World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 514
In cave only then a dim moist stone chamber, inside, although has the chair and biography, but is Stone Zhi, but is clean. Zhong Quan, Liao Shaoyun, I must massacre you personally!” Shen Xiang has swallowed piece of Hell Spirit Grass, the revolution efficacy, lets efficacy mobile all the limbs and bones, starts therapy. If in nobody's place, you uses devil art to add on Xueyi strength, 50% opportunities solve Zhong Quan, was difficult as for Liao Shaoyun! He is one soon enters the Nirvana Realm person, your strength is well below him.” Bai Youyou said that she and Shen Xiang together was not a day or two, she can feel the anger in Shen Xiang heart. Shen Xiang said: I must in this Devil Subduing School, work as the front of many people, kills Zhong Quan, otherwise is hard to divulge the anger in my heart!” Then, he opens Devil Subduing Energy that book, starts to recite these sutra chant. Sees Shen Xiang to have so was determined that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not disturb him, when Shen Xiang recited chant, they also silently took down, they also thought that this Devil Subduing Energy was very difficult to study, even if their two have deep martial arts foundation of basic skills. But they have not actually studied Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Suppressing Devil divine art, therefore looks like in Shen Xiang, that Devil Subduing Energy is simple. He has only used two double-hour, records Devil Subduing Energy sutra chant ripe, then starts to practice, is meditating chant, while is controlling the True Qi circulation, operated several sidereal revolutions in within the body, breeds an powerful strength. Bang, Shen Xiang fights with the fists, but that strength has not flown to shoot, explodes to shoot on his fist, lets his fist ache. Has not controlled the good strength, moreover was too anxious.” Shen Xiang knows quickly own where is not right, then from the beginning starts, just start to condense gathered Devil Subduing Energy time is very slow, needs a period of time, but other later had been familiar, can come out instantaneous. Saw Shen Xiang just to study, has succeeded not long half, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou somewhat were surprised, because they thought that traded to do is they, at least needed a period of time to learn first layer.

This Devil Subduing Energy should be comes on Zitian, this martial arts Heaven World is also very fierce, has especially been used to cope with Demon and Devil.” Su Meiyao said that although they at this time do not have what skill, but True Qi in within the body has, therefore can also study. The Bai Youyou nod said: This Devil Subduing Energy can restrain Devil Yuan, the person in Devil World, once were hit, Devil Yuan in within the body definitely will be struck is defeated and dispersed.” Why Shen Xiang does not know, that Devil Subduing Energy in his eyes is very simple, he seriously ponders, can understand . Moreover the time of making is not very difficult, can have one's wish, but he now is also not very familiar. Possibly this is because of Suppressing Devil divine art relationship, Suppressing Devil divine art is also very fierce divine art, this Devil Subduing Energy may create very much from Suppressing Devil divine art!” Su Meiyao can only such explain, because Shen Xiang achieved mastery through a comprehensive study to Suppressing Devil divine art, therefore has relationship martial arts with Suppressing Devil divine art, in his eyes will become very simple. Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, fights with the fists, only hears pā lā crack, is similar to the thunderclap is ordinary, but the sound is somewhat small. The invisible Qi Energy bang hits a stone on table, striking will become the powder, he tried to succeed twice, but now is also not very familiar. Really is very strong, I had used a moment ago very few True Qi, can have the so huge might!” Shen Xiang said with amazement, if in the ordinary situation, he only used a moment ago that True Qi, can only destroy the stone at most, actually cannot make into the powder. Learns the ten layers words, I truly can defeat that Zhong Quan!” Shen Xiang excitedly said, then continues to practice, after waiting for first layer to be familiar, he can study second layer. If were known, definitely will be treated as the monster same to look by others, because many people studied were very long, even was several years is unable to learn first layer, but he was only several double-hour can make Devil Subduing Energy send out has made a sound, if ten sounds, were ten layers! A day passed by, the Shen Xiang double palm dance, thunderclap crack blow out continuously, he has been able now instantaneous Devil Subduing Energy, but is first layer!

Brother...... Which cave are you at?” Brother Xiao Xiang, you come out quickly!” Outside suddenly transmits Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian's sound, Shen Xiang hastily goes out of the stone chamber, arrives at mountain cave entrance, to following shouted: I here, do not need to be worried my, crossed me to exit in January!” Sees Shen Xiang to be closed in such a hole, in the Leng Youlan heart full is the anger: Brother, I went to call the Lu Xiong bastard chopping that unexpectedly harmed you to be closed here! That Zhong Quan...... this young lackey I already wants to butcher him.” Leng Youlan and seeks Xianxian to know after Shen Xiang by pass/test, immediately inquired the clear situation, knows that matter after later, they felt the exceedingly indignant, Shen Xiang clarify are used the private power putting in order by Liao Shaoyun. Xianxian, favors her, do not let her act unreasonably, this matter I can solve!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, Xue Xianxian sighed lightly, nodded. Xue Xianxian sees Shen Xiang to be so confident, were not many says anything. Felt relieved, I will favor her, were you also familiar in?” Xue Xianxian asked. All right, I have also stayed compared with this environment terrible place, moreover is 1-2 years.” Shen Xiang smiled , was Huang Jintian together that time, making him lifelong unforgettable. „After you go back, must study Devil Subduing Energy well, I think that you should be able to learn first layer quickly.” The Shen Xiang urging said that he completely grasped first layer now, knows fierce.

Leng Youlan low snort|hum said: Brother, after you come out, takes a person to look for that Zhong Quan? I and you collaborate, can definitely kill with ease his!” Youlan, is obedient, later some are the opportunity and brother fights side-by-side, you must learn these martial arts now, when three realms great war, the brother can go to kill the wiped out to the last man with you these Demon and Devil!” The Shen Xiang comfort said. Leng Youlan nodded, inquired kindly Shen Xiang several, then left with Xue Xianxian. If no Xue Xianxian to accompany Leng Youlan, Leng Youlan definitely already looked for Zhong Quan, therefore Shen Xiang very felt relieved now. Now starts to study second layer! In one month I must learn tenth layer.” Shen Xiang also very anticipated that now the tenth layer might is what kind, he was impatient. Although Shen Xiang was closed, but his a few tricks hit the severe wound to faint the Devil Subduing List above person, this valiant strength also makes people feel absolutely terrified, because Shen Xiang was only one just entered the Peak Realm person. Naturally, the Zhong Quan strength is to let the person most exclaimed in surprise that because he is only 17 years old, now was called for first under heaven young expert!