World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 510
Leng Youlan drew Xue Xianxian to take a bath, Shen Xiang sat in the courtyard, the to rely on weak ray, looks a given name called Devil Subduing Energy martial skill, before Shen Xiang, listened to Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian has said that they at present studied was this Devil Subduing Energy. Shen Xiang more looks more thinks familiar, because he saw Tai Chi Divine Art and Suppressing Devil divine art shadow, during he deeps frown, was lost in thought. This Devil Subduing Energy gives his first feeling, is very difficult that this is Divine Martial Skill, is that type can not by the martial arts rank restraint, with whose strength evolution martial arts. Extreme Martial Sect has Divine Martial Skill, but are not many, he could not find appropriately cultivates, Divine Martial Skill dominates in Earth Level fierce martial arts above martial arts and Heaven Level martial arts. Can with the divine art comparison, because this martial arts might is infinitely great, some strong strengths, can release the strong might, but some martial arts have the bottleneck, when the strength of person is very strong, actually cannot follow. With Shocking Heaven Palm and Profound Aura Finger that Shen Xiang studies now, the might that words when his cultivation base promotes again, releases will also be weaken, is inferior to Divine Martial Skill. It seems like my Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi had whereabouts, this Devil Subduing Energy coordinated my Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, can definitely play a stronger might to come.” Some Shen Xiang excitedly said. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had taken a bath, arrive in the courtyard, sits side Shen Xiang, is appreciating in the sky beautiful sea of stars. This Devil Subduing Energy is most difficult to study, altogether has ten layers, it is said never has the person to practice tenth layer, most is also only ninth layer, is Dean that old lady.” Leng Youlan said that she is also the person who likes practicing martial arts, but she sees this Devil Subduing Energy now on the unusual headache. Xue Xianxian sighed: I link one unable to learn now, it is said the Devil Subduing List first ten ten people can learn first layer.” You chatted? Although this thing is very difficult, but impossible rare so to be odd!” Shen Xiang some do not believe that he thinks that the one earnest study the words, quick can build up tenth layer! Naturally, that is because he has practiced Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Divine Art of Four Symbols and Suppressing Devil divine art, Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique and other fierce divine art, martial arts that no matter is difficult to study, will turn into the floating clouds in him at present.

Uses Devil Subduing Energy, not only can to Demon and Devil with doubling attack, but can also rout the attack of Demon and Devil with ease! Uses Devil Subduing Energy time, will send out a deafening sound, is similar to the thunderclap is ordinary, learns second layer time, consecutively two, Devil Subduing Energy also will be will double.” Shen Xiang said. This we know certainly that builds up tenth layer continuously to make a sound ten, when the might is nine layers double!” Leng Youlan was complaining said: Taught us to study Devil Subduing Energy that Teacher saying that at least must learn Devil Subduing Energy in Devil Subduing School, will have to behind copes with Demon and Devil martial arts to study much, was the same difficult.” Shen Xiang spreads out that Devil Subduing Energy, starts in the explanation some quite difficult place, then coordinates Tai Chi Divine Art to explain in detail some quite obscure place, lets two female universality of contradictions, is wild with joy! actually is this, so long as it seems like learns that Tai Chi Divine Art, must learn 12 is not very difficult!” Xue Xianxian two shine, said pleasantly surprised. I said that this is not very difficult!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Elder brother is quite fierce!” The Leng Youlan praise said that throws to the Shen Xiang's bosom, is rubbing gently the Shen Xiang's chest like a small kitty. I was very fierce.” Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile. Leng Youlan solves the matter that however she has had a headache about now, happy incomparable, she knows, so long as learns Tai Chi Divine Art, can learn that Devil Subduing Energy 12 with ease. Now Xue Xianxian urged that Shen Xiang continues to teach that Tai Chi Divine Art to them, for is not so bored, Shen Xiang to pass on merit laws time on the bed, is hugging two female tender bodies, is away from that light sleeping robe, is caressing them lightly, while accounted orally that Tai Chi Divine Art. After dawn, Shen Xiang first looks for Xiao Chou, Xiao Chou lives quite far, in a mountain top of quite few person, the house also casually builds. Master!” After Xiao Chou opens the door, seeing Shen Xiang to stand in the entrance with a smile.

„Does little rascal, hide in such broken place?” Shen Xiang one wants to know that he is hiding Leng Youlan this violence female. Also is not your white hair younger sister!” Xiao Chou low coldly snorted: Master, I heard, you come and that Sword Fang Blood Tiger has hit, very fierce!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am not only and Sword Fang Blood Tiger have hit, but also has compared with Youlan.” After Xiao Chou hears, hastily asked: Who won?” Naturally was I wins!” Shen Xiang traces bald of Xiao Chou, said with a smile: Has the opportunity I to compare one with you again.” Xiao Chou eyes glittering the ray of difference, has been complying with one at will. Before Shen Xiang, listened to Leng Youlan saying that the Xiao Chou strength did not beat Leng Youlan, now he knows that Leng Youlan defeated by Shen Xiang, naturally knows one must win Shen Xiang is very difficult. Leads me to go to the school, I and in same school.” Shen Xiang said. Master...... you go, I must leave Devil Subduing School, I had said with vice- Dean yesterday, here martial arts does not suit me, these Demon and Devil World knowledge I read that's alright! I must look for my Herculean Clan elder.” The Xiao Chou words make Shen Xiang somewhat surprised, he sighed: Sorry, as your Master, I cannot instruct your anything!” Xiao Chou is Herculean Clan, Shen Xiang truly is unable to start to direct him, because fierce martial arts he cannot learn.

No problem, is Master you takes the right way me, this sufficed!” Xiao Chou has smiled saying with a smile: I walk now, that school is very good to look, in these big project groups, tenth high that that's it.” Xiao Chou walked, seeks his Herculean Clan clansman, but after him, will come back, Shen Xiang according to Xiao Chou said that had found that school, he does not understand that these and above the mountain equally high construction have anything, constructs such high, this institute inside student is not many. This is one tolerates the next hundred people of rooms, although is setting out over a hundred tables, but looks like actually does not appear crowded, at this time inside sits dozens people, they see Shen Xiang to arrive, sound suddenly that created an uproar vanishes, becomes very peaceful. Because these people recognize Shen Xiang, some people look at Shen Xiang with the awe look, because Shen Xiang in their eyes is expert, naturally also in some person of looks full is envies and disdains. Shen Xiang chose a position to sit down in rear that platoon casually, at this time also nobody and he spoke, even if some people want not to dare, because the Shen Xiang personal enemy were many, especially King Continent these bloodlines martial artist, majority hated Shen Xiang. These bloodlines martial artist are most, because their strengths are very strong, can through the Devil Subduing School's small test, moreover after they come, will form cliques immediately, establishes own small group, when knew that Shen Xiang comes in the Devil Subduing School's time, some people told that must isolate Shen Xiang! Oh? Shen Xiang you also here, are you Xiao Chou Master? Xiao Chou is also this school, but he me told yesterday he must walk!” After wears the man of blue garment to walk, takes a quick look around, by manner uncommon Shen Xiang attracting, his hastily walked.