World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 511
Shen Xiang stands, lightly smiled said: He is Herculean Clan, Devil Subduing School's martial arts does not suit him, he stays here not to be useful, therefore walked.” I called Qian Liguang, does not know whether to give the friend?” Naturally, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, has together that can speak, will not appear that bored. Qian Liguang sits by Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang and he chatted, knew that he is not this Mortal Martial World, is called Blue Fire World mortal world from one, because lives piece of very huge sea of fire there, is the blue flame, a great river, is very fierce blue fire, the people who cultivates the flame can pass these blue fires to come formidable. This makes Shen Xiang broaden the outlook, making him yearn that travels other world, now he also knew that this Devil Subduing School back and forth transmits in many world, while convenient recruits some students there, afterward entered Spirit Martial Realm like Qian Liguang, comes in through the Devil Subduing School's inspection, but Devil Subduing School must actually start other world at that time, therefore he with. These Devil Subduing List first dozens people, left their world to be very long, they for the formidable their strength, majority could not plan that their world, forever with whom Devil Subduing School, later transcend Heaven World, possibly also belongs to Suppressing Devil Temple.” Qian Liguang said. Qian Liguang is Spirit Martial Realm late stage martial artist, came in Devil Subduing School for a long time, therefore he knew about here many matters. Yo, isn't this famous Shen Xiang? unexpectedly and Blue Fire World poor brat mixed together, this from falling sale price?” A hand with black leaf, put on one set to embroider golden design the handsome youth of black magnificently dressed to walk, taunted said. Qian Liguang was only the complexion slightly changed, but quick restored, Shen Xiang has not thought anything actually, therefore he was the same with Qian Liguang, the choice disregarded that magnificently dressed man. Snort, really a meeting of minds, only then Qian Liguang this fellow can mix together with Shen Xiang!” That magnificently dressed man opens the refraction, jokes: Do not think that won Sword Fang Blood Tiger is very fierce, my fan can kill that domestic animal.”

In the school has been filled with the person, 100 people, other people keep silent, looks that magnificently dressed man teased Shen Xiang and Qian Liguang. Your excellency does not go too far, I have not offended you probably!” Shen Xiang pounds on the table, fierce stands, the item contains the stern countenance, the sound ice-cold said. Lu Xiong, you pay attention to a point, words that you must stir up trouble, best outside institute.” Together the low and deep and old sound conveys, at this time all students stood up, see only white hair humpbacked old man to lean on a walking stick to walk slowly. This old man of undistinguished appearance, but his pair of severe look sweeps, makes everyone atmosphere not dare to breathe heavily, that fierce imposing manner has deterred all people. That magnificently dressed man dreads to this old man, hastily returns to own seat. Shen Xiang knows that this humpbacked old man is that severest Teacher that Qian Liguang said a moment ago, the expert guidance cultivates Devil Subduing Energy, named Yu Baixiang, Devil Subduing Energy cultivates seventh layer, crossed the people of Nirvana six tribulations, such person places on Mortal World each continent, can independence sect, become school of Dean Big Shot, now unexpectedly instructs one crowd of little rascal to study martial arts. Devil Subduing Energy cultivates second layer stands!” Pupil that Yu Baixiang that pair is full of the imposing manner is taking a fast look around these hundred young people. But actually nobody stands, obviously second layer is difficult to practice, in this has comes in much for a long time martial artist, is not the Mortal Martial World person. coldly snorted that Yu Baixiang disdains, said: Practices the first layer person to stand.”

The person who stands has 20, before the provocative Shen Xiang's that named Lu Xiong man, Shen Xiang Qian Liguang also had also stood. same as usual! Really disappointing.” Yu Baixiang shook the head , to continue saying: No matter learns several, or has not studied, I must listen to me to explain earnestly. Relax, I from the beginning said that only talked about second layer, in you nobody cultivated second layer in any case.” Shen Xiang understands why now Leng Youlan always complained studied Devil Subduing Energy, because in one day, there is the most time is listening to this arid explanation, moreover was the same every day. Yu Baixiang stands there, after seeing everyone whole face earnest color, slowly said: If wants to grasp Devil Subduing Energy, must first understand that makes True Qi attack, must control True Qi to revolve in within the body flexible, makes True Qi turn into through sutra to Demon and Devil has strength of fatal lethality!” Therefore you must first have good fleshly body! This you must remember.” Then, Yu Baixiang then patient explanation each 1st Stage chant, makes people think that very obscure place takes to explain repeatedly, making Shen Xiang hear to be enthralled, although he can understand, but now some people of directors, moreover after shared experience, making him more transparent, making him benefit greatly. However other people were not this, although they on the face full were earnest, but in the look was actually extremely helpless, because in them some people do not know that has listened to many times, reason that they the practice was inadequate, on the one hand because of perception, on the one hand was fleshly body and foundation in True Qi aspect is insufficient. This Devil Subduing Energy request high of True Qi revolution, must achieve to be able True Qi condense to become compared with sending the silk also thin air/Qi silk, is mobile in within the body, defers to that mysterious sutra revolution True Qi again, making True Qi impact within the body, at that time True Qi will erupt a thunderclap crack, Devil Subduing Energy will also erupt. Quick, quite a while on the past, explains this Devil Subduing Energy, explained two, but tomorrow is to instruct other martial arts.

After Yu Baixiang lecture, having the disappointed look to depart. Brother Qian, will he such hate why you?” Shen Xiang looks that Lu Xiong asked that but Lu Xiong was actually being supported by many well-dressed people, probably was emperor such. Also is not because I am not willing to pass to him my martial arts Blue Fire Art, Blue Fire Art can practice Blue Fire Spirit fierce martial arts sutra, the condition of practice is harsh, I by luck can practice, moreover this is my Master Men secret skill, cannot the to divulge to an outsider.” Qian Liguang sighed. Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao they cannot help but are startled, unexpectedly also has this grade of martial arts, can practice the produce fire soul! This truly is kept thinking. He is Devil Subduing List ranks 79 th, therefore many people will flatter him!” Qian Liguang also said. Shen Xiang has not thought that will have a Devil Subduing List above person and he in a school, moreover other world. Lu Xiong sees Shen Xiang and Qian Liguang in discussing him, in the heart is not feeling well, his sneered: Discussed other people's matter behind others, this probably only then the woman handled the matter that obtained. Your mouths are best honestly, otherwise do not blame me.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said: We have not mentioned by name a surname, I am discussing a dog, does not have relationship with you!” Regarding the feudal bully of this thinking oneself infallible, Shen Xiang never fears, does not fear to provoke them, the enemy is aggressive, he cannot such endure.