World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 512
Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Qian Liguang slightly one startled, but in the heart sighed, saw Shen Xiang that imposing manner, he knows one and disparity between Shen Xiang! Naturally, he does not dare to revolt against Lu Xiong, had too the worry. Shen Xiang may not have what worry now, leaves this Devil Subduing School at most, he not because must study several martial arts, but here aggrieved. What meaning were your words?” Lu Xiong item of dew ominous light, fierce stands, looks angrily at Shen Xiang, cold voice is asking. I said that even if we discussed a dog also with your No problem! You responded that what such goes all out? You are not the dog!” Shen Xiang laughs. Lu Xiong has gotten angry, although he knows that is impolite, but the Shen Xiang's words listen in him are that grating, probably intentionally in provoking his dignity is ordinary, his Lu Xiong good and bad is also the person on Devil Subduing List, stayed in Devil Subduing School was so long, some first people such provoked he. In the school becomes very peaceful, because is not other people can interrupt now. Shen Xiang stands up, said: Brother Qian, we go out for a walk, with this fellow together, thinks really unlucky!” Saying, him was walking toward the entrance, but actually by Lu Xiong blocking. The Lu Xiong look is fierce, said fierce: Shen Xiang, no person dares such to resist me, no matter you in Mortal Martial World fierce, but you come here, gives me honest this, here could not have allowed you to be wild!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Why did you speak these words with me? Also, wild probably is not I, from the beginning starts, is you are aggressive!” Here is my domain, you can not submit I, but you actually must respect me!” Lu Xiong is watching intently Shen Xiang, the body gushed out steaming True Qi.

Shen Xiang suddenly laughs, he does not have to think one come a Devil Subduing School study thing, will run into this right heart such heavy person. This Lu Xiong is feared that Shen Xiang will affect him in the status of this school, in this hundred people of school, he is here is biggest, was respected by many people, this satisfies his vanity, therefore no matter who arrived here, must submit with him, same is respectful to him with others, will otherwise be isolated, was hostile! What do you smile?” The fist of Lu Xiong grasps very tightly, sends out giggle resounding. You make me feel that I have stepped into a domain of dog probably, then this dog is barking randomly, was worried that others can snatch the excrement to eat with him!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. This is truly funny, but actually nobody dares to smile, that Lu Xiong was enraged by Shen Xiang became flushed the face. I must kill you!” Lu Xiong explodes roars, to Shen Xiang's is being fierce fights with the fists, meanwhile sticks out suddenly a thunderclap crack, is that Devil Subduing Energy. The resounding transmits, Shen Xiang felt immediately that terror fist energy, is similar to the arrow is together ordinary, raids toward his chest, as if must pierce his heart. This Lu Xiong is Spirit Martial Realm late stage, Shen Xiang early stage, cultivation base is higher than two ranks compared with Shen Xiang, True Qi is also very vigorous, urges the Devil Subduing Energy also very accelerate ripening that sends, is having one type with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi similar aura. The opposite party is so fierce, Shen Xiang cannot be careless, hastily is sideways, very ingenious shunting, making in the person heart acclaim, but that Devil Subduing Energy actually hits on a table, making that stone system table turn into the powder. The might is truly strong, looks at these not to learn the Devil Subduing Energy person to envy.

Lu Xiong has not thought that Shen Xiang can such dexterous hiding in the past, he has been ready for any sacrifice, in any event he must to a Shen Xiang painful lesson, he not be one time is punished by Devil Subduing School because of the lesson person before twice, he knows that he is the Devil Subduing List above person, will subject to a penalty will not be heavy, but Shen Xiang will therefore actually be seriously injured. After Shen Xiang hides, the five fingers gather, the flame gushes out, fierce, becomes the eagle claw is ordinary, body burns the heat flame ascension, intense heat pours into the hot claw, overwhelms fiercely, is similar to a falcon dives from the upper air, flexure grasps prey to be ordinary. This is the Vermilion Bird claw, is one type martial skill that is having very terrorist attack strength, is having the blazing flame and strong strength, can grasp broken diamond! This grasped condense Universe Fire, True Qi has been exploding steaming shoots, heat to raiding eight sides, the ground shivered slightly, is bringing dense murderous aura, by the prestige of thunder, has grasped with irresistible force. The Shen Xiang sudden fatal attack, everyone is unexpected, Lu Xiong is leaving the move to attack the Shen Xiang's time, but also thinks that Shen Xiang will be frightened by his Devil Subduing Energy, but he actually does not know that Shen Xiang waited for from the beginning the opportunity attacked him. A claw grasped the past time, Lu Xiong is unable to dodge, because Shen Xiang before him, was too near, causing his upper part to be covered by that giant hot claw. A Shen Xiang move of hit, the raging fire wild, the heat wave, is hot is sweating profusely, but the Shen Xiang's attack did not have therefore to end, instead was intense, the double palm bang hit suddenly, with irresistible force, the air was shaken to send out in the pā lā explosive, the palm such as trillion jin (0.5 kg) iron hammer, fierce hit in that by flame incinerator Lu Xiong. Shocking Heaven Palm! Shen Xiang gets rid absolutely is not two palms, but counts thousand feet (333 m), is instantaneously is completing! Innumerable palm shade bang maliciously pounds on the body of Lu Xiong, making the ground fierce trembled, shocks on Lu Xiong protecting body True Aura, shake strength such as went full steam ahead general, broke in the body of Lu Xiong, shook a meridians cuns (2.5cm) break of Lu Xiong!

Lu Xiong called out pitifully, that black magnificently dressed was shaken disrupts, the whole person flew upside down, brick wall. Shen Xiang uses the Vermilion Bird fingernails and instantaneous hundred palms, but is short the instantaneous matter, Lu Xiong made into the severe wound by Shen Xiang, obviously Shen Xiang starts to have multiple. Snort, this skill, dares to lord it over here! Is the Devil Subduing List above person so disappointing?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, Lu Xiong has not guarded , because he has not expected Shen Xiang unexpectedly to have such big courage, under such heavy hand to him, and is one after another. Lu Xiong lies down in the ground, injures unable to speak. Who I also think am, actually is Shen Xiang!” Ice-cold is full of sound to transmit together mean. Hears this sound, in the Shen Xiang heart the anger is dreadful immediately, he cannot forget this sound absolutely, this is that True Martial Sect Liao Shaoyun sound, he will die will not forget that in the past Liao Shaoyun was stepping on his head, robbed his Demanding Life Devil Bow, said insults his words! Liao Shaoyun tramples his dignity that as if such as yesterday occurred, in his heart got angry the extreme, he wants to kill this True Martial Sect first young expert every day, before snow, shame! However Shen Xiang knows one must endure, because his strength is well below Liao Shaoyun, so long as gives him the time, he believes that certainly can step on the person who this tramples his dignity in the under foot!