Xiang cloth next barrier, then starts arid to pass on merit laws, a day later, making Shen Xiang feel what is surprised, Leng Youlan unexpectedly has the patience remembers these obscure sutra chant. Many, evening again continue now, must eat a thing.” Shen Xiang stretched oneself, this way to pass on merit laws is troublesome, he imagines Su Meiyao their such to be able very much directly with Divine Sense to pass on merit laws, that not only makes the opposite party remember innovation chant, but can also pass on own sensibility, can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study.

But that actually needs very formidable soul to be able to accomplish, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, although the strength loses, however their souls exceptionally are formidable, Divine Sense is also very strong. Night, Shen Xiang and two females push on a bed, Shen Xiang also starts to teach Tai Chi Divine Art chant sutra to them, sleeps to the greater part of the night. Brother, you are newly arrived, best is looks for that Mr. Dean, making him arrange you, you late came to be so long, but dropped many things not to study.” Leng Youlan said. Shen Xiang nodded: „Can I attend class with your together?” „It is not good, the school divides the men and women, cannot together.” Xue Xianxian happily said with a smile. Two females leave first, their schools are very far, on a mountain, they not only learns the knowledge above, sometimes must train, or looks for some Demon Beast to practice, the content of study are many. Shen Xiang goes to the place that Devil Subduing School that Dean was, is in that big broad construction. Zhao Tao sees Shen Xiang to arrive, lightly smiled: Your this brat over the two days praising entire Devil Subduing School, who makes you destroy that arena! Your other haughty, this does not have what advantage to you, but in this institute crouching tiger, hidden dragon, many powerful young people, these fellows are proud and arrogant, young frivolous, perhaps you will stare by them.” Stares to stare, do not annoy my that's alright, has provoked anger me, I will not pay attention to any custom!” The Shen Xiang booth lets go to say. This is some books, after you look, looks for your Herculean Clan little rascal apprentice, with him in a school.” Zhao Tao stroked to implore long, said with a smile.

Shen Xiang received storage pouch, he knows that this Zhao Tao was clear his matter investigation, he has not thought anything. After attaining the book, Shen Xiang returns to his residence, reads that several thick books, above records the Demon and Devil type, as well as Demon and Devil habit and in various Demon and Devil World famous Demon and Devil martial skill, but also has the design, is very detailed. Shen Xiang of photographic memory, quick looked, at this time he had a deeper understanding to Demon and Devil World, cannot help but exclaimed in surprise. Sister Youyou, does above record these to be accurate with the Devil World related matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, is every Devil World's something, understands these things, is useful to you, if possible, you use three realms passage also to go to every Devil World to stroll, although Spirit Qi of these places are inferior to every Human World, but the resources are many, moreover they will not use, will leave uncultivated.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang knew through the books on, the person majority in Devil World are inborn has powerful fleshly body, as well as the practice talent, coordinates some devil art words again, can very with ease become expert. But Demon World somewhat is complex, many Demon Heaven are born with is unable adolescence, the strength is fixed, only if there is any fortuitous encounter, can evolve, but the evolution monster is noble. Reads these books, is in the evening, Shen Xiang only sees Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian pants, whole face exhausted coming back . Moreover the body also fully occupies the dust. Died of exhaustion the old lady, that dog mixed wool Teacher, unexpectedly let our these women and that flock of black bears fights!” Leng Youlan is mad humph, humph saying that Shen Xiang can feel her anger in the distant place. Black bear?” Some Shen Xiang doubts asked.

Is the student, moreover is the intermediate schools, tall and sturdy, the whole body is the wool, like black bear, perhaps if not for I and Youlan strength, already were flirted by them!” Xue Xianxian is also whole face anger. Peak Realm has Spirit Martial Realm, Soul Martial Realm and Tempering Realm, therefore is also divided into three ranks in Devil Subduing School the schools, primary school, intermediate school, advanced school! Let the man competition of women's and intermediate school in Xue Xianxian their these primary schools, is truly teasy. Shen Xiang puts down the book, asks: That Teacher is male or female?” Male, living human form tortoise, old lady, if competent, certainly cuts away his tortoise egg, unexpectedly again and again maltreatment we.” Leng Youlan angrily said. Shen Xiang hears the Leng Youlan's vulgar language, cannot help but has smiled, she from small and her tall serviceman father together this, understood that these many uncouthly words are also south. „Is his strength what kind of?” Shen Xiang suddenly is very curious, although said that such will do will let Leng Youlan their very angry, but this training will be truly good. „It is not able to cross Nirvana Tribulation, fears death, but in the Tempering Realm necking in bastard.” Leng Youlan scolded tenderly.