World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 517
Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan have learned Tai Chi Divine Art, even if at this time they do not need the Shen Xiang's direction, can practice that Devil Subduing Energy voluntarily. But Shen Xiang to calm the mind to practice by oneself , to continue place that senses in that Devil Subduing Energy many however he to have doubts, no longer and two females rest together. This Devil Subduing Energy probably is not only such simple!” Shen Xiang keeps glancing through that book, looks at inside these abstruse sutra chant. Su Meiyao said for a very long time: Right, this Devil Subduing Energy also has 11 th, I think that is the Devil Subduing Energy Completion condition!” I give a try arrives at ten layers sutra chant to combine, I felt anything probably.” The Shen Xiang closing one's eyes eye, in the mind reappeared many that Devil Subduing Energy sutra chant, carries on various arrangements...... He such tries is an evening, dawn time, he has opened the eye with smile on the face: These really have 11 th, but is very difficult to practice, I have not comprehended main point now, but also requires some time.” Then these days, he immerses in studying diligently that Devil Subduing Energy 11 th, he knows that is the Devil Subduing Energy fiercest place, how he will not be when the time comes clear. Elder brother, has the matter to look for you! Opens the door quickly!” Leng Youlan knocks on a door lightly, couple days ago Shen Xiang had told her and Xue Xianxian, said that he must practice, cannot be disturbed, now Leng Youlan such anxiously looks for him, definitely has the matter. After Shen Xiang opens the door, sees only Leng Youlan somewhat sadly saying: Brother, that asked the Qian Liguang fellow dead, I remember that he probably was your school, moreover was also very good with Xiao Chou that little rascal relationship, previous time was he matter that had in the school tells me you Sister Xianxian!” Shen Xiang frowned, Qian Liguang is a good person, does not submit to the evil force, in the school was dares with the person who he became friends with, Shen Xiang him to treat as the friend only, but actually dies now! Is Zhong Quan kills his! On tournament!” Xue Xianxian walks, sighed one lightly: Dies a tragic death!” Qian Liguang is Spirit Martial Realm late stage, with Zhong Quan in a group, meets Zhong Quan is also the normal matter, but Shen Xiang knows in the tournament unable under the heavy hand!

Shen Xiang has closed the eye, is very heavy took a deep breath, the sound somewhat shivers: Zhong Quan, I will not make you have the position on the tournament!” Brother, why do you want to go? I also go!” Leng Youlan can feel Shen Xiang's to be angry, she knows that Shen Xiang must go to do. Shen Xiang anchors the footsteps, said calmly: Youlan, possibly after today, I cannot stay in Devil Subduing School, you later must listen to the Xianxian's words well, studies to cope with Demon and Devil martial arts diligently!” Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, although walks very nearly with Shen Xiang, but their Master are Liu Meng'er, moreover they do not become enemies with the person, therefore Shen Xiang will not be worried to implicate them. Leng Youlan wants to go with Shen Xiang very much, but she actually understands that now cannot pester, she has to sigh. Xue Xianxian has not said anything, she knows Shen Xiang sooner or later to be able with Zhong Quan to, but has not thought that so will be early. After Shen Xiang leaves the house, making Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, seeks for Zhong Quan is, but at this time the weather was dim, he guessed Zhong Quan should in his house. Your time are not much, you must to catch up before institute these old fellow arrive, solves Zhong Quan!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang's cultivation base and Zhong Quan differ a big rank, divine art and Divine Weapon that but Shen Xiang grasps through him, can resist fully. Is comparing martial stage!” Long Xueyi found Zhong Quan quickly. Should better!” Shen Xiang toward dashed compared with martial stage, but Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian following quietly in him behind.

Arrives compared with martial stage, this inside person are many, but only among that biggest circular compared with formation opening of martial stage, the heavy blows stands above, but on the stage has many bloodstains, as well as sticks together the meat of ground to be broken, shortly after just stayed behind evidently, this Zhong Quan gets rid to be heavy obviously. Zhong Quan wears a white clothing, shoulders both hands, stands in martial arts contest stage put on a high and mighty act, on his white boots full is the bloodstain, appears very conspicuous. Snort, does nobody dare to come up? Has not thought that with me in a fellow of group is one group of cowards, had not been stamped a fellow by me, frightens your this! One crowd of waste!” The Zhong Quan look is having disdaining, swept these to come up actually not to dare on person. Shen Xiang indifferently said: I come!” Hears this lightly, but is actually full of the endless killing intent sound, the people cannot help but whole body trembles, looks following the direction that the sound conveys that sees only Shen Xiang to stride, looks like very tranquil, but makes people feel that in his heart that follows the anger dreadful murderous aura. As Shen Xiang gradually moves toward the martial arts contest stage, that type constrains the uncomfortable atmosphere is also getting more and more thick, Shen Xiang treads every time one step, murderous aura on an ascension point, is cold and gloomy and fears. „The person who Shen Xiang, you do not attend the tournament, cannot come up.” White hair old man suddenly walks, has blocked Shen Xiang. I challenge him, isn't good?” The Shen Xiang item contains to kill off, fierce turning head looks to that old man, killing of that two gloomy and cold was busy, frightens that old man retreat cannot help but several steps. Zhong Quan gloomy and cold smiles, said: Shen Xiang, you also really plant, dares to bring death! The fellow who then in the school, only and you are the friend was butchered by me, his meat also sticks on my boots! Ha Ha...... A overestimate one's capabilities fellow, unexpectedly also thinks to for you over!” The Shen Xiang body trembles, the muscle on face pulls out violently is jumping, fist fierce grips tightly, the nail gets sucked into the palm meat, pinches his palm hemorrhage, the anger that obviously he endures now is how scary. Today the time conclusion of tournament, why they liked doing!” The distant place transmits together lazy, but is having the ice-cold sound, this is Yu Baixiang, he felt strong murderous aura to transmit a moment ago, hastily catches up.

Shen Xiang on martial arts contest stage, coldly was staring at Zhong Quan, that eye bursts out ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) to kill off, strong cold and gloomy murderous aura from his body continuous release, the ascension is comparing the martial stage sky. Zhong Quan disdains coldly snorted: Light has the imposing manner not to have, to want the fist to be hard enough!” Zhong Quan, I must challenge you, life and death struggle!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said solemnly. Wishes for earnestly, big brother Liao already wished one could you dead.” Zhong Quan thinks otherwise, a previous time his move hits Shen Xiang spits blood, therefore Shen Xiang in his eyes is also ants, he kills Qian Liguang, to enrage Shen Xiang. With is the same, this Zhong Quan and Liao Shaoyun that relationship Shen Xiang thinks is very good! Shen Xiang this time comes prepared, he has released Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, hides under the skin, on the double fist also has a pair of White Tiger glove, he must use God Slaughtering Hand, strengthens own strength, when necessary, he will also use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Reckless, he must Zhong Quan massacring!