World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 513
Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, wishing everybody Mid-Autumn Festival joyful! Liao Shaoyun is Tempering Realm, is the Peak Realm boundary of peak, moreover he is also very young, will appeared not here strange. Behind also has in Liao Shaoyun also has short thin terse youngster, looks like, only then 16 or 17-year-old, although the appearance is common, the True Qi fluctuation that but he sends out is very threatening, understood at a glance that is a skilled person! Zhong Quan, some people here private wars, you also not a bit faster this person of taking!” Liao Shaoyun coldly smiled, said to behind that terse youngster. That named Zhong Quan youngster is only eyes dodges, person on suddenly vanish from sight, in alerting Shen Xiang, suddenly felt that the back was hit hard, wild such as the energy turbulent impact of thunder in his body, then explodes in his body, at this time he only thinks in the body in lightning flash thunder cry, this terrifying lightning strength, his first time foresees! Shen Xiang throat one sweet, the blood gushes out from the mouth, in encountered the instance that hits hard a moment ago, he felt that the meridians in own body ruptured, the five main internal organs (entrails) encounters crazy lightning explosion to strike general, injures very seriously! Must know that he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, moreover itself fleshly body is also powerful, but actually a fist severe wound, obviously that is attacked his person now, the strength is terror how! Although named Zhong Quan youngster unemotionally, but in the heart secretly is actually startled, because he estimated that an own fist should be able to hit Shen Xiang is barely alive, faints in the ground, but Shen Xiang actually can also stand. Sees this, the Zhong Quan palm like blade, resembles chops to fall like lightning, strength is very wild, wishes one could to Shen Xiang kill to be the same! In instance of this electric light spark, a spoken parts photoemission comes, to stroke on Zhong Quan, let Zhong Quan retreat several steps, a that crazy fierce palm also failed. „The youngster person, starts so not to be ruthless!” This sound is that humpbacked Teacher Yu Baixiang, his pair such as the hawk common eye, is staring at Zhong Quan stubbornly, on the face full is the anger. Shen Xiang hastily puts out Hell Spirit Grass to take, simultaneously is looking angrily at Liao Shaoyun and that Zhong Quan!

All gives me to go to vice- Dean there to talk clearly!” Yu Baixiang turns around. Liao Shaoyun coldly looked at Shen Xiang one, on the face full is haughty, but that Zhong Quan actually to Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This strength, dares to say Mortal Martial World first young expert!” Shen Xiang frowned, fierce scratches the blood of corners of the mouth, in the heart is burning the anger! Zhong Quan, you that fist I will remember a moment ago!” Shen Xiang said solemnly, lifts that corona Lu Xiong follows in Yu Baixiang. Zhong Quan is only the youngster person appearance, the strength so is powerful, Shen Xiang guessed that he at least is Soul Martial Realm, but he actually does not dread, so long as gives him the time, he can step on Zhong Quan surely in the under foot, devastates maliciously. Walks on road, Shen Xiang knew from the mouths of other passers-by that unexpectedly of this Liao Shaoyun in this Devil Subduing School has not the low status, specifically is responsible for managing some trivial matters, person who for example the discovery violates the institute rule, he has the right to get rid. Vice- Dean, Shen Xiang and Lu Xiong violate the institute rule, at the place private war that forbidding to contend in martial arts, after Shen Xiang injures Lu Xiong, but also under the plan hates handle Lu Xiong to strike to kill! Therefore, I make Zhong Quan get rid him to injure, this is my responsibility!” Liao Shaoyun said plausibly. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, drinks: You made false accusations, was Lu Xiong first to my fight, I to protect oneself can only get rid to counterattack, after I knocked down him, I do not kill him!” Liao Shaoyun is only said with a sneer: „Will I also deceive vice- Dean to be inadequate?” Zhao Tao as vice- Dean, most had a headache about this matter, he stroked to steadily, said: Shen Xiang, because you get rid overweight, I punish you to go to the cave of back side of the mountain to think of faults for one month. After the Lu Xiong wound is good, I meet the heavy fine he!” Shen Xiang is discontented, angrily said: He? He has also gotten down very heavy hand to me, if no Teacher Yu to get rid to rescue, perhaps you can only see my corpse!”

Then, his item contains to kill off, is looking angrily at Liao Shaoyun and Zhong Quan, he pledged in the heart, if not kill these two people, he vowed is not a person! In the anger along with Shen Xiang heart, his Slaughtering Heart is beating crazily, intermittent murderous aura wells up from his body, is flooding the entire great hall, making the person as if place oneself in the place of death, that cold and gloomy murderous aura, Zhao Tao and Yu Baixiang this old fellow was afraid. Shen Xiang's kills the heart to be very heavy! The Liao Shaoyun brow wrinkles tightly, he thinks that does not understand why Shen Xiang such heavy murderous aura, this made him feel the threat! Zhong Quan so, is also gripping tightly the fist, is waiting for getting rid. Gives me honestly!” Zhao Tao has drunk one. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, was been slightly calm by oneself, he had decided that when he has enough strength, first massacres Zhong Quan, then flees this Devil Subduing School, otherwise he is unable to swallow this tone! Comes with me!” Yu Baixiang very clear Shen Xiang this time mood, as Teacher, he understands Lu Xiong, Shen Xiang truly not wrong, but Liao Shaoyun also has his principle, Lu Xiong gets rid first, vice- Dean had said that will punish. Regarding this humpbacked short thin old man, Shen Xiang is very grateful, if were not he got rid a moment ago, he can definitely injure now seriously. Now he knows, only then makes own fist harder, will not be humiliated. Shen Xiang arrived at behind a Devil Subduing School mountain with Yu Baixiang, some above caves.

You go in these caves, after going, I will open formation, you cannot come out, others cannot go in!” Yu Baixiang coldly said. Shen Xiang nodded: Many thanks Teacher Yu rescued a moment ago!” Does not need to thank me, I am Teacher, the student fight I naturally to prevent!” Yu Baixiang said. Shen Xiang has not gone in that cave, but continues to ask: Teacher Yu, how can I be able to defeat Zhong Quan in one month?” Sees Shen Xiang to ask, Yu Baixiang does not think strange, he should say immediately: Is absolutely impossible, Zhong Quan this year 17 years old, inborn Thunder Spirit, that is the Fire Spirit equally rare thing, Thunder Spirit in his body, making him practice True Qi to be fast, releases lightning attribute strength is very strong, he young was Soul Martial Realm early stage! You now Spirit Martial Realm early stage!” Thunder Spirit! Shen Xiang had also heard this type of thing, that is also Martial Spirit one, is the same with Fire Spirit, can make martial artist very strong thing. Shen Xiang understands lightning strength that now why that Zhong Quan releases so will be strong! In fact not possibly, but actually, is you learns Devil Subduing Energy in one month theoretically, practiced ten layers to be OK! Naturally, my self-torture Devil Subduing Energy several thousand years, is unable to arrive at ten layers, you in one month are not better!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, in the heart is secretly excited, others are not good, but he actually, because he has very solid foundation of basic skills. His jump, jumped in the above that cave, Yu Baixiang waved to start formation, then departed.